NFL Will Play Black National Anthem Before Star-Spangled Banner In Upcoming Games

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The NFL is reportedly preparing to play “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” referred to as the black national anthem by the NAACP, prior to “The Star-Spangled Banner” during all week-one games.

Multiple unidentified sources with knowledge of the matter have indicated that the NFL will play the black national anthem – written as a poem by civil rights activist James Weldon Johnson in 1900 and set to music by his brother in 1905 – though at the time of this writing, the league hadn’t publicly commented on the rumor.

Additionally, reports are surfacing that the NFL will also imprint players’ helmets and/or jerseys with the names of unarmed African Americans who have perished as a result of violence in recent years. Once again, however, the National Football League hasn’t confirmed or denied the possibility.

The move to play “Lift Every Voice and Sing” prior to week-one NFL games comes after some have called for the replacement of America’s national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner,” owing to the history of its writer, Francis Scott Key.

As with the push to supplant “The Star-Spangled Banner,” the NFL’s potentially playing “Lift Every Voice and Sing” before games appears to be proving divisive on social media.

“It’s a sad [thing] that people are just now learning about the black national anthem,” tweeted one individual.

“These people are ignorant! The Black national anthem came about during a time in which America very much did not accept black people. It was a sense of hope for the future and what was to come. Sorry your whitewashed history is just letting you find out about this now,” vented another person.

On the other side of the issue, a different Twitter user asked: “For the NFL to even think playing the Black National Anthem was a good idea to begin with.  AND FOR A WEEK??  What does that do for us???”

New York Jets and Oakland Raiders veteran Burgess Owens – who, it bears mentioning, is running for office in Utah – also weighed in on the topic: “There is no ‘black national anthem’. Why does it feel like the country is trying to segregate again sometimes?”

“WHAT?! This is really getting on my nerves! Black people aren’t asking for the Black national anthem to be played before games. We are asking for Police Brutality to END! JUSTICE & Equity. The ability for NFL players to protest without being blackballed,” stated a fifth Twitter user.

Given the scope of the response to “Lift Every Voice and Sing” and the NFL’s ongoing involvement with social justice issues, one would anticipate that higher-ups will release a formal announcement – or at least a statement – imminently. The upcoming season is slated to begin on September 10th.

More as this develops.

16 Responses

  1. Harpo Winfrey

    “…imprint players’ helmets and/or jerseys with the names of unarmed African Americans who have perished as a result of violence in recent years.”

    That include victims of Black on Black violence? There aren’t enough helmets in all of pro sports to cover that.

  2. restless94110

    You do realize that by having a song just for black people that that is the very definition of racism, don’t you?

    And by having a song before and with the United States of America’s anthem you realize you are being unpatriotic, don’t you?

    So why would any American want to watch a game marked by racism and lack of patriotism? And why would the cowards owning these times cave to black racists? They don’t care about their fans. At all.

    • Bill

      If you read the article, it said that the song would be played during week one of the season. One fucking week you can’t give up for someone else, you greedy, racist fuck. You’re also the guy who thinks Black Lives Matter is just about black people. Jeez. More ignorancy from you.

      • Bill

        and that’s where you’re wrong, you racist. it’s not against white people, but a boost for people of color.

        • Joe

          Yeah, who said anything about hating white people? I didn’t hear that anywhere. Just because you boost one, doesn’t mean you’re diminishing another.

  3. Angelito

    This has nothing to do with equality, and everything to do with eliminating white culture. These marxists will not stop until they destroy the United States.

  4. Geronimo

    Hahahaha—watch attendance fall even lower. NFL stadiums were empty before CV, then add this Black Criminals Matter nonsense and NFL games will be played to crickets.


    • Bill

      watch. you’ll see you’re wrong. time will tell. you fool

      • Angelito

        White people fund the NFL, not blacks. Hate white people and watch them drift one-by-one. You lose.

          • Angelito

            Oh yeah, I guess you’re right. By playing the song, the NFL is really just bringing up black people. It’s not really saying anything negative against white people. You’re right.

  5. Music Specialist

    Why a song?

    It would be better if you put some Black people into the FRONT OFFICE, behind the cameras as producers, or utilize some Black & Hispanic owned companies to produce your NFL gear.

    Playing a song does nothing for anyone. You want to make a difference SHARE THE WEALTH

  6. Trayvon

    BLM is run and funded by criminals who admittedly hate white people. Why aren’t liberals outraged by this blatant racism?

    And, why do white people want so desperately to be liked by a group of savages?

    • Bill

      Proof? I didn’t think so. Your racist comments show how valid you are.