Helping Labels Deliver Digital Products Easier and Faster — Reprtoir’s Releases Manager

Reprtoir Releases Manager
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Is preparing products for delivery a very time-consuming part of your schedule?

The following article comes from Reprtoir, a proud partner of DMN.

Does navigating between distribution platforms and different content management systems make data management tough on your team? Reprtoir addresses these issues by adding delivery tools to their software suite.

The music industry should be a well functioning network. And yet, we still struggle to optimize our most redundant and time-consuming tasks. The team behind Reprtoir has been working in licensing for years now, and they are no strangers to the issues related to releasing music to distributors.

To avoid these issues, they created a tool that streamlines how digital products are prepared for release, and more importantly, how they are delivered to digital distributors.

Releasing music through distributors.

If you are used to releasing music, you already know how tedious the task of putting your catalogs onto distribution platforms can be. Quickly getting all the data from your system to theirs becomes a hefty process. And it can get really time-consuming once you’re dealing with bigger datasets.

Record companies have been facing this issue for a while now. This is why Reprtoir added a new product to their software suite to ease up the process.

Releases Manager is a new tool that allows record companies to easily submit their releases to digital distribution platforms directly from their Reprtoir accounts.

Reprtoir is a music business workspace dedicated to music publishers and record companies. With a full content management system, specifically designed for music metadata, musical works, and shareable playlists, Releases Manager is a new addition to the software suite. That way, everything is managed from only one space.

Delivering music to distributors made easy and efficient.

With a dedicated solution, music distribution companies are within reach, and as a record company, you will be able to save some valuable time. Until now, music distribution platforms required to fill in details from your own dataset into their content management system. This means you have to constantly juggle between the different accounts of your different distribution channels to push your products to online stores.

Releases Manager will allow record companies to create tailor-made import packages directly from Reprtoir’s workspace. These packages will include pre-filled bulk upload spreadsheets and pre-named audio files, adapted to the distribution platform you are looking to deliver to. Go from your record companies’ content management system to your distributor’s in no time and no loss of data!

And since Reprtoir is addressing catalog managers in all record companies, the content management system is specifically designed for music metadata. Releases can be listed directly from your catalog in Reprtoir’s workspace, which is accessible for all members of your team. Metadata is constantly updated, content always linked to your releases and seen by your collaborators, allowing you to easily plan your releasing strategies.

Collaboration within the music industry: professionals sharing data.

Using Releases Manager means that all required data and details are filled in from your own workspace on Reprtoir before submitting the files to the distribution platforms. Data compliance is a core issue in the music industry. In a field in which all professionals are building their very own data management systems (without any kind of standards), it becomes really difficult to efficiently share information with one another.

For now, Releases Manager allows users to release to the Orchard and Believe Digital. More platforms will be added shortly, but also aggregators or streaming and/or download services. The main goal here is to make the releasing process easier for record companies, and allow them to participate in a more collaborative, productive, and safe music industry.

Reprtoir built Releases Manager to provide record companies with better means to distribute their music. Become a Release Manager beta-tester and discover Reprtoir’s software suite created by and for music professionals.