Black Singer Lady A Breaks Her Silence After Getting Sued by Lady Antebellum (aka the New ‘Lady A’)

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Lady A, formerly Lady Antebellum, playing in 2012. Photo Credit: zqvol

Lady A, the Seattle-based singer whose name was abruptly taken by country trio Lady Antebellum, has broken her silence after being sued by the band.

About one month back, Digital Music News was first to report on the former Lady Antebellum’s changing its name to Lady A. Though the Nashville-based group debuted in 2006, it opted to drop the “antebellum” portion of its title following “much personal reflection, band discussion, prayer, and many honest conversations with some of our closest black friends and colleagues.”

The very next day, however, 61-year-old Anita White – the original Lady A – came forward after her friends and colleagues brought the name-change reports to her attention. White questioned the motives and timing of the name change, expressed disappointment that she wasn’t contacted beforehand, and, most significantly, made clear that she wasn’t willing to part with the title.

Shortly thereafter, a seemingly constructive meeting between the Lady As suggested that the matter would soon be put in the rearview, with both parties continuing to release music and perform under the name. But earlier this week, the band formerly known as Lady Antebellum filed a shocking lawsuit against Anita White, stating that she had demanded $10 million for the name’s use. Additionally, the band noted that it has owned the Lady A trademark since 2010.

Now, Anita White has broken her silence. In an interview, the Seattleite indicated that the talks went south shortly after beginning. The country performers reportedly shrugged off White’s suggestion that they adopt the title “Lady A the Band” and that she use “Lady A the Artist” (or similar names).

White also elaborated on the name-related challenges she’s faced as of late and explained that she would spend half the requested $10 million on her career and would donate the other half to racial justice charities. Lastly, the 61-year-old indicated that she is “not going to be erased” by the new Lady A.

At the time of this writing, the new Lady A hadn’t publicly responded to Anita White’s latest comments on the matter.

Outside of the contentious dispute over the Lady A moniker, Anita White has been busy promoting her next release, Lady A: Live in New Orleans, which is slated to become available for purchase on the singer’s 62nd birthday, July 18th.

More as this develops.

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  1. restless94110

    Lady Antebellum have made a fatal error. It was bad enough that they changed their very distinctive name (which had nothing at all to do with slavery) to something that sounds like….well, nothing,. But then, they did not check that the name was in use, and then when they found out, they want to sue. But just sue. They want to sue a small time singer who has performed under the name for 33 years, but she is black. Lady A makes sense for a solo singer. It makes no sense for a 3-person group known world-wide as something else.

    By my measure, Lady Antebellum just shot themselves in the foot 4 times. Whoever is advising them (is it the same fools who told the Dixie Chicks to kill their brand?)? They should be shown the door and Lady A should go right back to being Lady Antebellum. If it’s not too late to save their brand. Which it might be.

    • Angelito

      Regardless of how many times you comment about their name, Antebellum does relate to slavery, as it relates to the Civil War. I know you’ve looked it up, but you still deny it. Ignorancy hard at work with you.

      • Angelito

        So, you want to wipe out history? Hitler did that pretty well in the 1930s, so follow his lead and partner up with Antifa and Black Live Marxists. See you on the battlefield, bubba.

        • Bill

          How many statues of Hitler are there around the world? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Idiot comment, as usual, with your stupid mention of Antifa and BLM (but no mention of Boogaloos). Curious the BLM part is the same as Al Jolson uses. Of course, because you post under different names regularly. Psycho much? There’s no battlefield, because you’ve already lost.

          • Angelito

            Not many left of Hitler, but plenty of memorials for the millions he killed. Got it, Einstein?

  2. Al Jolson

    Why isn’t a group of rich white singers suing a black lady deemed racist?

    Oh—forgot—the rich white singers hate Trump so they are given a pass.

    • Brick

      Nothing to do with Trump, but you’re obsessed with mentioning him so that makes sense. You need mental help.

      • Angelito

        If this were Kid Rock, you insane liberals would be doing cheetah flips. But, since they are Trump haters, they can litigate the original black Lady A to bankruptcy and liberals are fine with it. White liberal privilege, donchaknow.

        Trump is the country’s only hope. Trump 2020!

        • Brick

          Nothing to do with Trump, but you can’t stop talking about him, fanboy. You really are pathetic.

          • Geronimo

            Everything to do with Trump. Antifa, Black Live Marxists, and liberal woke morons all colluding to try to defeat Trump in November.

            And, to elect an old white pedo named Biden?

  3. Dr. Faucibreath

    Isn’t this lawsuit a glaring case of white privilege?

  4. Wurdo

    Trumpette trolls aside, why is the main photo a picture of the artists Lady A instead of the band? Isn’t she the subject of this article?
    She’s certainly the one deserving more attention.
    Also, Trump is a serial liar and steals money from charities for children.

    • Angelito

      Don’t forget Trump colluded with Martians to steal the election. You know, the little green imaginary creatures who farted on Hillary.

      • Fredo

        Was that before or after Hilary took her hard drive to a Colorado mountain to bleach it clean of the 30,000 emails?