Japan Becomes the Latest Country to Relax Concert Restrictions

Japan concert restrictions
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Japan concert restrictions
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Photo Credit: Jezael Melgoza

Japan will begin relaxing concert restrictions in the country starting on Friday, July 17th.

The decision was made at a meeting of a government expert panel on Monday. The government agreed to the relaxed concert restrictions, as long as more preventative measures are taken.

Now, the number of people at indoor venues in Japan can increase to 5,000 – up from 1,000. The guidelines state that venues should still be operating at 50% capacity. Professional baseball and soccer games have continued in Japan without audiences. However, both leagues plan to begin allowing attendees thanks to these relaxed restrictions.

Japan emerged from its state of emergency over the COVID-19 pandemic in May. Since then, the government has been balancing re-opening efforts and infection prevention. The government’s expert panel says real-time information on infected people remains the best way to track outbreaks. Tokyo is currently grappling with a rise in newly reported cases upon re-opening.

But is Japan’s relaxation of concert restrictions the best move, especially with cases rising? Either way, Japan joins several other countries across the globe who are continuing to relax their approach to large gatherings.

On July 11th, the British government approved outdoor concerts and venues to continue with socially distanced crowds. Some of the guidelines include discouraging performances “that may encourage audience behaviors that increase transmission risk.” Guidelines also state that refreshment counters and other high-traffic areas must be disinfected regularly, and e-ticketing and contactless payment methods are preferred.

Meanwhile, in Germany, organizers held two standing concerts with 1,500 visitors during the same weekend. Guests stood in boxes of up to four people. Promoters of that event established one-way lanes for navigating the open fairgrounds to maintain social distance guidelines.

The increased need for extra people for cleaning also caused a slight rise in ticket prices. The first eight rows of the German concert were priced a bit more expensively than the rest. According to organizers, attendees were happy to pay the price increase for a ‘safer’ concert experience.

Both Britain and Germany are sticking with their 1,000-person limits on attendees. While Japan opens up to 5,000 people with relaxed concert restrictions, it will be interesting to see how COVID-19 case numbers respond.

In the United States, many states are now issuing mandated mask orders as states continue to break previous records for new cases in a single day. The pandemic is now more intense in the US than during lockdowns in April and May.

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  1. RIK

    Baseball games starts with audience from last week.

  2. Barney

    Time will tell how this experiment goes. The world is watching.

  3. Dr. Faucibreath

    Finally…the fraudulent coronavirus data is being exposed. Trump-hating health organizations have been double reporting positives, fraudulently reporting deaths as CV deaths, and concealing the number of negative tests. The CDC is a complete fraud that cannot be trusted.

    Also, these “experts” claiming shutdowns and masks do anything are being exposed as frauds, too. Like all junk science, they refuse to disclose their methodology and assumptions. Of course, their opinions are political so the science behind them is irrelevant.

    I hate democrats. Evil and dangerous zealots who are willing to destroy the US for power.

    • Barney

      What exactly is fraudulent about over half a million deaths worldwide in 4 months? What don’t you get about states in the US seeing a drastic rise in cases after re-opening their economies too quickly or too soon? Texas is now stacking bodies in freezer vans due to overflowing morgues.

      You, whatever political party or ideology, are the problem with this country and the world. Your words are evil and insidious. You purposefully try to cause upheaval and chaos on this site with ignorant, misinformation backed by your assumptions and bias. You are a sociopath.

      Maybe you believe what you post. Maybe you’re a small, minded child who like to create problems. Maybe you’re paid to do this kind of thing here and elsewhere.

      It’s easy to post ignorant comment anonymously. Reveal yourself if you truly believe what you say. What’s your name? What’s your profession? Your age? What part of the world do you live in? I’d like to get a true picture of the monster that you really are.