Governor Cuomo Orders Immediate Investigation of Packed Chainsmokers Concert In the Hamptons — “I Am Appalled”

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A shot of The Chainsmokers’ recent charity gig in Southampton.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has ordered the New York State Department of Health to investigate a seemingly non-socially distanced Chainsmokers concert that recently took place in the Hamptons.

The controversial Chainsmokers gig went down on the evening of Saturday, July 25th, from Southampton (and specifically Water Mill, a hamlet within the town). Tickets to the JAJA Tequila- and Bumble-sponsored charity event cost as much as $25,000, with high-rollers who fronted the cash gaining exclusive access to a decked-out RV. (The “Gold Pass,” the cheapest of the function’s passes, set four attendees back $850.) Profits from the show benefitted three organizations: No Kid Hungry, the Southampton Fresh Air Fund, and the Children’s Medical Fund of New York.

Billed as a socially distanced drive-in concert, The Chainsmokers performance invited 600 fan-filled vehicles (presumably encompassing about 2,400 individuals) to the Nova’s Ark Project, a roughly 100-acre Water Mill, New York, art and sculpture park that doubles as an outdoor event venue.

In addition to spacing cars apart, promoters reportedly checked attendees’ temperatures and distributed both masks and hand sanitizer. Moreover, the team behind The Chainsmokers gig indicated ahead of time that general admission fans would be unable to leave their designated 300-square-foot spaces except to use the restroom, and that they would have to wear a mask when doing so.

Some footage from the approximately four-hour-long set seems to show fans employing modest social distancing measures. However, a more widely circulated two-second-long clip – which Governor Cuomo included in his tweet announcing the investigation – appears to show a substantial number of fans grouped closely together to enjoy the live music. Evidently, The Chainsmokers themselves captured and released the video – a perhaps instinctive promotional technique that has also amplified pandemic-related backlash for other artists.

In his social media statement on the “egregious social distancing violations,” an outraged Governor Cuomo said: “I am appalled. The Department of Health will conduct an investigation. We have no tolerance for the illegal & reckless endangerment of public health.”

Some Twitter users are criticizing the governor’s statement – particularly by expressing the opinion that he has been slow to condemn non-socially distanced elements of ongoing protests – while others are voicing their support for the message and, more broadly, stringent social distancing requirements.

At the time of this writing, The Chainsmokers hadn’t publicly responded to the Department of Health’s investigation or to pushback from some on social media. Yesterday, we reported that DJ Kaskade was facing criticism after possibly hosting a boat-party concert – though he has yet to address the matter on social media.

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  1. Geronimo

    Of course, rioting BLM/Antifa crowds are fine. Also, how about an investigation into the death sentences you imposed on nursing home residents, Big Fredo?

    • Angelito

      Protesters wear masks, idiot. You are so stupid.

      • Stan Sessions

        You’re calling someone an idiot when the protesters In reality do NOT wear masks, and protesters care not for any protest. Wake up with some intelligence! They are elementary brained humans looking for a way to be destructive. Sad upbringing and saddened type of low life existence you and many of the protesters experience each day when you wake up. We have hundreds of photos of so called protesters (aka rioters) not wearing masks. Now, Angelito, please educate yourself at a respectable University and humble thyself. Learn that protesters are a major cause of the virus. These secret concerts that are being put on display how numb-brained the younger generation is. They don’t understand what’s taking place. Just as long as they can hold a beer and act tough around others, the virus means nothing. And your remark means nothing. Deeply an uneducated remark. University opportunity is yours. You need it! This generation 18-28 is an embarrassment to the United States and their parents. Slow slow thought process. Sloppy verbal skills. Lazy mobility to work or become successful. Saddened youth today. Virus spreaders – they are the mass murderers. Florida beach parties, bars ‘gotta have a drink next to a hundred other people’ mentality. Anything for a minute of pleasure and wanting to appear macho and cool – why? Because the youth today cannot make something of themselves, so they have to put on the party show, drink, party, drink, riot, drive a loud and fast car hoping someone is watching. Yes, cars create false personalities – once you’re in the car, ya’ get this attitude. When you get out of the car, you’re back to your embarrassing self. This young generation has to have some physical object to make them feel what they are not! They want others to see and notice them. Oh, we do and it’s embarrassing just like Angelitos comment.

        • Angelito

          Zzzz. Lots of words typed for no real message. Protesters do wear masks more time than not. More times than Trump rally attendees. Video proves it. Also, protesters are not rioters. Jeez, for someone who calls other stupid, you are the most ignorant of them all. Rioters are outside factions that aim to cause trouble. Protesters are people who peacefully send a message by marching and chanting. While I would agree with you that the youth are not following the rules more than any age group, they are not the protesters described in this story. You really have a lot to learn. Go back under your bridge or rock or mothers basement and educate yourself, you stupid motherfucker.

  2. Andrew Cuomo Must DIE!

    Andrew Cuomo is a mass murderer!

    • Angelito

      From the guy who has zero power, never will and doesn’t ever comment with a real solution – just a gripe. Yeah, you’re a loser.

  3. Dickster

    Andrew Cuomo is an incompetent hypocryte. So only Antifa and BLM rioters can congregate without observing any social distancing, destroy property, injure policemen and other people and he’s OK with that.

    • Angelito

      You already posted this under a different name, dummy. Anifa? Yeah, no boogaloos, right? BLM wear masks. Jeez you’re stupid.

      • Stan Sessions

        Angelito, you keep using uneducated verbiage; like Idiot / stupid etc. time for higher education Angelito. If not, you’ll stay ‘Stupid’. Oh, woops, see what happenes when you communicate with ‘Idiots’. There I go again…….

  4. Fredo Cuomo

    Riots and looting good. Music concerts and church gatherings bad. Welcome to the world according to libtards.

    • Don LeMaan

      Coming from the murderer’s brother says a lot! Cuomo must go!

      • Angelito

        And you reply to yourself to make it look legit. You’re reaching a new low.

        • Don LeMaan

          That’s racist. I have the number one show on the Communist News Network. How dare you Angelina.

    • Angelito

      You’re on a roll – posting lots of the same ignorance with different names. STFU already. We know your position and you’re wrong all the time.

      • Angelito

        You can say I am wrong over and over, but it means nothing. Cuomo is a dangerous leftist who force CV patients into nursing homes and killed 40,000 elderly. Yet, the lame stream media says nothing.

        And, how about the BLACK Trump supporter who was murdered in Milwaukee for expressing his support of Trump on a street corner? Again, democrats and the lame stream media say nothing.nprobably because they are too busy celebrating his death.

        Liberals are evil people. You are evil.

        • Al Jolson

          Angelito, you’re an idiot. Never heard of right wing extremists? It’s always dems vs cons with you and never about America. Screw you.

  5. Don LeMaan

    Angelina, I don’t appreciate your foul language. Just because you’re using abbreviations, there are kids reading this. Please grow up and don’t act like your fellow left wing basket cases.