Tyga Partners With Grubhub on ‘Virtual Restaurant’ Concept

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Rapper Tyga and food-delivery platform Grubhub have partnered to offer diners “Tyga Bites” as part of a virtual-restaurant initiative.

Tyga indicated earlier this month that his Tyga Bites chicken dishes (as well as tater tot and cookie variations) were on the way, but only recently provided further details. Via a video recorded in what appears to be a busy commercial kitchen, the 30-year-old artist explained that hungry fans can choose from three Tyga Bites flavors (black garlic, lemon black pepper, or peri-peri, besides plain) and 13 different dipping sauces. The chicken pieces are boneless, oven-baked, and free of antibiotics, per Tyga Bites’ official website.

And while Tyga Bites are purchasable exclusively through Grubhub, from “restaurants” of the same name, the virtual concept evidently outsources the orders to existing eateries. Equipped with Tyga Bites-branded packaging, participating establishments will theoretically score a celebrity-fueled boost in takeout business, whereas Grubhub and Tyga stand to benefit from heightened volume and promotion, respectively (not to mention a likely financial upside).

Several restaurants, in multiple cities and states, are already selling the baked-chicken bites, and the aforementioned official website encourages other interested restauranteurs to enroll in the program by filling out an application. Grubhub expects that some 500 businesses will offer the dishes to customers by August’s end. Tyga Bites themselves seem to cost about a dollar apiece, in current markets, with larger-quantity packages dropping the per-bite price below that mark.

On social media, a considerable number of fans are voicing their desire to enjoy Tyga Bites. To be sure, Tyga’s latest Instagram post on the venture had garnered over 250,000 likes at the time of this writing, and the core Tyga Bites account had attracted approximately 8,000 followers.

“These look crispy and good asf,” stated one famished Instagram user, closing the message with a long line of emojis.

“That looks so good,” echoed another chicken bite-loving individual.

Outside of the virtual-restaurant game, the Compton, California-born artist released a pair of singles, “Ibiza” and “Vacation” last month, and fan impressions of the tracks appear generally positive. Additionally, Tyga and Offset’s 2018 “Taste” song recently joined the 600 or so other videos in YouTube’s “one billion view club.”

Social media posts from the last week or so make clear that Tyga’s crafting new material, though he has yet to specify a release date – or even a timetable – for his upcoming eighth studio album. Lastly, the “Dip” singer has committed to enjoying the outdoors and picking up new sports amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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  1. Dave Johnson

    Is this some kind of joke? Tyga??? Grubhub must really be desperate?