Americans May Not Be Getting a Second Stimulus Check, After All

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photo: Anne-Onyme

Members of Congress now appear deadlocked on the details of a critical second stimulus package. The situation could mean that tens of millions of Americans will not receive a second stimulus check, after all.

Earlier, both House Democrats and Senate Republicans seemed aligned on the idea of a second stimulus check.  They even agreed on the size and eligibility, with tens of millions of Americans preparing to receive $1,200 checks with even better eligibility rules.  But weeks later, disagreements between House Democrats and Senate Republicans remain extreme, with both sides potentially unable to strike an agreement.

Earlier today, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin pointed to a serious impasse between both sides. A major disagreement has focused on the size of the overall stimulus package: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has pushed for a $3.4 trillion relief package, while Republicans, led by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), have proposed a smaller, $1 trillion bill.

“We started with a trillion dollars,” Mnuchin stated in a recent CNBC interview. “We agreed to increase that in several areas in an effort to compromise. They didn’t come down. They never made us a proposal at two trillion and never gave us a line-by-line counter.”

Mnuchin also noted that Pelosi is shifting her focus towards a Postal Service bill to prevent any changes to the USPS ahead of the November election. “Speaker Pelosi is coming back to look at Postal; hopefully, she’ll be more interested in sitting down,” Mnuchin continued.

Mnuchin’s comments follow numerous failures by both sides to compromise.  The protracted impasse prompted President Donald Trump to issue multiple executive orders to extend federal unemployment benefits and moratoriums on evictions. But Trump lacks the ability to issue a second stimulus check, given that Congress has authority over budget matters.

Meanwhile, the clock is ticking fir tens of millions of Americans who are struggling to pay bills and meet financial obligations.

That includes everyone from gigging musicians to laid-off executives, with $1,200 checks offering some level of relief. Last month, a study revealed that the first stimulus checks kept millions of Americans out of poverty.

But there’s still hope. Earlier today, Pelosi finally relented, and indicated that Democrats would be willing to consider a smaller stimulus package. “We’re willing to cut our bill in half to meet the needs right now,” Pelosi stated earlier today.  “We’ll take it up again in January.”

That sounded like progress. But immediately after that statement was made, Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill clarified that Democrats were willing to meet Republicans “halfway, [while] not cutting our bill in half.”

The statement by Hammill suggests both sides are still roughly $1 billion away from meeting halfway — which doesn’t sound promising.

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  1. David Newlin

    We need the 1200.00 stimulus. I’m totally disabled and don’t get the extra 600 weekly check bonus. Senators and Congress should do without and see how it feels. Overpaid brats is what you all are.

    • Danelle L . Jannazzo

      I need the stimulus check I’m on disability

      • E Marcus

        so your income hasn’t changed .as you still receve your ssd same as allways .you just want more$.LOL

    • Angela M Kinsler

      I need to stimulus check I’m on disability and I’m homeless and the extra 600 weekly to

    • Danoh

      If you are totally disabled how did you lose “Work Based Income”?

  2. Al Jolson

    I need the stimulus because I’m a drug addict and need a fix.

    • emarcus

      i really hope this is a joke ,and if it is if the writer sees this ,its a ss hats like you that allows republican neocons the ammo they need to veto any help to the 4-8 million working citizens who cant pay there morg. or feed there family

  3. Delores Green

    While you all piss ass around people are struggling out here! By the time you get off your ass people will be so deep in a hole they will never get out. When people get desperate they do desperate things to keep from losing their home, car, insurance etc. you lose your home and your vehicle you are on the street!
    Since Nancy Pelosi and the rest of Congress and Mitch McConnell with the rest of the Senate house are so comfortabletaking it easy while the people deciding if you get to keep your job are struggling I suggest we all show up at your homes as House guest when you run out of room I’m sure some of us will be happy to set up a tent on your lawn, until you stop your childish behavior and sign off on the dam stimulus bill. We don’t give a rat’s ass about the Post Office you can all decide on that later! We are sick of both sides quid pro quo! Since this falls on the heads of every dam one of you maybe every one of you should be voted out! We the people will vote for those who have the determination and will power to get things done where people are not left hanging by a thread! Every day we wait for news you have the American people’s nerves on edge.
    And being a die hard fan of President Trump I am disappointed he is being so wishy washy on this! Did he really say we don’t need it?? Seriously??? With re-election so close is not the time to keep us hanging in the wind!

    • E Marcus

      Delores .first I have no opinion on your support of Trump, I am more concerned with the fact that 95 % of voters dont realize that there is only one united
      party.Regardless if they call themselves democrats they vote along republican lines . Y
      That is fact .until we get a third party including a real democrat part .Thats the working mans party anti corp. ie big pac $ .all lobbyists anti military ind. complex .Plosie,Schumer.etc they are war mongering elitists.we must get control of the media .now Americans have never in the history of our country know less about what our Gov. does in our name. How can we think there is another country in the world that can attack or do us harm .right now we are fighting 7 wars or “conflicts” in the name of security .B.S. thats a phrase for that country refuses to give us what we want when we want it . and its our ,the lower class .kids are brainwashed into killing for the benefit of Wall St.

  4. Dr. Faucibreath

    If all of you sheeple didn’t tolerate the CV lockdown hoax, we would not be here.

    • Angelito

      You’re right. We’d be in hospitals or dead. You’re still an idiot making ignorant comments.

        • Dr. Faucibreath

          There’s no winning when I’m around. I comment like an asshole, because I am one. If you think I”m not here to create unrest and chaos, you’re the idiot. I’m a master mind of retardation and stupidity

          • restless2469

            You got that right. You’re unstable and a true mentally midget.

      • E Marcus

        please .read about the nature of virus and for god sake keep that mask on .it makes it easyer to keep the masses quiet.