Spotify Employees Demanding Direct Editorial Oversight Over Joe Rogan Podcasts — Before They’re Published

Joe Rogan interviewing Douglas Murray on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast on September 17th, 2020.
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Joe Rogan interviewing Douglas Murray on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast on September 17th, 2020.
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Joe Rogan interviewing Douglas Murray on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, published on September 17th, 2020.

A group of Spotify staffers are now reportedly pushing to introduce direct editing oversight over The Joe Rogan Experience — before the episodes go live. That includes content flags, trigger warnings, references to fact-checked information, or simply refusing to publish an episode at all.

The demands follow a string of controversial comments by Joe Rogan, who was lured to Spotify in a massive, $100 million deal. Rogan’s appeal to millions of listeners is his unfiltered and irreverent approach, though that style isn’t sitting well with an activist group of Spotify staffers who say he needs to be reined in.

Earlier this month, Digital Music News first reported that multiple podcast episodes were missing following a migration to Spotify’s platform. That included controversial interviews with the likes of Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Gavin McInnes. Also missing are episodes featuring right-wing figures like Owen Benjamin, Stefan Molyneux, and Charles C. Johnson.

But despite the glaring omissions, Spotify staffers are now stepping up their demands to control more of Rogan’s content. Vice first reported that Spotify employees have conducted more than ten meetings to discuss possible changes. Those discussions included proposals for the outright removal of additional podcast episodes.

Of particular focus in an earlier conversation featuring author Abigail Shrier, who wrote Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters. Shrier’s opinions on the matter drew howls of protest from certain Spotify staffers, who demanded its removal — though the episode is still available on the Spotify platform.

Now, Digital Music News has learned that the protesting employee group is stepping up its demands to control Rogan’s work.

Part of the rationale is that Spotify already exerts control over content like playlists, even those created by outside curators.  So why not extend that oversight to podcasts as well?

This has reportedly gone all the way to the top, though Spotify CEO Daniel Ek appears to be pushing back. From a business standpoint, the reason is fairly obvious: Rogan’s audience likes his direct, unedited style, and could quickly abandon the comedian-podcaster if he’s edited. That might explain why the Shrier podcast is still live, though a strange development emerged earlier today.

In completely uncharacteristic fashion, Joe Rogan issued a public apology for comments made during his recent interview with Douglas Murray.

In the episode, Rogan alleged that left-wing activists had intentionally set wildfires in states like Oregon, a claim refuted by the FBI and other officials.

“I actually love Portland, it’s one of my favorite places to perform,” Rogan said.  “Most of the people there are very nice. But there’s a madness going on there — you want to talk about the madness of crowds, that exemplifies that right now.  They’ve arrested people for lighting forest fires up there, they’ve arrested left-wing people for lightning these forest fires. Air quote ‘activists,’ this stuff isn’t widely being reported.”

Earlier today, Rogan issued a mea culpa: “I need to make an apology and a retraction,” Rogan said on Instagram. “I said something on the podcast with Douglas Murray about people getting arrested for lighting fires, and I got duped. It’s wrong.”

Whether that apology was made under pressure from Spotify is unclear, though Spotify staffers want to edit comments like that before they get published. That would include simply cutting the section out, or issuing a warning and link to other information — similar to the oversight employed by Twitter and Facebook.

Of course, that level of oversight could create a serious rift between Rogan and Spotify. Beyond that, it could constitute a breach of contract, which would give Rogan an exit from the deal after delivering a handful of episodes (currently, Rogan episodes have now been scrubbed from all Spotify alternatives).

Either way, this marriage looks troubled — just days after the honeymoon.

More as this develops.

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  1. Sigurther

    Oh, please let them breach his contract so he can walk away from Spotify with 100 million of their dollars and go right back to podcastibg for free and posting vids in YouTube.

        • Steve


          • Todd2

            I agree toraly.why does everyone bou down to theleftys the extreme leftys

          • Trim your neckbeard

            Wow, threatening to kill people because you’re upset. Go bow down and lick the boot. You’re scum and the problem with this country. Get fucked and eat a dick you slimy fat braindead moron

          • Joe

            Trump is the new Hitler with his fascist administration idiot. It’s a known fact that Trump kept Hitlers book on his nightstand.

          • trumpsucksdicks

            Hitler was conservative, moron. And those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Oh yeah, 2 HUNDRED THOUSAND AMERICANS DEAD. cheeto king likes to downplay it tho.

          • Whaaat

            Nazis is short for “National Socialist”.
            Last time I checked, the conservatives were not socialists, democrats were. Some people should start learning facts by themselves and stop believing dumb people who distort facts to fit their narrative.

        • Sigma Male

          These fools are pathetic, Joe Rogan has had great content for years and now some snowflakes want to censor because they hear something they didn’t like? Those employees complaining should definitely be fired. I’m sick of this cancel culture BS

          • Anonymous

            I’m sick of ignorant, right-wing wannabe, kult-prospects whining coz they don’t get enuff racism with their daily pablum

          • Libertarian Fun'garian

            Honestly the likely situation may be Rogan stops having conversations that might be deemed too controversial by Spotify all together. He was right when he said the best way to do it is all your own. I can’t fault the guy for getting the money he deserves but I knew even if had it to where he keeps creative control, only negative things are to come in signing with a corporation that has to maintain a public progressive appearance.

          • Allen

            @Joe great set of standards, now only if you lefty morons would hold up your vias media to the same standards….the guy is a Podcaster and unlike the media, he at least can accept and retract his mistakes.

          • Barbie

            I’m a leftie but I also dont throw tantrums when people like Milo talk on any platform. The campus protests especially were embarrassing. It’s exactly what the attention whore wants plus it’s free speech.

            I like joes physicist guests and dont listen to the episodes I’m not interested in. Easy to NOT watch/listen to 3 hours of people talking. Now if someone isn’t saying much of anything productive like threats, libel/slander, abusive language and excessive and personal insults, than I can see why any platform would have issues hosting someone.

            But why the hell would Spotify invest so much money into moving Joe Rogan to their platform only to immediately cull his content and intact helicopter parentingesque restrictions in anticipation of him doing exactly what he’s gotten so popular doing?

            That’s like when guys fall for a stripper at their favorite club and then immediately demand she quit the second he starts dating her. You knew what you were getting into, man. And you enjoyed her appearance and performance enough as you watched her do her job that you wanted to have her in your life. Why be so selfish as to force someone to change their life to their own detriment so you can offer them a relationship that conditional upon giving up control over their free will?

            A bf trying to make his new stripper gf quit and spotify buying Joe knowing they don’t like his entire platform may have different motivations but the sentiment is still the same. Though shall not covet you selfish fucks.

            Yeah, he says stupid shit. I don’t take him too seriously myself considering he asks Elon the same questions over and over again , wasting valuable interview time. But that’s because the dudes a massive pot smoker. I mean, I assume he smokes a blunt or two before he goes on air because he seems to become more clear headed as the episode goes on, so it probably isn’t a TBI or low IQ . I think.

            Hes an average dude. Hes not some right wing puppet or backwoods hick who hates them blacks and queers, hes just someone who has thoughts about stuff he sees.

            At least is curious enough to regularly seek out new information on a large number of topics and humble enough to admit when he’s wrong. That’s more than you can say for a lot of people, regardless of political standing.

            I don’t think any decent or pragmatic liberal would stand behind this bullshit. Theres a difference between Milo trying to get a reaction to rile up frothing at the mouth college students and the Proud Boys going armed to a gathering or voting precinct with the intention of escalating to violence and intimidating minorities .

            Pick your battles and let the average ‘Joe’ host both people who stand on sides of the issues as long as the rules of decency are observed.

            Also, Newsradio was the best show ever made.

          • Common McSensey

            Yeah it’s called FREE SPEACH!! Unless of course it hurts your feelings… Poor babies come on now grab mommies titty and give it a suckle!!

          • Lakelevel

            Barbi said “But why the hell would Spotify invest so much money into moving Joe Rogan to their platform only to immediately cull his content”

            Question asked, question answered.

          • Nancy Pelosi needs rehab

            Has any one noticed how u can reply to some and not others. I wonder what’s the common tread here.

        • eddie

          God damn dirty hippies. Leave Joe alone, you know what you signed up for.

        • Kira ryuu

          I canceled my subscription for the whole office they literally tried the same with Joe Budden podcast . Spotify is a wolf in sheep’s clothing they are not for freedom .

        • Anonymous

          This is very simple to handle. The employees who made these demands should be brought one by one in front of HR and told that they will refrain from further public statements besides issuing an apology for their insubordination. Any deviation will result in their immediate termination.

          There is zero room for this nonsense in a for-profit business. If you don’t like the business practices of the company you work for, suck it up until you find another job and resign, or just quit on the spot.

          Extorting companies like this has to stop. Companies have a primary obligation to their shareholders and to comply with all lawful statutes only.

      • pjamese3

        Theyre Spotify STAFFERS? Fire their asses! There will be plenty of people happy to take their jobs and respect the idea of free speech and dissenting opinions (non-rightthink ideas.) Free speech without being canceled used to be a thing in this country.

        • Russ

          I’m far from a “right” or “left” blah blah but this whole idea of only hearing opinions from certain sides or agendas is nothing less than mind control. Fuck them.

      • TylerDyrden

        Agreed fire those losers. Let’s be real…who really needs who? JRE was doing quite well before Shitify

      • Nemo Atall

        I’m so tired of hearing these shallow complaints from sophomoric minds; when did being offended constitute a crisis? Shut up and do your job!

      • Gnome Beard

        These gawd dam activists are everywhere!!! They’re always needed to control your speech. They need to have that control over you, especially of you lean right. Sure Joe has liberal views and I would consider him a classical liberal, but in today’s pathetic standards he would be called a Nazi.

          • JudgeGarry

            Did you miss the qualifier? “Classic Liberal”, not leftist, not progressive, not democrat… Classic Liberal.
            JFK was a Classic Liberal, I don’t know of any modern liberals who fit the mold. The basis for Liberalism is, you should know this “Liberty”. This has nothing to do with the big government progressives, who’ve co-opted the term.
            When the term Liberal is used think of its roots, going back to John Locke and Montesquieu (consent of the governed, free trade, capitalism, etc…)
            Modern liberals have VERY little in common with Classic Liberals, who were more Libertarians than “progressives”.
            I’d say Joe is close to that.

          • DLB

            Wow just wow don’t you people have anything else to say just because you don’t agree you just yell racist get a new line part of being a free society is people speaking their mind no matter what others think but you idiots keep screeching nazi’s have you ever actually opened a history book because if you did you would quickly realize that you our the racist nazi ya know just because you feel like it doesn’t make it fact it truly amazes me that actual facts and science are now racist smdh guess this is the time out seeds we planted so its no one’s fault but ours as always the human race has once again tried to make the world a better place and went sprinting pasts what needed to be done…….. i am sure you will all screech some stupid at me that makes zero sense to anyone with half a brain

          • Sheri

            Until you know what you’re talking about, maybe you too, can quiet down and just listen. You obviously don’t know classic political jargon and we are trying to have serious conversations. I can’t believe I just said serious conversations about Joe Rogan. He’s great as an interrupter. Part of his platform is to be controversial. Spotify is an opportunist like everyone else.

          • Nowonyuno

            Joe’s a Bern-tard. The only right thing about Joe Rogan is his stance on the Second Amendment. And he doesn’t think that men who think theyre women should compete in women’s sports. And the super soft snowflakes lost their minds over that one. Sissies

      • Steven A Kenna

        It’s not the “Cancel Culture” that upsets the Right. It’s Fact Checking that upsets the Right. They prefer a world where appeasement of their beliefs outweighs facts. That’s what Trump exploits. It’s ok to lie about, well, EVERYTHING as long as it makes $50k White Folks feel like they’re right about everything.

        • Just sayin

          Allegation after allegation after allegation. Look up the definition to the word allegation. Then you may learn to speak of what is known as facts. Facts aren’t always pleasant. Facts can’t always make everyone happy. But facts exist. Allegations do not. You’re white people comment. You think because so many of these idiots are bowing down apologising for their skin color gives you a right to be blatantly racist? I’d love for you to know how the snow flakes would of reacted to pearl harbor or 911 if they had the control. Truth is no one wants to admit it but it really is all about power. when it’s said and done America is the most powerful country on the earth. there’s two other countries that really want to be us but they can’t. we didn’t become the most powerful by being a bunch of panty waste snowflake crybabies. We’re the most powerful and free country in the world because we’re tough enough to kick your ass if you threaten our way of life. Point Blank. and okay there’s a another topic for discussion, our way of life. we don’t choose to be chauvinistic. we don’t choose to be racist. we don’t choose to be criminals. the largest majority of us choose to live as civilized humans that respect others and raise our kids to do the same. Most of us have at least a shred of dignity and do empathize with the movements. But sensibility is critical. The facts are critical. And so is logical thinking. You must free your mind of the control. Stop allowing yourself to be governed by false media. Seek a truth and you will find it.

          • Barbara

            The “freest” country?? What do you mean by that? Read the Patriot Act. Then there is also chronic govt spying on its citizens, abuse of peaceful protesters, citizens unable to control their legislators because they report to corporate donors. Unequal access to healthcare.

        • Parker

          Its censorship that should upset any American. But its easy to see how Un-American many on the left are and openly admit it. “Orange man bad” isnt an excuse to try to control information or free discussion

        • Thomas

          Steven, I fall left of center on the political spectrum, and I see just as much of that behavior from the far left. It goes both ways. In fact, the thing I see more from the far left is this desire to pound everyone’s beliefs to conform to their standards. There is no civil discourse, just finger pointing.

          • Noam Bombski

            Mr. Roger Rabbjt, I have flagged your offensive post. We should jail people who use such words, you fucking giant dill hole

        • Electric Boxer Briefs

          What about having a discussion and open discourse on a topic is “lying”??
          Joe regularly says he’s open to new information and growing?

          Your comment does nothing but incite animosity.

        • I love joe Rogan and Jamie too !

          Have you noticed that both “ sides” are saying the exact same thing?

      • Anonymous

        What he said wasn’t factual. I enjoy his podcast. He’s not going anywhere. I bet that 100million charged what party he goes with now.

      • Coyne

        Yes! Staff doesn’t like it, then staff can go work somewhere else. Company owners and CEO’s need to get a backbone and start letting people go.

      • James

        Yes for sure. Leave free speech alone. People are cry babies. Leave the JRE alone. I hope joe leaves Spotify because of this. Corporations always want to change and control everything.

      • Ace

        Yes! This is sickening to watch happen so systematically and whats worse is the general mainstream news going public will through people like me under the bus for standing up for freedom. We need to fight for freedom of speech now more than ever. The future of all walks of life will be effected buy this corrupt permanent government that has been running the show behind two parties for god knows how long. STAND UP FOR FREEDOM…..DO NOT STAND UP FOR FEAR!

      • P.C police!

        Looks like they will need to grab their hurt feelings reports on the way to their cubicle. Grow up cry babies. If you don’t like it. Quit your job.

      • Nothanks

        If anything should be censored…it should be false information. Banning freedoms of speech that are not affiliated with hatred or trying to block controversial topics is putting society in peril.

      • Sigma

        If they breach it he does. He would be entitled to more than the 100mil. That’s how a contract works. Otherwise spotify could just breach his contract at any point and take their money back. That isn’t how it works.

        • Mike

          Not necessarily. There could be a specific amount of damages for exactly this kind of situation. Google “liquidated damages.”

          I wonder whether these anti speech jihadists even represent a significant minority of all spotify employees. The world would be a much better place if the “activists” were fired in the name of free speech and tolerance.

          • Tony

            “The world would be a much better place if the “activists” were fired in the name of free speech and tolerance.“

            Said without even the slightest hint of irony. I bet these staffers don’t get $100 million and a legion of internet defenders.

    • Maccon1

      What will happen is the same thing that happened to Donahew and Ventura, Joe will keep his money and forced a gag order.
      He won’t be able to broadcast for many years.

      • DLB

        I can’t imagine how scary what you said is that means someone felt that what Mr Rogan is saying is so damning that they thought it was worth 100,000,000$ just too basically shut him up for a short time that alone should prove that our freedom is under attack

    • marco

      Hold up are you saying that you have to pay for listening to Joe Rogan podcast now i just to listening on YouTube but I stop like 3 to 4 months ago I I’m confused i guess I have to get back on track

      • Dragon

        The App Podcast Republic has them all for free, even the new ones he’s done for Spotify so far.

        • Azyael

          Rogan’s podcasts are not exclusive to Spotify until I believe January. They have started dropping on Spotify, but they are still available to all platforms during a grace period.

          • scott

            Joe. Please for the love of God don’t let them pull your strings. F@ck Spotify.

      • BATTLEBY

        I don’t know whats so confusing… the other guy meant that it was a “Spotify exclusive” deal, by the end of this year Rogan is removing all his videos from all the other streaming sites including Youtube. You will only be able to listen and watch his content on spotify nowhere else, that is IF they don’t f*uck it up with their office politics, and Rogan runs for the hills which seems more and more likely.

    • Joe Rogan fan 69-420

      I watched the episode they were mad about. We can safely ignore anything these “activists” say. Better yet, we need to censor them and not allow their voices to be heard

      • D. Cooney 17976

        That comment is the one that needs to be understood and taken seriously …. They want Joe edited and censored and in response the fans of Joe ( which I am a huge fan and supporter of Joe since he had hair ! ) Are calling on the same response and action … Not cool … Its a fucked situation but becoming the thing that’s despised is like moving deck chairs around on the titanic in hopes your not suffering the same date

      • Mrmike08075

        The left just does not get it or does not admit to it…
        They had a new drinking game on college campuses – had to be banned because of a super high associated death rate…
        You see you take a drink every time CNN or msnbc or Lester Holt makes a critical remark about trump – and nobody has yet survived a broadcast.
        The left thinks they have the free speech right to speak words that deny free speech to anyone not in jackboot lockstep with their nonsense ideology.
        The press is a biased in the bag joke and lefties are Nazi lemmings.
        Liberalism is a social disease.
        Snowflakes demanding safe spaces and trigger warnings and driving cancel culture.
        Low key flexing hate one any one who has a different opinion.
        Every word a communist dog whistle identifying their false narratives.
        Programmed drones in the left army ant farm colony.

      • Harold Svennsen

        Fascists and other neo-totalitarians always want to control other people’s speech. The navel gazing self-righteousness of today’s Left is every bit as radical as Mao’s Cultural Revolution cadres. Were they not restrained somewhat by the US Constitution, we’d be seeing show trials and summary executions in the streets of Portland, Seattle, Chicago, New York, and other formerly great cities.

    • Fredrick bukkua

      It wouldn’t be for the 100million over 6 years. He could potentially get 17.15 million for the first year

      • Cass Lou who

        And you think you tube will have him? They censor everything for the agenda

    • JDub

      It is written in the contract that they get the Joe Rogan unfiltrted from youtube and his ppodcast. They censor, they breach. Joe’s lawyers would win easy. Yup total contract. And besides this is just a fluff article to gain more listeners and cause “a stir”. No spotify “staffer” is stupid enough to rock the boat with their cush job and they are actually probably all cool as hell anyways. Duh sheepl. Its all a game.

      • Me again

        Sweet click game with a rare comment forum on “digitalmusicnews dot com” as well. They know who they’re talking to!

      • I love joe Rogan and Jamie too!

        Might be on to something here!!! Thank you! I’ll admit I was turning sheep until I read comment ! Sheepl no more!

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. Why arent they fact checking left wing content and demanding that left wingers get the same oversight and banning? Because the left snd democrats and hypocrites and liars!

      • Russ

        You do realize that being overall horrible human beings is not just exclusive to the “other” party’s politicians, right? You and apparently millions of people in this country have been controlled by this “us against them” brainwashing. It’s kinda scary how easy it was to get so many people on board..

        • Hot Tacos With Mayo

          It is bizarre that so many people have fallen for this phony left vs right BS. Our politicians are scum (on both “sides”). We need to stop scapegoating each other and get out the guillotines already — before it’s too late.

    • Jay wolak

      I am a big Rogan fan. I respect him for his honest opinions and zero-filter. If he caves to Spotify, a huge amount of fans including myself will be very disgusted! Probably won’t follow closely at all anymore.

    • Anonymous

      That would be funny, Too bad spotify isn’t a us company I would enjoy his show.

    • Dude

      Those employees should take a moment to contemplate the morality of the fact that their entire job is a massive scheme to fuck over musicians.

    • Rono38

      The Left wants to control all speech. They despise the First Amendment. They are nothing more than modern day Stalinists. Newsflash for the arrogant brats: America is not the Soviet Union.

    • KP

      Out of character for him to retract a statement when he discovers he was wrong? mmmm… No, not really. Joe’s one of those strange people that knows the difference between a fact and an opinion. He found out his fact wasn’t a fact and admitted he was wrong. Anyway, the moment I saw the key phrase “trigger warnings” I laughed. This is going to get even more interesting….

    • Jack

      Damn skippy. He moved to Texas, he finally understands true freedom and I doubt he’ll be bullied.

    • EyesWideOpen1776

      Agreed! These people are trying to silence any opinion or fact that doesn’t promote their “woke” narrative. In doing so they are also censoring talent, a whole lot of truth and removing a key ingredient in the recipe that is responsible for building a large following. To say that fact-checks and content warning flags are biased against conservative voices cannot be overstated. Conservatives are not censors, no where will you find conservatives trying to stymie speech. We are all about debate and winning with our superior ideas. We don’t feel the need to silence anyone. You have every right to be a blithering idiot. Agree to disagree but never silence. apparently fact checkers on these sites are not hired if they are right minded! Maybe unfair hiring practices need to be looked into.

  2. Unapologetically American

    Nazi bs this is America get over yourself and stop trying to sensor people

    • Dan Duthie

      The FIRST AMENDMENT takes priority over your bullshit feelings, I’m Canadian and I realize this. If the left is going to run around trying to censor people, they should be arrested for infringement on those constitutional rights

      • Mike

        To be fair, spotify isn’t the government. The feds can’t punish you for speaking, but it’s not like Spotify (a private business) has to publish everything.

        That said free speech as a value is super important and this kind of idiotic thought policing runs counter to that.

        • M.

          +1 to Mike “ Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”
          The 1st Amendment is not a blanket right – you can’t yell “Fire!” in a crowded theater, incite violence & more.

        • drive-by

          and honestly, its always about the creep.
          its bananas how far the envelope bent.
          the left, needs to be reset.
          same with the media, they’re all in,
          in your face, tea-bagging the public
          what we gonna do?
          buy more guns.
          at least conservatives dont have to worry about them trying to take ’em for awhile.

      • Jason Fountain

        Dan shut up..PLEASE. This is a private company same as FB and Instagram, they can delete whatever they want, 1st ammenment does not apply. You sure as hell cant arrest them.

        • common censor

          So lets be clear your saying if the company is on the podcast they should mess with just because a few employees don’t like the content. The employees should be worrying about making money for Spotify

  3. Anonymous

    His apology wasn’t uncharacteristic at all. It’s like reporters only ever hear about Rogan through Vice’s “everyone is a transphobic nazi” articles

  4. Name

    What a bunch of pansies!

    The fact that this garbage bahaviour is considered “culture” (cancel culture) is repugnant. RIP America

  5. Alex Zasypkin

    Complete bs. Cancel culture is full of brittle little cupcakes who cry about the most insignificant shit to get attention. Hope Spotify fires these little twats one by one.

  6. EdgeGar

    You know who doesn’t control companies? Employees. If you don’t like it work somewhere else!

  7. Lysander Salamander

    Why not list the names of the Nazis at Spotify that want to silence content they’re opposed to?
    The Nazi minister of propaganda Joseph Goebbels….I mean George Soros must be so proud of them.

  8. Someone who cares

    I was not excited about hearing Alex Jones. I made the choice not to listen to that episode… then i gave in. And then learned an important thing about humanity. That is the power of Joe Rogan.

    We got a lot of kinds of personalities in the world and Joe Rogan shows how respect and patients is a thing to admire… not ” editorial oversight”

  9. Featherstone

    Fire those pussys and their safe space. We the american people want a free speech platform!

  10. Dave

    Lol the world really has gone crazy. I already had spotify before Joe came along, but if they screw over my favourite podcast I’m out.

  11. Bob

    Marxists pussies trying to censor. Go live in China if you want censoring.

  12. Rational adult, an apparent rarity in 2020

    Spotify is really on the verge of fucking what could be great for them financially, culturally, and in many other ways. An exclusive deal with Rogan, someone who is rational, non-partisan, open minded to all things, very intelligent and hard working, and hungry for knowledge, the betterment of himself and society, and healthy unbiased debates. And people are trying to censor the shit out of trivial things and scrutinize and mislabel him for having these open discussions because they apparently can’t stand anything that’s not a sunshine and rainbows super-PC, super left wing, sterilized, lifeless clump of nonsense. Sad. The left has become more anti-freedom than the Bible bangers. And taking things out of context like mad.

    • Insightful Idiot

      People like the outraged Spotify employees aren’t actually interested in open discussions. They want conformity. They believe Rogan and his guests have ideas that are so dangerous and infectious that they need to be quarantined. That’s how they view ideas. They think some ideas are so dangerous and infectious that people literally need to be protected from them.

      It stems from their belief that people can’t be trusted to take care of themselves and that instead they need to be taken care of.

      It’s really quite a fascinating if not very disturbingly aristocratic viewpoint to have.

    • Daaper

      They’re not representative of the left any more than the KKK represents the right. They’re a very vocal, insignificant minority. They only matter because people keep paying attention to them.

  13. JREallTHEway

    Not happening. Joe has said time and again he gave up no content or editorial control. Spotify execs knew exactly what they were getting, and wanted, when they signed the deal. No way in hell Joe gives up any control. Butthurt Spotify minions will have to get over it or find another job. Their combined values aren’t worth what it would cost Spotify in a breach of contract lawsuit.

  14. Albert

    Howard Stern all over again. social justice warriors of the 80’s ‘and 90’s constantly tried to get him banned from the air. he ended up being one of the most significant cultural icons of those times. Joe Rogan is on the same path

    • Lewlew

      Except that it’s now 2020 and Howard has totally caved to the social justice thought police, he’s gone full Covid Hysteria Karenboy and he’s groveling to Black Lives Matter. Hopefully Joe shows more backbone. #CowardStern

  15. Timmy Tuesday

    Lol. Look at these losers trying to censor content they don’t like. Typical histrionic SJW self-righteous hacks. Go make your own podcast no one wants to listen and virtue signal into the abyss.

  16. Anonymous

    What ever happen to freedom of speech, I guess no one can say or have their own opinions anymore. Unless it fits that sides narrative.

  17. Ewp

    I love it when these coddled employees with obviously no real life experience get so-called triggered when real grownups talk about actual important things. I hope they breach his contract so he expedite all his “diabolical” plans in Austin.

  18. Nate

    This is red oculi us. He should have never apologized. The Cancel Culture will never stop. Today it is Joe Rogan, tomorrow it will be something else and shortly after that it will only be their “approved” messages. So glad I don’t have a Spotify account and not getting one now.

    • Fringe Event

      He didn’t apologize for ‘offensive’ content. He apologized for getting a piece of news wrong, and stating what he later learned to be incorrect material on his show. But it was not an apology for content that some may find offensive.

      • Really?

        This is the thing about Rogan, people can say patently false things without repercussion because people wont research the claims.

  19. Wtf is going on

    Is anyone else sick and tired of people trying to censor you at every turn. I feel like I’m living in a black mirror dystopian future!

      • LSR523

        It’s not like Spotify & those few crybaby employees didn’t know what his show was about before they sought him out & offered him a contract. I agree with many on here & hope they break the contract and Joe walks away $100 million to the good. To think grown ass people can’t listen to what others are saying without getting “triggered”. If you don’t like the conversation, change the station. Or better yet, try listening. Never know, you might actually learn something or change your mind.
        And to Spotify, if you’re going to allow a few immature, overly sensitive employees destroy your company to the point that subscribers are telling you they will drop their subscriptions if you censor Joe Rogan, then you get what you deserve.

  20. M719

    Here’s the deal:
    If you don’t agree with someone speaking their mind, then realizing they didn’t have the facts correctly and THEN apologize for the fact that they REALIZED they spoke out of turn, then you are a piece of shit who doesn’t care about free speech OR care about people learning from their mistakes. You’re a fucking troll who needs to figure out that there is more to life outside of the internet comment section. I suggest you unplug and go for a hike every other day with you phone in the car. Get out, unplug, breathe.

  21. Gzerm

    Anyone that’s a Joe Rogan listener knows he’s not afraid to admit when he’s wrong, or when he’s stated false information. He’s also not afraid to switch opinions on matters.

  22. Laich

    Joe Rogan is damn near socialist! (His own words) if spotify gets rid of him I will still listen to his podcasts, but will never listen to spotify again. Not to mention SPOT stock will crash.

  23. 1A2Afan

    I am sure it would be extremely difficult to find replacements for these Spotify employees – of course they won’t walk from the gravy train jobs they will just piss and moan while enjoying the benefit of having Joe Rogan bringing in the cash for their non-productive asses who probably do nothing to contribute to the bottom line.

  24. Aron Tesfay

    These idiots are going to kill the goose that laid the golden egg. The whole point of JRE is unfiltered and uncensored conversation

  25. Trey from Tennessee

    The only reason I have the spotify app is because the Joe rogan experience. If the censor police f… The show up I’ll delete it off my phone in a heart beat.

    It’s not like anyone is forced to listen ….

  26. MM

    They do not own his content, it is a licensing deal and Rogan has 100% creative control! I suspect it was cost spotify heavily if they attempt controlling him, he for sure would not allow it…

  27. Mark Russell

    The 1st Amendment only applies to the Government. A private entity such as Spotify can not violate anyone’s 1st Amendment rights.

    • Fringe Event

      Amazing to me how many people don’t realize that. First Amendment has nothing to do with any of this.

  28. Dragon

    Easiest solution to not be offended by something Joe Rogan discusses on his podcast….don’t listen to it.

  29. Norron Lee

    Let JR be JR.

    Viewers have the option of not watching. JR along with Dr. John Campbell are two bright spots in these dismal times. Dr. Fauci can be added to this short list.

  30. RL

    Go ahead try to kill something so successful… idiots, it is called free speech, an if you dont like it turn of the video. It is better for you to listen and learn what it is to be a true leader and stick by your stance and have common sense of what is right and wrong. He does admit when he is right and wrong and it is something you stupid aholes need to learn from if you think he needs to be sensors. Accountable people are what is best for this world.

  31. John Beckley

    Omg did he dead name what’s his face? Dear lord he should be excuted. Is this really where we are? You call a tranny by the name they won Olympic medals and your a prick? Fuck that.

  32. Joey Rodgriguez

    All I gotta say is that a lot of Latin Kings in chicago are itching to meet these staffers, just to say some nice words to these staffers. Word of advice, don’t broadcast you work at spotify.

  33. Allen Greenberg

    Most of the people that work at Spotify are holocausts deniers. This doesn’t surprise me.

  34. Zeke

    Please pay attention to what’s happening before forming an opinion. I know it gets tiring to do with every new thing, but it’s important. Joe apologized because he had false information, and part of the reason he’s great is that he’s so quick to say when he’s wrong.



  36. True

    What’s Spotify, and how do they have $100M dollars. Just #CancelSpotify . Might as well #CancelSiriusRadio too. Who pays for that shit?

    • Jackass

      Fuckin A Right. Every dip shit that is paying for some kinda spotify,pandora bullshit is a moron. Throwing $$$ away to these people so they an get rich and do stupid shit. It’s on all of you paying for that spotify account.

  37. Clickbait sucker #4701

    This article is the essence of Clickbait. Made up nonsense to get people to read it, get mad and then leave comments on how mad they are. It’s garbage article, but it got me to read it. So screw digitalmusicnews and their apparent lack if real content. Lol

  38. TJ

    An edited JRE podcast would not be genuine. It is that personable casual discussion with guest in long format that brings so many listeners. They can smell the bs right away. Spotify will either understand this or basically f it all up.

  39. Canwerz

    FIRE THE $SPOT staff!!! Puts on $SPOT if they try and edit Joe’s podcast

  40. JBEE

    What a bizarre situation. These employees were most likely aware of contract negotiations with Rogan before the general public, right? This just feels weirdly opportunistic, although I’ve no clue what they would stand to gain by kicking up such a fuss. If they had genuine concerns with Rogan then why wait until now to aggressively make them known?? Doing all this before the contract was signed would seem the better strategy. Now, it’s easy to assume they have ulterior motives and are merely taking advantage of a high-profile target as means to gain control/push agendas etc.

    • Marcus Feynman

      Good point, I would surmise that this collective could have waited to disclose their feelings until after the deal was finalized believing they would be holding better cards after he was under contract. From what I understand, its an exclusive deal so Spotify would be the single outlet for the show. That being said, with the episode’s being herded through a so how gate, it would be easier to pick out the “bad” ones.

  41. IllCancelYourCancelCulture

    Screw those snowflake beta cucks and their facsist cancel culture mentality. They should be fired. If spotify caves to their weak minded mentality I’ll cancel my membership.

  42. Nob

    I don’t listen to.him no more. He os.letting them remove episodes… fuck him
    He turned his back to his loyal fans.

  43. Chris

    That’s crap. They knew what they were getting when they signed him.

  44. Jackass

    Fuckin A Right. Every dip shit that is paying for some kinda spotify,pandora bullshit is a moron. Throwing $$$ away to these people so they an get rich and do stupid shit. It’s on all of you paying for that spotify account.

    • your best friend

      Spotify has a truly messed up model where in a decade if everyone pays for their content thier company will go bankrupt they were only truly profitable under the ad model so if you want them to go bankrupt the 10$ a month is a small price to pay for victory.

  45. Gazza

    He should invite all three of them onto the podcast to discuss their concerns

  46. Drake

    This is enough for Joe Rogan to say let’s call off the deal. Joe Rogan is not going to be owned by snowflakes are people who are triggered.

  47. Marcus Feynman

    I’m almost 100% certain that Spotify didn’t sign the JRE for its journalistic and educational reporting. People who are preciving his show as a truly credible news source should be in formed that simply isn’t and he makes no such claims. Getting your “news” from his podcast is like getting your history lessons from episodes of the Simpson’s.
    (No offense Joe, I’m a big fan) Also, just because there a few people who “don’t like the toppings he puts on the pizza” he serves each episode, shouldn’t mean those “toppings” are picked off and fed to dog before everyone gets a slice. Its getting pretty old listening to people who disagree with what someone else has to say and then watching those same people self righteously censor or edit out the parts that offend/intimidate/go against their own views and beliefs. This is America and our freedom of speech grants us that liberty. What people are forgetting is what the word tolerance means. I hate the way rye bread tastes but that doesnt me I go down to local bakery and burn it the ground. Joe’s show is loved by millions for the relaxed atmosphere (gotta be the weed) and the candid interviews with his guests. If the higher ups at Spotify decide they want to back these “activist group of Spotify staffers” then I’m almost positive Joe’s just going to laugh, call his lawyer, spark up a dube, and wait for his banking app to update because its going to be a slam dunk of a court case for breach of contract. Listen up America: tolence of others beliefs, views, morals, creeds, and faith is one of the qualities that makes our country so great. Just because you dont agree with someone’s tastes, shouldn’t mean you try and stamp out their entire existance. Try to learn from a different perspective. If at the end of the day you still don’t agree, move on and go about you day becasue guess what? No ones going to force you to change the values, morals, or the BDSM lifestyle you live. It’s getting pretty outrageous America, we’re really starting to stink up the party and the world is just waiting to give us the boot if we don’t get our shit together and get back to the basics.

    • Marcus Feynman

      Also, some of these other comments are written about as well as something you would find carved into a stall door in a truck stop bathroom. They also almost contain just as much information needed to form an actual lucid thought. We’ve got to do better guys, we really do. Smh…

    • Isaac

      Yeah cause CNN, Fox, ABC, CNBC are all credible sources of information and not persistant LIARS.

  48. Grunt

    Sounds like a breach of contract to me. Joe would have to decide whether to keep the big $ or go to a lesser platform, like his buddy at Infowars’ platform, Wouldn’t get $100 million but he’ll have to decide if his soul is worth selling.

  49. Eric

    This is why you don’t give in to people’s feelings. Companies really need to put their foot down and tell employees to shut up or leave.

      • Bob dobolina

        No the fascist wannabes are the paid employees who think that entitles them to censor what other people say. STFU you ignorant little nazi.

  50. Nana

    Don’t hold out to much hope forthose employees to be fired. The fact that episodes had gone missing was an indication of thesituation at Spotify. How unfortunate… He most likely won’t get to keep all the money originally contracted – that’s to be expected as the contract won’t have been completed. However, there are certainly provisions and conditions for a breach or cancellation of the contract. His following will be bigger than ever. The important thing is Joe gets out from under that control and censorship with as minimal loss as possible.

  51. Geebus Cryst

    Hahaha, goddamn crybabies. This sensorship bullshit is out of control. Just because you don’t agree doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get a chance to share. I don’t agree with a lot but I’m willing to hear what they gotta say. Fuck Spotify and their sensitive ass employee’s.

  52. Kristopher

    I just about figure Joe Rogan signed a deal with the Devil. They’ll try censoring his topics or pushing him to push their type of rhetoric to fit whatever narrative they support. That’s problem with companies who have these types of ‘Activist” employees calling the shots. If this keeps up and if I know Rogan as well as I think I do, he won’t tolerate this kind of shit very long. I see a breach of contract in the near future.

  53. Waycher

    Hes going to flop anyways in that little caravan, you can hear the discomfort in their voices and the acoustics.

    Worst decision ever, and let’s be fair, Joe looks pretty miserable in that red oven too.

  54. Makaplays

    Calm down people!!!! If you can’t handle the conversations Joe Rohan has with a variety of interesting people then take your closed minded ignorance somewhere else!!!!!

  55. Bob dobolina

    Fire every last complainer. No exceptions. Tell the rest to shut the fuck up and get back to their oar.

    • Castronova

      Yes, ‘file’ them. Nice attention to detail.

      So, you want the company to fire employees for speaking up (freedom of speech) about a program that you deem as one that should stay because of freedom of speech? Hypocrite, much?

      • your 1st amendment talking

        no free speech i.e. opinions when you work and are paid by a company how are this many stupid ppl in the world who don’t understand how that works

        • Castronova

          Go work in Russia if you want, idiot. Your scenario of how things work is not how things work. That’s a crock of shit. Companies thrive on employee feedback and opinion.

  56. Yours truly

    Hey spotify,

    Eat. A. Dick. Same to you left sided communist f**ks

  57. Eddie

    They (Spotify employees) sound eerily like Political Officers right out of a Soliengsky novel about Soviet era suppression. The most vile people find it natural to behave this way. Any bets their own bosses are terrified of them?

  58. Allen

    @Joe great set of standards, now only if you lefty morons would hold up your vias media to the same standards….the guy is a Podcaster and unlike the media, he at least can accept and retract his mistakes.

  59. CL

    Fire these staffers. They have no right to infringe on speech. Who the hell are these people and what is wrong with them?

    • Angelito

      Yeah, the employees should have their free speech taken away!

      Idiot CL.

      • Yoda

        they dont have a first amendment right to say what ever they want while at work, they work for Spotify not the other way around you still have to abide by your companies guidelines and regulations retard..

        • Angelito

          While there are rules about harassment and other guidelines that employers have a say about, there are situations where freedom of speech is guaranteed within the workplace. You’ve obviously never heard of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). Look it up as opposed to saying shit you think is right, but isn’t. You fucking idiot bitch little moron.

  60. Anonymous

    Joe rogan isnt even funny….ive seen 15 of his stand ups….he calls himself a comedian? I dunno his act is really dry and is just a bad comedian in my opinion….hes no eddie murphy or dave chappelle

  61. Kirk

    Ah, ha ha haaaa! This is a 146 comment thread between two idiots who use different names to bash each other and politicize. Each side is just a stupid and ignorant as the other with assumption, false claims and conspiracy theories. Way to represent the US. Idiots.

    • Isaac

      The same should be said about US Politics. Democrats and Republicans using two different names to bash one another when in fact they are used to push the same agenda. Welcome to the club you CovIdiot.

      • Kirk

        Covidiot? How did that come into play? Yeah, whatever. You’re a mess.

  62. Isaac

    This is what the fascist wanted. Joe to sell out so they could regulate his content. If he refuses they will black wall him. It’s what happens to everyone who’s audience grows to big and who’s idea are not theirs. E.g.. David Chappell

  63. Mikaela

    I have listened to several of Joe Rogan’s podcasts when he has had guests I was doing research on. It is painful to sit through these lengthy podcasts because Mr. Rogan is not the best interviewer and allows the guests drone on and on.

    Does anyone else feel this way? Please my question is not about leftists or right wings, just about getting your information in an entertaining yet succinct way.

  64. Spiffy

    To think, I almost signed up for Spotify a year ago. There were red flags then, but this really takes the cake.

  65. Beef86ed

    He’s the type of person willing to talk about hard and taboo subjects. Just because he’s under spotty he shouldn’t have to change. They knew what he was about before hand, buyer beware. Where was this outrage before he signed?

    • Jen

      Hard and taboo subjects? No, Joe is towing the line for an agenda, and he suckered you.

  66. Nwerd

    Ahh the ignorant. I just want to make 1 point, but first let me say I whole-heartedly agree with barbie and her stripper correlation, she hit it right on the nose.

    My point is the free speech thing. Y’all realize that freedom of speech only applies to the government restricting people, right? Schools, cops, agencies, etc can’t hinder our freedom of speech. However, that doesn’t apply to person to person or corporation to person, unless that corporation receives government funding somehow (like a private for profit school receiving title IV funding for financial aid, grants, etc).

    So remember this the next time somebody tells you anything about freedom of speech, it only applies to the government or those tied to it

  67. Ash

    Nobody ever said his podcast was all the truth and nothing but the truth. Smh people need too chill.

    • Dr. Faucibreath

      So he tells lies, fabricates the truth, distorts information and present conspiracy theories? He must be in the NRA, GOP and part of the Trump Administration.

  68. Meyow

    Does anyone crying “BUT FREE SPEECH” understand that only applies to the government preventing you from speaking your mind? What government is stepping in to “police” content and thoughts here? You weaken your point and honestly, you need to shut the fuck up.

    See what I did there? I didn’t deny you free speech. I didn’t force you to shut up. You either shut up or you don’t. It’s not fascism — just no one wants to hear your dumbass opinions entirely based on memes Aunt Karen posted to Facebook.

    “THOSE EMPLOYEES SHOULD BE FIRED!” … for freely speaking. That’s not fascist though.

    “OMG CANCEL CULTURE BY THE LEFT IS FASCISM!”… but we should still expect employers to fire anyone that doesn’t agree with their business plan.

    “IM CANCELLING MY SPOTIFY ACCOUNT BECAUSE THEY’RE CANCELLING JOE!” Cool, go for it. You shouldn’t support companies that don’t align with your beliefs.

    “IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT, DON’T LISTEN TO IT! / IF THE EMPLOYEES DON’T LIKE IT, THEY CAN LEAVE”… k, so if you don’t like what spotify is doing, don’t use them.

    For you fucking galaxy brains posting here, liberals will eat their own for accidentally misgendering a stuffed bear. But we will bend over backwards for right wingers so they can get away with performing the most melodical dog whistle orchestra performances in recorded history. We only JUST started drawing a line with outright political lies and propaganda. We’re holding right-wing voices to the same standard we hold ourselves to. And y’all just don’t seem to like being corrected.

    AND best of all, none of this even matters because at the end of the day Spotify and JRE will win. They both with make a shit-ton of money while we all sit here arguing about literally nothing of consequence. Spotify has to appear like they are listening to their employees just so that they don’t leave en masse, because let’s be real: no one is going to cancel a $100MM deal because a handful of disposable workers object. Just stop being so goddam reactionary. Fuck.

    • Yoda

      dude you must be a retard but thats ok many lefties are, when you work at a company you don’t own, your speech just doesn’t mean shit as far as where the company goes, Spotify doesnt have to listen to their employees and within the company their opinions matter not.

      • Meyow

        Reading comprehension, you suck at.

        Take more than 1 minute to re-read what I wrote and tell me that doesn’t already cover what you said and more. Have a single cogent fucking thought before opening your mouth. Just one. Just the one, please.

  69. John Hawkins

    I don’t get this at all. Joe Rogan is extremely valuable to spotify. Spotify’s office workers are drones that can easily be replaced. Why not just tell them to shut the hell up or fire a few of them as a lesson to the others? Then, they can go tweet about it to their heart’s content while they collect unemployment, Spotify will probably improve the quality of their staffers and everybody’s happy?

    • Geronimo

      That’s what your mom said about you. You must be a retard. She loved you anyway, but kept you hidden from neighbors our of embarrassment, though. She still denies having you as you were a mistake.

  70. collin

    So the same app that I first heard WAP uncensored by 2 hookers is going to choose what I hear from Joe Rogan. Dumb ass sensitive people. When is everyone going to realize none of us matter that much.

  71. Stephen A Kenna

    Electric Boxer Briefs, what a wild and kooky nickname. At least i have the gumption to comment on posts using my real name.

    • Electric Boxer Briefs

      Welcome to the internet, where the wild things are!! I’d wager someone with real gumption could come up with a more interesting alias than Steven A Kenna!

      Anyways my comment still stands. You’re just here to sling mud and stir the pot!

  72. Electric Boxer Briefs

    Yes. I cannot understand how the “can’t say X you must align with my opinions” has been misconstrued as being open minded!

    The “woke” culture is imploding on itself. Thankfully seems like people are starting to see thru the noise.

    • Stephen A Kenna

      Why is it I can tell that you are a cisgendered white man? You are all the same.

        • Stephen A Kenna

          Just another Russia loving Trumper. My god no wonder our country is in chaos.

      • Electric Boxer Briefs

        You’ve completely diverted this from a productive conversation about free speech and Joe Rogan into gender / racial mud slinging.

        Joe is simply trying to have a productive and open forum for ideas and discussion. Why have you completely lost track of the original points. We’re here to discuss why Spotify and Joe have an agreement.

  73. Chris Teimo

    Stefan Molyneux is NOT right wing. Once and for all. I see he much more left then right. Why don’t you stop with this stupid right/ left nonsense? Just sop it!

  74. Such garbage

    Joe’s show with all the moderation IS NOT thr joe Rogan experience, not what Spotify paid for they can F off

  75. Anon

    Its not uncharacteristic for Joe to make a public apology for saying something wrong. He’s done it many times before

  76. Silent Majority

    Thanks to Digital music news for allowing comments. This section has been removed from virtually every major website which is an indicator of the scope of the situation. I think the number of rational responses far outweighing the lies being peddled by the powers that buy (our freedom) and their indoctrinated zombie horde is an indication that we are still a free people, and we are getting fed up with this nonsense.

  77. Townes VanZandt

    Gee who will they fire ? the man they just paid $100 million dollars to or the whiny employees whose combined annual salaries dont make 1/100,000th of Joes iron clad contract? real head scratcher there, bye bye cancel culture cvnts

  78. Ron

    I think there is plenty of objectionable and offensive content with Joe Rogan. Here’s why I think it should stay. Free speech is one of our most cherished rights, and one person’s virtue is another person’s offense.

    You don’t defend him because you agree with his content. You defend his rights in order to protect your own.