Spotify Employees Threaten to Strike If Joe Rogan Podcasts Aren’t Edited or Removed

A contingent of activist Spotify staffers are now considering a walkout or full-blown strike if their demands for direct editorial oversight of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast aren’t met.

Late last week, we first reported that Spotify employees were demanding direct editorial oversight over the recently-acquired Joe Rogan Experience podcast.  That would include the ability to directly edit or remove sections of upcoming interviews, or block the uploading of episodes deemed problematic. The employees also demanded the ability to add trigger warnings, corrections, and references to fact-checked articles on topics discussed by Rogan in the course of his multi-hour discussions.

Some of the group’s demands have already been met by Spotify management, though a refusal to allow further changes is stirring talk of a high-profile walkout or strike.  According to preliminary plans shared with Digital Music News, the strike would principally involve New York-based Spotify employees, and would be accompanied by protests outside Spotify’s Manhattan headquarters.  Other aspects would involve media appearances and coordination with other activist organizations.

For Spotify, the decision to offer some concessions may have only emboldened demands for wide-scale editorial oversight.

During the transition of Rogan’s podcast episodes onto the Spotify platform, multiple past episodes were omitted.  Those included interviews with Milo Yiannopoulos, Gavin McInnes, and Alex Jones.  Additionally, Rogan issued a rare public apology and correction over his claim that left-wing anarchists had set fires in Oregon, a point that was made during a recent interview with Douglas Murray.  The apology is now believed to be the result of pressure from Spotify staffers.

But those measures apparently don’t go far enough. Rogan’s claim during the Murray podcast is still part of the podcast recording, despite demands that the offending section be removed or directly corrected within the audio itself.  It now appears that Spotify is unwilling to directly edit or otherwise alter any existing episodes, with content alteration considered a bright line that shouldn’t be crossed.

Spotify’s management has also refused to remove a more contentious recent episode involving Abigail Shrier. Shrier, a Wall Street Journal writer and author of Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters, appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience in July and has drawn the most protest from the activist Spotify employees.

During the episode, Shrier sharply questioned whether extremely young women should be undergoing gender-transition operations, treatments, and therapies, while also questioning whether many of these women are genuinely trans or simply seeking acceptance and validation.  That drew accusations of transphobia from a contingent of LGTBQ+ Spotify employees, who reportedly demanded changes in more than ten separate meetings with Spotify upper management.

Ultimately, Spotify decided to keep the episode intact after judging that none of the platform’s content guidelines were broken.  That decision has apparently been viewed as a serious affront by the protesting employees, a group that is now discussing the high-profile strike or walkout as a next move.

If a walkout or strike moves forward, it could be risky for the staffers involved.

Other corporations have certainly witnessed walkouts and even full-blown strikes by activist employees for a range of grievances.  Those protests have often been met with changes, though the employment landscape has changed dramatically in 2020.  Spotify employees reportedly enjoy comfortable salaries in the $120-$130,000 annual range, with considerable perks and benefits.  These are plum jobs in extremely uncertain economic times, making a strike a risky move.

It also appears that Spotify management — including CEO Daniel Ek — has a limited tolerance for the mutiny on deck.  Accordingly, DMN has learned that Spotify clearly shared its decision on the Shrier episode, and has declined continued demands to edit or remove other episodes.

The reason for Ek’s pushback is somewhat obvious.  Joe Rogan’s entire identity revolves around unfiltered discussion and opinion, and audiences could abandon the podcast if it becomes censored or controlled.  Earlier this year, Spotify lured Rogan into an exclusive relationship with an estimated $100 million deal. That deal ultimately scrubbed Rogan episodes from a range of Spotify alternatives.

More as this develops.

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    • DOM

      Oh give me a break! Buncha crying fascist hypocrites. Let em go and higher new staff!

      • Angelito


        Go back to school. Not only do you have zero cognitive skills, your spelling is atrocious.

        • Coin

          You feel like a big man correcting someone’s spelling while avoiding the point entirely huh? Is that your thing? Whenever you see something spelled wrong you have to call the person stupid cuz it makes you feel like some kinda macho smart guy? Is that because you’re dumb as a bag of bricks or just because you’re insecure about being dumb as a bag of bricks?

          • Nice!

            Gotta love them grammar Nazis. lol. Lefter for sure. Probably runs ever post through a spell checker so no o e calls out how stupid they are.

          • Jsin333

            I don’t think he , or it, wants to be macho. Because masculinity is toxic. So is reason….

          • Cody

            Keyboard warrior. You act tough here, but you’d never say it to their face. Anyone can insult behind a screen.

          • Big Swiftly

            Their heads must explode when Alex Jones, David Ike or Ben Shapiro.

            Or when Joe rightfully questioned Biden’s cognitive ability!

          • Taylor

            Those employees clearly don’t understand the value of Free Speech in this country. I hope they strike and Mgmt leaves Rogan alone. #LiberalsSuck

        • Will Squires

          If you can’t attack the massage attack the massager. Right? Well, actually in your case it’s probably left. right?

          • Eatta muhcock

            Lol I knew JRE going to spotify was gonna be bad. “I don’t agree with everything he said! We want editorial control!”. Thats what happened. People were never told no as a kid. Now they think every thought and opinion they have is something to be valued and cherished. When in reality, no one gives a shit…

          • Anonymous

            Wait until trump wins again lol the YouTube videos are going to be great

        • English

          Says the guy who just connected two independent clauses with a comma. Smart people address content not form. Really smart people make sure they don’t have the same problem they want to dis others for

          • CN

            Really, really, really smart people will ignore all of that nonsense, and move on with the solutions to discuss

        • VL

          Hire. Hire new staff. This is a good idea. These people need to stop trying to control other people. Joe Rogan can say what he likes. If it is offensive to you, don’t listen to it. If workers for Spotify are offended and cannot reconcile with their feelings, they should quit. It isn’t achievable to only say things that never offend at least some people.

          • Biden Sucks

            I hope spotify’s ruins the JRE podcast with that bs, If Rogan allows them to do that, I will never watch.

        • Jai

          Look at you trying to sound clever. You didn’t even bother staying on what the comments topic was. That’s just your sad way of trying to fuel your ego. Chode.

        • MCF

          You’re missing the key point of a group of well paid EMPLOYEES trying to demand they be allowed to censor content. Ludicrous. Spotify should move on from them immediately.

          • Chris

            Yep! Totally agree! There’s lots of skilled ppl out there that would happily take those jobs. If you want to sensor what ppl say your living in the wrong country. Try N. Korea or China

        • Alisa

          Yikes…. Zero cognitive skills? That sentence definitely could have been worded better. It should have read, ” Not only are your cognitive abilities lacking….etc.” Next time you want to critique someone’s grammatical errors, you may want to choose your words more wisely?

          • Tiny Pen15

            Yikes. You wrote more wisely when you should’ve wrote more gooder.

        • Robert

          Your word use correction is valid, but your over the top response was uncalled for and excessive. Perhaps you need anger management therapy because if something that insignificant sets you off, then you have a problem.

        • Crum

          You are incredibly unintelligent and think that the world should bend to you there’s more people on this planet than you and you should probably figure out the fact that they can understand what they’re reading they just don’t agree with it because you’re supposed to be free in this country if you don’t like the podcast don’t watch it you idiot

        • Armando

          Nobody cares about one word misspelled. You should probably crawl back into your mother’s womb if you can’t handle free speech, or incorrect spelling for that matter. What are you 12 years old?

        • Debra Martin

          Really, that’s all you’ve got. Did you understand the context even if it had a spelling or grammatical error? It seems like hurling insults is some people’s way of discrediting others. Some of us are from the “sticks and stones” generation and when you get in our face, that’s a stone. Things are about to get nasty when people start hitting back.

      • Enlightened Swissbertarian Direct Democrat

        Anyone who disagrees with me is [bad name] because I never grew up and acquired rhetorical skills!

        • Maddie Walker

          Bingo! Let them go there are plenty of people in NYC who would love to have thier jobs making over 130,000 a year.

          Not all NYers feel this way. Let the man do his show uncensored.

          Let these people walk out it will not stop Joes listeners from tuning in.

          • Karen

            Your %100 correct of anything more people will tune in now snowflakes ughhh!!!

          • LoneStarGuy

            Better yet move Spotify to Texas. Show Joe the love and respect he brings to them

          • Ben

            You sho got that right!! I’m sorry, sure got that right! Let em go! He’s never said a damvthing that offended me!!!

        • Micro penus

          I don’t agree with you. (Bunch of swear words name calling because I’m insecure as a man and must project)

      • Tibisay

        Yeah…! Let them go to strike, and apply for a job somewhere else! Hire a WHOLE NEW STAFF! We love Joe Rogan, because he is JOE ROGAN!! f’them!

          • Tired of the lies

            Joe’s podcast is one of the only honest ones out there. Not EVERYONE wants a communist country….if you want to live in a communist country, there are plenty to choose from, not here. Try it.

        • Somebody

          I guess it’s time to seek a new career. I would love to be a crew member on Joe Rogan podcast, and making an annual income of six figures is icing on the cake. ?

          • Chandler

            Ah yes, because putting your first name in the comments section of an article is really showing them your identity. You’re the type of dumbass who will call someone a pussy for not giving their name but call the cops if someone were to disagree with you in person. My name is Chandler Vaughn Deardorff if you wanna not be a pussy and actually debate the merits of censorship in america. I’m sure you wont though, Randy.

      • Bruce Bruce

        Seriously!!!? This is ridiculous! Let Joe do his thing, you wanted him on the platform, he didnt need you, you needed him, let him do his thing! JeeeeeZzzzz

      • Brandon

        Wow. People don’t want free speech!? This is whack. Well there goes me ever using spotify

        • Dontcareaboutyourfeelings

          You think these people care about anything but themselves? All they do is say that everyone is intolerant to their feelings and views. When in all reality, they are the ones who are severely intolerant of any opinion or view on any issue that is not in line with their own.

          • Soy Al

            Intolerance .. Kinda like Antifa being Fascist Nazi’s …
            I think they need a Historyectomy.
            An Eye for an Eye doesn’t work.
            Only one Logical solution, Halo Wau-wau, Muckamuck Kaupy.

          • Me

            I’d bet the contract he signed gives him creative reign regardless of what the employees want

      • M Sherwood

        I for one agree 1000 %, let them ALL go. Sounds to me that the younger generation think their going to strike or walk out Just because they don’t get a 1hour lunch.

      • Awesome

        Yes. Please stop this snowflake revolution. I’m so over this ridiculous movement of wimps.

        • Soy Al

          I blame it on the WIC Can .. Kids need titties in there lives not bottles and formulas.. Mothers Milk does a body and brain good. Also kinda tastes like Cantaloupe.

      • GetwokeGobroke

        Ya if they do this i know that me and about and everyone know will be cancelling spotify premium

      • Joe

        You can be replaced. There are lots of people waiting for your job. Freedom of speech, just let it be. That’s exactly what it means regardless if you agree or disagree.

      • Doesn't matter

        I agree. Plenty of people out there struggling to make ends meet. Fire them all, find people that would be grateful for the opportunity.
        History take notice. This is what happens when you give every single person in a generation a metal for nothing. Some times you do not win.

      • LINA Adams

        I agree that if these losers are up in arms about how THEY want the ability to censor any of the shows is complete Fascism. I’m so repulsed by all these losers Silicon Valley clowns who are censoring everyone. What’s even worse is they want to remove all First Amendment rights. I am in no way ,shape or form a Republican, but I felt when they removed Alex Jones from YouTube how incredibly wrong this was /is because this ALL should be up to all individuals as to who and what they want to listen to. I don’t believe in censorship at all….All people have choices as to whether or not THEY want to watch a show or not…it’s NOT up to the program the show is hosted on…It’s up to the people. I’m not a huge fan of Rogan personally, but I will watch here and there if there’s a guest I’m interested in….There are so many podcasts out there now, it’s as if all want to jump on the bandwagon. …I’ll listen to a select few that I trust, but if it’s mainstream media via the 1996 Telecommunications Act that was psussed by Mr DEREGULATION himself Clinton, someone I’ve truly NEVER respected for anything he and his “wife” stand for and passed as laws that to this day have negatively impacted America and Americans…all horrible decisions….these social media platforms that censor like communist, fascist despots need to be dismantled because of the monopolization abuse these NERDS have, as well as the billions and power these losers all want and the nefarious other issues these insanely rich clowns have that now makes it seem as if we’re under monarchies….another antiquated system that shouldn’t exist at all in this day and age…they do nothing and they lie and live lavish lifestyles via all tax payers money….why the UK hasn’t fought to dismantle them is baffling to me..This goes to all billionaires and millionaires who pay no taxes at all….The 1% made $350 billion dollars since this fake, planned way in advance “PANDEMIC ” which is another load because I’m a nurse practitioner and the hospitals that were so called packed with C–19 patients is a lie and always was as many of us were furloughed out because ZERO patients were there. They purposely crashed the economy using this 25 years old Sars Covid 1&2 as some new lie that it would kill 2 million Americans, as this loser lying and do obviously paid off jerk was caught sleeping around with his new girlfriend, as he was also married, caught by many people seeing him out with his new chick when he was the paid off scumbag that lied about literally everything as the also lying government had people stupidly quarantined and using stupid masks that absolutely no health professional should ever use because they do no good. N-95 masks are professionally fit to each individual health care workers to fit their heads and faces to fit them again individually. These grotesque mask NAZI’S that try to bully , manipulate and especially use sickening fear mongering tactics, hoping you’re ignorant to any mandates v laws, which are all different because #1 neither a Governor nor mayor can mandate anything, nor do they ever make law….PERIOD…people don’t seem to understand that ALL politicians in America, including President’s, are PUBLIC SERVANTS. ..not the other way around. People need to educate themselves about basic civics and what all branches of government are actually responsible for. We all learned this stuff in the 3rd grade…Remember a law was passed in 2011 called The Patients bill of Rights…this is to make sure all individuals are the ones who can and do make any and all decisions concerning ANY medical interventions. Remember if any person at all tries to make you do anything illegal/unlawful that includes lying, bullying you to wear masks that do absolutely no good at all to stop spreading anything at all, this is not only discrimination, especially if they refuse business to you, it’s 100% blatant discrimination, but also against the law of the land, they personally and the company they work for can be sued…Rogan is fully aware of this and he’s got access to top notch epidemioligists, infectious disease Dr’s and nurses etc…so when he tries to pull the ignorance card, it’s incredibly apparent he’s doing so on purpose….PERIOD. …

        • Jerry Attrick

          Contract probably basically states he is not allowed to disagree with liberals, he must vote democrat, he must abandon his sexual preference and become homosexual, he isn’t allowed to point out anything that hurts democrats viewpoints and he must join a Hollywood pedophile cult.

          • Soy Al

            That’s because they are all Epi’s cop aliens .. Trying to be Weathermen .. Billy’s Ayers (heirs).

        • Nasir Servante

          Damn right Steve. What does the contact say? I’m sure these are issues that could have been addressed BEFORE it was signed. Spotify’s stock has risen significantly since he signed. I’m sure they we’re happy then. Can’t make everyone happy all the time.

          • Mike R

            The contract was reported that Joe maintains ownership. He only signed an exclusive right to broadcast HIS content. Bashing Joe will only grow his audience. Excuse me while I go look up the Shearer podcast…

          • LINA AdamsL

            His ratings have gone down…check to see..I did and not remotely surprised because this new studio….this red and black fiasco, enough to end it from that and his refusal to address why he let them remove many shows. ..Odd and again his opinions….seems he’s definitely self censoring as he’s had absolutely no incredible Dr’s, epidemioligists, infectious disease Dr’s to advise people that the closing down of the economy was and is disgusting and a lie …so much a person again, who is supposed to have a large audience, yet he’s not addressing extremely important issues…so absolutely 100% NO to his insane joke to put on a 5 hour debate between two clowns that NEITHER deserve to be president. Biden /Harris have disgusting, lousy records. …especially 50 years in DC Biden …..horrid record and no thanks to Trump either as Americans should have better choices than these two clowns…No thanks to either. It’s another redo of disgusting the 2016 horror show…..

        • LINA Adams

          He kept his mouth shut about the censorship of what I saw on the list of shows Spotify didn’t want added to the show so people can look back at older shows….these were majority R/Winged people. ..I saw some Left, but some were oddly, and to this day, he hasn’t commented …I figured he wanted off of YouTube because of the insane censorship they NEVER give any logical explanation to…They pull this crap on purpose to screw people over …The apathy complacency of so many people who refuse to looK up laws and do research as to the many rights that are being taken away from them without fighting this insane garbage, is mind boggling….he through 5 years will receive $20 million a year for this show ..He moved from CA to TX because of the insane, draconian, illegal measures that Newsome and Garcetti have done to CA, not to mention the thousands for lies told by all CA reps like Pelosi, Feinstein, Harris, Brown before he left for this lying creep.. Rogan state he was disgusted by the incredibly high taxe, cost of living, and the insane garbage that all these disgusting, lying representatives have done..CA is and failed state thanks to the incredible stupidity of the horrible politicians in CA …Rogan should, but has refused to name these clowns and personally call them out for the incredibly lousy jobs they’ve done . ..I recently sold my home there and moved because I refuse to live in a majorly fascist state like CA because of all the insane lies and the BS super high cost of living as well as 60% homelessness that Newsome lied about in April stating that he would help the incredibly huge homeless population, that he’s lied and done zero about and most likely pocketed tax payers money as he closed down all small businesses and kept his disgusting wine vineyard open for business. …Rogan suppsedly having a huge audience should be calling any and all Governor’s, any reps at all pulling this garbage as they live off of many bribes and tax dollars like the losers they are….instead he takes the millions and refuses to address these important topics that MUST be addressed. It’s things like this that’s infuriating when they say he’s someone to look to for political advice…I highly disagree that Rogan should be looked at as an influencer of any kind because he refuses to call out the huge FALSE FLAG lie of 2020, along with too many to name. …Instead he grotesquely danes to pretend ignorance on this ….so IMO, he’s precisely why he is absolutely NOT to be trusted with anything he states that may be political.. I don’t trust him and all his buddies are now all being called our for rape, pedophiles etc.. including the guy he says is his best friend, Brian Callan, father is CIA….look it up…

      • Drake

        Amen? More like complete bullshit. These employees need to kick rocks. A bunch of nobodies trying to influence Joe because he doesn’t vibe with you, fuk off

      • K2

        just when we were all starting to get along , someone throws a wrench, you cant have nuthin,
        I quit,

    • Will

      unemployment is on the rise and you want to threaten your job. bold move. Fire them, they can make their own company if they think their opinions are in such high demand. Let the market shine light on their ignorance.

      • Joey B.

        You’ve got that right. Why do you think liberal talk radio is so popular? It has such a wide audience I can rarely find it on the radio. I have to pull out the phonograph and play recordings. Those math questions are biased against me, popcorn & hunter

    • David

      I really hate cocksucking phaggots. Not homosexuals, that’s none of my business what people do on their own time; but those who try to comform the world & force their image where everyone can only endulge in what they approve of , live only how they want them to live. F*CK those people.

      • Soy Al

        Agreed.. I was attacked for saying Hermaphrodite instead of Inter-sex person.. My cousin is one and like I told them, ‘She’ thinks of herself as a Greek Goddess, cause Hey Zeus gave her an add-a-dick-to-me..

    • ShibbyDibby

      Right?! These guys think they have too much power. Joe Rogan is the $100 Million Dollar Baby. Spotify completely ranks as a service and in WallStreet’s confidence, if 8 people who are so terrified of their morning commute from BART (local subway) to the Spotify offices, that they need to take Homeless Self Defense courses, but decide Joe Rogan is the hill they are going to die on. These people SUCK.

      • Robert Wagner

        Yes… absolutely… a bunch of cancel culture.. free speech hating people. We want to censor joe….. grow the fuck up you bunch of none winning trophy Participants…. if they censor Joe, I’m done as a fan who enjoys his guest and free thought… as far as his crybaby detractors who protest fascist idealism but actually practice it,,,,I don’t think the PC police realize this is America and we are all stocked up on crazy… go sell crazy someplace else then I’m done as a fan!

        I’ll just watch reruns on YouTube, or at least until YouTube censorship’s that to

        • Eli

          Lucky for you, joe said he wouldn’t let that happen he likes that sense of freedom on his podcast. So worse comes to worse joe will just do his own thing again like he was before. Win win for joe

        • Soy Al

          Well at least someone is understanding a good portion of the problem. They all think they are Liber AL .. And we must all Hail Lucy Fur.. The Country has turned into a Crock-pot of mental retard-nation.

    • Ry

      God bless Joe rogan for actually having a real discussion these days it’s refreshing to get different points of views in this polarized environment

    • Easy

      Yep , but they knew what they were doing. They tricked his ass to silence him .
      Guaranteed, no one is giving up any money right now. This was all orchestrated beforehand. I can’t count the videos on YouTube that have been removed , censored in the past 4 months. The voices are being removed

      • Agnes

        Just download the videos from YouTube to keep yourself and upload them again on your own account if they remove them from his. Be the change you want to see in the world.

      • Dwayne

        You are correct, I think Joe will cave in to their degenerate viewpoints. His ratings will go down, after some time the Corp and Joe will come to an agrarian part from one another, and Joe will be back on YouTube, or go to some new Conservative video blogger type service where the first amendment is still practice

    • Sin

      Let them walk out! You don’t need them Spotify. They need to know their place. They work for you. Fire them and replace them.

    • Asshole #2

      Fuck Spotify. They’re lucky they are even in the headlines. Their publicity at the moment is in all ways and every aspect due to Joe Rogan even pondering their contract.

    • Alfmetal

      I agree with all of you guys, let Rogan do his thing we all love his podcasts , Spotify hire new employees. end of story.

    • Gladstone

      I’d fire every single one of those whining, entitled little crybabies and hire a completely non-progressive staff. Progressives complain about literally everything. There are tons of people who would happily do their jobs.

    • Bigshow26

      If they quit spotify will be better after they rehire new employees. This s**t needs to stop!

    • Wade

      See ya Spotify if you don’t protect free speech and fast. You had 1,500+ JRE episodes to see what you were getting.
      The vocal minority needs to be put in its place, they are employees! If they don’t like it, go work some where else!


      Hey Paul Resnikoff. Thank you for being a perfect example of proper journalism!! Not one iota of opinion in this article. If only mainstream media could follow your example. ???

    • Kman

      Spotify employees have no right to expect their personal views on any subject should be incorporated into company policy. Once on the job, their personal views and agendas should be left at the door. Those who don’t follow company policy can quit or be fired. There are plenty of people who will gladly take their place.

    • Gay4T2020

      Apologizing and bending the knee has never worked. I think them says bye and hiring new staff would only make spotify more valuable. And the “controversial” episode had a point. The T has always been statistical males w gender dysmorphia until recently. Then again majority of us are old enough to remember when being B was the trendy topic in the community 10ish yrs ago and suddenly every girl was B too because of msm fetishizism.

    • AR2077

      Yep I would love to work at spotify and know thousands of others who would enjoy the job and not complain about JRP this is ridiculous. JOES PODCAST IS great for America and the world.

    • Nice!

      I think there will be some 100k jobs available soon. Spotify isn’t gonna destroy a cash cow to please some LBGT tards. Everyone will abandon Rogan if they even think the show isn’t open and uncensored.

    • IkeMonger

      I’ll take a job at Spotify. Why dont employee’s of CNN, NBC or CBS make these threats when they KNOW what they are reporting is FALSE? Anyways, who are these EMPLOYEES and why would anyone give them the ability to control a company? Sit down pussies

      • Sean colvin

        I’d like to kill 99% of this comment section and let the last percent live to talk about it.

    • The Destroyer

      If this were one of my companies, I would make it clear that we are not in the business of censoring honest discussions, and that any employee who chooses to strike will be considered to have tendered their resignation and will be replaced immediately. Problem solved.

    • Billy

      I can do that job and would gladly accept half their salary and sign an agreement not to whine about pop culture differences. Spotify! Are you listening? Long live freedom of speech.

    • Wall-Eye

      Censorship needs curtailing. Those who censor are indeed fascists and nazis.

    • James Woodin

      Sign me up, just give me free Premium, and a chance to meet Joe, and I’ll do their jobs for half that pay, and won’t bitch about shit…

    • You don't need to no my name

      I don’t agree with everything he says but there is no reason for Spotify employees to call for a strike because they can edit his podcast. There is probably something in his contact where it says that Spotify can’t edit his podcast.

    • NiM

      Not to mention all the, now previous, customers that have unsubbed because of them letting their activist employees censor content.

    • Secede

      Move the business out of New York City to places that have a higher population of normal human beings that can think for themselves.

  1. Blobbo

    Daniel Eck’s cluelessness and greed is coming home to roost, and no one in the modern music industry deserves it more than him.

    He had no business getting into the political arena. He was running a music company, dumbf*ck idiot.

    Music companies don’t get into politics. Sometimes, musicians get political, but that’s different. Musicians are expected to comment on things.

    You don’t bring a borderline white wing freakshow into bed with a bunch of musicians, who are 90% liberals, NOT like Joe Rogan, who has peaked anyway, and is clearly in mental decline. I wouldn’t call him dumb, but he’s not the genius he’s been made out to be. He is a good interviewer, but so what, so are others.

    As I said, Eck didn’t prioritize his core business, music, which is full of people who hate him, BTW. Great article in the LA Times this website should link to about Bandcamp, which is were the people who CARE about music go. F Eck and DEF F Spotify.

    • ET

      First, Spotify is a platform. They provide a conduit to content whether that is music, podcasts or otherwise. More importantly, it baffles me how flippant you and these Spotify employees are on censorship. How can you not appreciate how dangerous it is to alter, edit, or full on silence those whose views you don’t agree with?

      • Kimball Mason

        You ignorant millenials probably dont know the dable about the goose that laid golden eggs. Kill Rogan’s content irreverence and free range discussion and you kill the attraction to his audience. Just as the NFL has forgotten who their core demographic is, spotify employees seem to not be aware the essence if their newest podcast star. 100 million plus seems like a lot if money to spend to silence/edit someone who can sue for breach of contract, level, take his audience with him and leave Spotify with 100 million dollar goose egg.

        • Major Payne

          If you want to find a fascist in America just look for the person calling someone a fascist! Joe is Joe and that’s what people want. Chill unfiltered chat with a wide range of people, oh the humanity! Spotify is the only service I have ever paid for and it will be the last if they give into these fascist children!

    • Joey

      You are so dumb you don’t even know Spotify had podcasts, political or apolitical, for as long as I could remember. Obviously not a subscriber so who cares what you have to say.

    • Marg

      I don’t think people realize that Spotify saved the music industry. Prior to Spotify, people were downloading the majority of their music content illegally. The industry has only just started to recover and
      Second, not sure if you realize that Spotify pays 75% of its revenue to labels and musicians, which is why their stocks are always concerning to buy. I don’t see how this is considered greed by ANY means, especially when to my first point, they reversed a very unfortunate trend in the music industry, which was that most people were ok not paying for it at all.

      • SF

        Illegal downloads have consistently been 15-20% of all downloaded music. Just cause you and your nerd friends know how to use a P2P client doesn’t mean everyone does.

        Spotify pays closer to 2/3rds of its revenue to rights holders, not 3/4ths. But the percentage of a platform’s revenue that goes to artists is irrelevant when that platform lowers the overall values of the products on its platform, which Spotify does, along with YouTube and Amazon.

        The only positive systemic effect that streaming platforms have had is that they’ve ensured that Warner, Sony, and Universal will generate more revenue over the long-term, while smaller, indie labels (which rely on short-term revenue to exist) are left to wither and die, and eventually have their catalogues consumed by Warner, Sony, or Universal.

    • JT

      What are you even talking about? Joe Rogan talks about everything not just politics. You obviously don’t listen to the show. Boo hoo you can’t censor him and push your bullying liberal propaganda. Everyone is sick of that crap. BLM is a terrorist organization and that’s exactly what they’re trying to do. You don’t get to tell people what they can and can’t say and what people can listen to. If you don’t like it don’t listen. There’s plenty of deranged liberal propaganda for you brainwash yourself and listen to.

      • Rob wagner

        Yeah that guys … a troll, or is really full of hate. And doesn’t like, or know joe!

        I could be wrong… hell it could be joe!!!?

        But his shows are anti politics, and anti brain washing. That’s the whole appeal, free thought, free will, free soul.

        Not with cancel culture… everything is racists, outdated, threatening, homophobic, fascist nazi’s … when it’s them actually uses fascist techniques!

    • Your Mom

      Rogan has peaked LMAO yea companies always do multi-million dollar deals with has been celebrities that are on the decline in popularity. . . Um, what jackass? Your entire statement is beyond retarded and you are clearly out of touch with this topic.

    • Buuthurt

      If you think Rogan is right wing you are a full blown tard. He literally endorsed Bernie but couldn’t get behind Biden so he is right wing. If you don’t have a clue about something, you should learn to shut your dirty cancel culture mouth.

    • ShibbyDibby

      Maybe the concept of Social Media has peaked?

      I mean, you called Rogan a Right wing freak show from anonymity, but if this was any sort of public facebook or Twitter, where you were spouting off like that about people, a determined person could possibly get you fired, over something that’s your opinion.

      You already cannot say mean things to one another, because bullying & threats WILL & has gotten people fired.

      So like I said, maybe Rogan is not the problem, he’s just the canary in the coal mine.

    • Hates crybullies

      Hmm you make more than 100 million in your employment contract? This is what a free market looks like go back to cucking you communist free speech hating democrat trash

  2. Charlie Sanders

    If only the selectively woke employees of a company built on the backs of music creators cared as much about paying those creators a living wage for the use of their music, what a wonderful world this would be. Total hypocrisy.

    • ShibbyDibby

      These are the same people that came to a city that used to be a city of artists, but now has one of the worst homelessness problems in the country, and when they come to work they generally pass by the homeless everyday. But instead of feeling empathy, or giving back to the problem because they’re lucky to work at Spotify, they take Homeless Self Defense Classes (because the homeless CAN’T be human)….

      So, no…. they aren’t thinking of paying independent musicians….( or even artists at major labels) jack or shit.

      (Maaaaaybe a free trial of Spotify.)

  3. Senor Maskhole

    Why do these libtards always tell us what they a’gonna do instead of just doing it?

      • Craven Moorhead

        Although the Swedish cultural mentality is extremely socialist and fair-minded they are also mostly intolerant of bullsh*t so if the final decision is made by Ek then I have faith that Rogan will continue as he has done for years, without having to curtail his views or speech just because some people disagree with him.

        • Lob Befsetz

          Pretty interesting. Spotify (and Ek) have mostly been uninterested in going political, similar to RedBull.

    • Angelito


      Right out of the gate you look like a moron. Any point you try to make is lost on your stupid derogatory terminology.

      Go back under your bridge, troll.

      • Slevin

        As an observant outsider- The only comments you’re replying to are those that 1) aren’t well stated or just blatantly hostile rather than intelligent or 2) are “against” liberals or the democratic left in some way.
        This truly shows you realize the flaws in destroying the rights to free speech and can agree with the general idea these people are forming… but you still want to pick fights with people who you think won’t make intelligent conversation. That sounds pretty troll-y to me.

        Otherwise, I’d say if you do disagree with everyone in favor of Rogan standing his ground, then you must be fearful to actually have a discussion with someone who’s made a valid point in the comment thread.

  4. Willuhford

    I love how people slam Rogan….and yet he still has the biggest thing going… leaps and bounds. Censorship is about to be met by force….if all of you little blue haired do-gooders aren’t careful. People are getting fed up with your BS….and the PEOPLE I’m talking about are the ones who you don’t really want to trifle with when it comes down to it. They (we) are bigger and better armed than all of the armies of the world combined incuding our own. I don’t think you leftists have the slightest idea about the monster you’re waking up…..they call us the devil for a reason……every stereotype is based in truth….at some level. Keep on censoring and rioting and looting and acting a fool….you’re just stoking the fire (and I am personally glad to see it) that my side will be glad to extinguish soon. There are LOTS of us chomping at the bit….while y’all are chimping in the streets.

    • Robert Wagner

      Yeah … they watch to much CNN.
      That’s the left.. riot burn your neighbors business. Blame someone’s else for your problem… because life’s not fair and your the smartest person on the planet …. thank god for cities and social services to feed and cloth these people. They don’t know what true
      Suffering is…. but the silent majority do. And one day after pushed around they might come to a knife fight with a gun.
      Plus a little secret the average military person is willing to join .

      The left should embrace China and move there, it’s perfect for them everything they could dream of…

  5. Enlightened Swissbertarian Direct Democrat

    Censorship/deplatforming/cancellation/[synonym] is the reason we need to completely decentralize the entire web. Thankfully, Web 3.0 will be based on the blockchain so anybody can post whatever they like without the risk of being censored by [powerful entity, such as a conglomerate or a government].

    Locked-down, platform-exclusive content is consumer-antagonistic enough, so I hope Spotify takes the L that comes with censoring Joe Rogan, which they’re only doing to appeal to these hippies. It would likely backfire economically. Hopefully, it would cause more podcasters to boycott platforms like Spotify and stay independent, to remain in control of their own content.

    • Rooster

      Get new staffers if they strike leave joe alone or you will have people looking for another streaming service.

  6. Adam

    Pussy ass soy boys are offended. Boo fucking hoo. Go be in your safe spaces.

      • Slevin

        The only comments you’re replying to are those that 1) aren’t well stated or just blatantly hostile rather than intelligent or 2) are “against” liberals or the democratic left in some way.
        This truly shows you realize the flaws in destroying the rights to free speech and can agree with the general idea these people are forming… but you still want to pick fights with people who you think won’t make intelligent conversation. That sounds pretty troll-y to me.
        Otherwise, I’d say if you do disagree with everyone in favor of Rogan standing his ground, then you must be fearful to actually have a discussion with someone who’s made a valid point in the comment thread.

        • Jack

          Thank you. I was going to say something similar. He’s using classic troll tactics, while calling everyone else a troll.

  7. DeeZ NutZ On Ur Chin

    Shut up douche, what the hell is your problem? did you wake up today and finally realize how much a retarded asshole you are?

  8. Powerful Primate 26

    Rogan clearly stated that there will be none of that nonsense when he signed the deal. He said he will not allow spotify to tell him what he can and can’t do/say or what guests he can have on, so there will be no politics or agendas pushed nor will there be any sort of sensors or editors altering the podcast. Spotify isn’t going to violate a multi-million dollar contract just bc a small group of employees is offended. Spotify should just fire them now since they are clearly not very intelligent or mentally stable and have their own interests at heart, not the company’s.

  9. Holdyourground

    Spotify needs to hold their ground. Fire those clowns. Free speech is part of our rights. People are trying to censor open discussions and conversations now!
    Now the general public is becoming mini Hitler groups.

    • Rami Ismail

      Cenorship is already in full effect on the internet

      Reddit is one of the most censored websites on the internet. 4chan is heavily censored too. Twitter and Facebook and Youtube have all went off the deep end. Russia hysteria has taken over 90% of political news got both mainstream and indie. If not russiagate, then trump derangement syndrome has made them go nuts.

      And I love it. Seeing these fraud liberals have emotional breakdowns because Trump tweets mean things for 4 years is delicious – and I am part of the Left politcally. I hate fake people, and censor-loving liberals are the worst bc at least disgusting conservatives are honest about beliving disgusting things and why they believe them.

  10. Allen

    This entire article could be reduced down to a few words if he would have said exactly how many of these people there are. I would not be surprised to find out it is less than 10, or even less than 5 morons who think their simple little feelings matter more than the tens of millions of people who watch and listen to the JRE.

    When will the rest of the country get sick and tired of catering to the weak-minded and massive minority of our population? I, for one, do not give one damn about what a few percent of the population thinks the rest of us should be like or do.

    I have seen almost every show over the last 3 years…if there is even the SLIGHTEST Hint He is being edited I will tune out forever. On my EGA I Swear It. (Eagle Globe and Anchor)

  11. dmfh

    Agree to let all those people go. If they don’t like the show don’t listen! Hard to believe those types grew up in America. If anyone said that whiney rich kid shite on the street, real americans would put those brats in place.

  12. fag killer

    i doubt there is that large a group at spotify making these demands.

    100% they will simply lose their jobs and many more qualified people will apply for them.

    jre will not be edited

  13. Pointless article

    Please re read rogans contract. Spotify has no say over who his guests are, or what they talk about. Its the reason why Joe even considered it. If it bothers you so much…..listen to another podcast. At this point people are just choosing to be little cry baby bitches about anything and willingly staying butthurt. Fuck off. Just shut up. Leave people alone. Do your own thing

  14. Sigurther

    It cracks me up that all these articles droning on about the activists at Spotify and how triggered they are keep failing to mention that part of Joe’s 100 million dollar contract was absolute editorial control over his content. Meaning that if Spotify tried to excercise any editorial control at all, he walks with all 100 million, legally, and they can get fucked. Straight back to YouTube with his millions of listeners one hundred million Spotify dollars richer.

  15. SJW Frauds

    They also have no idea who Joe Rogan is and have never seen a single episode. They just saw a tweet say he is transphobic and due to their shallow thoughts just assumed it must be true and he should be canceled. What a joke!

  16. Willy

    Why do I have a feeling that all these articles are B.S. to make sure we all tune into “make sure” no one is censoring JRE. Like said before, it doesnt matter what the activist workers want, if there even are any. Its all in Joes contract, they have no say or he walks with all the $$ I have a feeling this is just media hype, and a good one too

    • Jack

      That hadn’t occurred to me, but it’d be brilliant strategy on their part.

  17. Any Moose

    Who cares what some petulant children think? Let them strike, then fire them all. Spotify lost a premium sub today, and I’ve completely uninstalled my apps.

    God, I hate leftists.

    • Angelito

      God, you’re stupid. Generalizing makes you the outsider and loser.

  18. Libertarian

    Read all the comments. 1) Those who think musicians are not HIGHLY political have apparently never listened to any musician. 2) Those who want to censor don’t believe in freedom of speech. That is not only allowing what you agree with but what you totally disagree with and find disgusting. 3) These pro-censorship employees are hurting Spotify’s business and thus should be let go UNLESS… 4) They don’t really exist and all this is a publicity stunt to draw attention to Stopify. Much like this article is doing for 😉

  19. ?

    I don’t see how Spotify can allow what these people are asking for. All the major players are signing exclusive deals for podcasters now. If they make this move for arguably the crown jewel of their shift in this direction (exclusive deals) then future deals for exclusive content will be more tricky. These type of actions are also tricky for the company leadership because, if enacted, they could signal to shareholders that the concerns of staffers are more important than the financial prospects of the company (the ultimate responsibility of the company leadership?). Finally, this type of oversight on this single podcast will not be able to be scaled over all their content, but if they take it up the responsibility here the die will have been cast and some folks will expect them to then be responsible for all the other content: from the smallest podcast to the big music artist who uses slurs in their music… unsustainable and not in the interest of shareholders. I’m afraid these employees will have to go if they start raising a ruckus in the media, protesting outside the building, etc.

  20. Patrick

    The whole reason we like the show is because its not censored! Crying because they disagree about something on the show. Well boohoo. There are people on i don’t like, you know what i do?? I don’t listen. I know that’s weird but this is america it’s called freedom!

  21. LetThemCryHireNewStaff

    People only want free speech when its convenient. Hopefully Spotify deosnt buckle from the pressure these adult-children are applying. They’re essentially laying on there backs flailing their arms and legs because they aren’t getting what they want. They obviously became too comfortable if they’re willing to risk losing 120k+ annual income for some silly shit like this, fuck outta here ???

  22. Concerned&Saddened

    I’ve had a Spotify subscription since 2010, and have always assumed it would be a lifetime subscription because music is so important to me. I’ll cancel Spotify immediately if they attempt to censor free speech. There is no compromise there.

  23. Maddie Walker

    Let them walk.out. They will be doing spotify a favor. Free speech uncensored is what Joe’s fan base want sorry it doesn’t fit the corrupt Dems narrative.
    They do have alot to lose the Dems full of career politicians who built an Empire they have alot to lose.

    Trump on the other hand has nothing to lose. He will go on with his life win or lose.

    These corrupt left wing dems have alot to lose.

  24. Pinky and the brain

    They are corrupt, they are not doing this on christian values or even parental guidance,it’s for their damn agenda to get society used to being told what to do Brain washing. Joe needs to step up and take charge of his show.

  25. Robert widepants

    Yup! Fire them all, easily replaced! Too much money. Too much opinion. You don’t own or run the company! Be cool or be cast out. Rush!

  26. Quinn

    #Spotify has a bunch of free speech hating Leftist commies on their staff. Probably should replace them with Americans. #Joerogan

    “EXCLUSIVE: Friend of Jake Gardner reveals his last messages before his suicide, calls out left-wing mob who doxxed and defamed him”

  27. anne hiro

    hello Internet I’m from the left. I cannot handle dissent. when people don’t conform to my leftist radical militant views I start revolutions. I will literally burn down my City to keep you from having an opinion I disagree with. by the way you’re the Nazi not me.

    • James

      Lol awesome. Another definition- Racist= one who doesn’t agree w a lefty

      • Angelito

        Idiot – one who makes up stupid definitions about an entire group to fit their agenda.

  28. Liberty from Liberalism

    Glad to see we’re all in agreement, lets hope that Spotify CEO has the smarts to not cave to the cancel-culture, Americans love that 1st Amendment!

  29. Mike

    Joe rogan has editorial control of his show all the arrangement was for was where to stream if spotify edits his show they open themselves up to a lawsuit

    • Hates crybullies

      Well not if you have a contrary point or disagreement to anything from the leftist or alphabet people …you bigot

  30. Joey B.

    You’ve got that right. Why do you think liberal talk radio is so popular? It has such a wide audience I can rarely find it on the radio. I have to pull out the phonograph and play recordings. Those math questions asked below my name are biased against me, popcorn & hunter.

  31. Peepeepoopoo

    Haha what a bunch of faggots, let him speak his mind, otherwise it becomes lame like every left-wing conversation.

  32. SoakedUmbrella

    I just finished fingerings my holes,, came in my hand and my cum tastes so good.

  33. Yoly

    This is why I can’t stand these groups like LBQT or however the hell that moniker is spelled. I got nothing against lesbians and homosexuals but the minute something doesn’t ring right with them, they immediately protest and want the rest of us to think and accept their views. Stop trying to feed us your agendas and move on. If you don’t agree with a viewpoint, then move on. This is a free speech nation and as such, censorship of any kind will not be tolerated. So hit the road Jack! Plenty of people would love your jobs, uncensored.

  34. Will Squires

    They want to enforce censorship on Rogan because he had a few guests that made comments that the lgbtq-XYZ community didn’t like?
    They need to remember that just because a majority of, or at least a large number of the population are tolerant of them, it doesn’t mean they’re ready to wear a dress. In other words, don’t push your luck trying to enforce your lifestyle on anyone that finds your way of life offensive. A lot of religious folks are opposed and find it offensive. This is probably a reason so many of the intelligentsia, leftists and their cohorts are atheists and/or are intolerant of those that are religious. They should remember that tolerance goes both ways.

  35. Vince

    I don’t understand the need for such extremes. I didn’t agree with Abigail Shrier but I don’t want it censored either. You can be left leaning but still understand that there is a conversation to be had. He has guests on from both sides, if they censor out the conservative view points you would have to censor out the liberal viewpoints and then I’m not sure wtf we would listen to him talk about?

    I want him to have as many guests as possible because that keeps us from having to listen to him talk to Brandon Schaub for three hours and no one wants that, not even Joe if he was being truthful.
    I am liberal leaning and I would rather listen to him talk to a Grand Wizard of the KKK then listen to Schaub any day of the week!

  36. Midpack

    I’m in the middle when it comes to politics. But this really scares me. By doing this the left is pretty much saying “my way or the highway”. People like my family fled their homelands to avoid a government who had the same “my way or the highway” type of thinking. We came here to have a choice. Not forced into what others deem is acceptable. Its weird having to tell a group a people who claim to be so opened minded to open their minds. More than just people who think like you exist. Hopefully we can learn to work through this together. I love you all even if you hate me. Have a great day!!

  37. J.L.

    So on a music platform, the only thing they can find to object to is JRE? Have they listened to some of the artists they share? Typical leftist bullshit; free speech for me but not for thee

    If the edit Joe, the should go through and edit ever other entry in their service. Fair play and all….

  38. clauclau

    fortunately there s this phrase i just heard the president say..what is that give me your letter otherwise known as you re fired….spotify should try it some time.

  39. Deuce Train

    Who gives two $hit$ what Spotify employees think. The content is why Spotify is successful. Not a bunch of closeted SJW’s who think they run the show.

    Fire their worthless asses and find new employees who truly believe in freedom of expression. Pu$$ie$.

  40. b_razzled

    I canceled and deleted spotify. Amazon music works just as well and I watch JRE on youtube anyway.

    • Anonymous

      This is a great opportunity for a high profile stand against these cancel culture tantrum throwing delusional people. Spotify should never never cave. And if they do, Rogan should use the escape clause in his contract and cancel the deal. These vocal protesters are often a small group and people panic and cave to them. Why? We must not! End the madness!

  41. Mares Eat Oats

    Any doctor who permanently alters a CHILD’S “naughty bits” should lose their license. Anyone who wants to censor Joe Rogan’s conversations should be kicked to the curb.

  42. Cesar

    Joe Rogan is a leech that just puts out false information consistently knowing his drooling followers will defend him. He doesn’t care if his conspiracy theories get people killed or completely sway a mass of morons into voting certain ways or protesting against their better interests. He’s in it for his money.

    • Jack

      1.What false information?
      2. Who has been killed because of this information.
      3. If you can prove the first 2 points, please explain by what method you’ve concluded “he doesn’t care that people are killed”.
      4. How are peoples peoples voting decisions or how they arrive at them your business?

  43. Rooster

    Get new staffers if they strike leave joe alone or you will have people looking for another streaming service.

  44. Jack

    1.What false information?
    2. Who has been killed because of this information.
    3. If you can prove the first 2 points, please explain by what method you’ve concluded “he doesn’t care that people are killed”.
    4. How are peoples peoples voting decisions or how they arrive at them your business?

    • Dr. Faucibreath

      Do your own fact checking, but Rogan consistently pushes an agenda (or brings on guests who push their agenda) with distorted or completely incorrect information. This is the kind of thing that idiot fans take to heart without researching and that affects their decisions and actions, and sways their vote.

      Here’s one example – (Elon Musk interview had multiple untruths about COVID-19). Because of this misinformation, it can logically be estimated that listeners follow this misinformation and cause illness/death. By Rogan broadcasting this incorrect information, it shows that he doesn’t care about his listeners or America, and he cares about himself and his ratings first. It’s really common sense.

  45. Anon

    Hey Spotify, you need to move out of NY. Trust me. It’s way better over here in ‘Merica.

  46. Damon

    Whiny crybabies. Someone has an opinion to express that you don’t agree with… and you think that you have the right to stomp your bratty foot and make the mean people stop saying things you don’t like? Grow up. Why don’t we censor your whiny complaints, I don’t like those… who decides what communication needs to be censored? Super scary that these idiots feel so entitled to enforce their personal feelings and opinions on others. Freedom of speech… as long as no one is offended? Ideas and words are to be encouraged BY ANY AND EVERYONE!

  47. Greg Lomason

    Joe Rogan is known for being controversial. He’s also know for speaking his mind and correcting his mistakes if he spreads false information. He is also know for being unapologetic with his opinions. If people don’t like what he says on his podcast dont listen to his podcast, its that simple.

  48. Tazer V1

    Fuck off. Edit this you fucking pansies!

    Is Spotify trying make money or wipe the ass of some fucking air thief?!

  49. Texas Democrat

    Fire them and move on Spotify. You do not get to make decisions like that! Contracts exist for a reason


    SPOTIFY I will gladly replace your nazi style staff with people that believe in not just the first amendment but them all. This has got to stop. Why would you ever want to censor unfiltered dialogue? Everyone needs to grow a spine and realize the earth revolves around the sun not their dense sense of entitlement.

  51. Bryan

    Do not filter Joe Rogan. Dont give in to the emotional discussions and decisions of your staff. There are millions of qualified people looking for a job right now. Let them walk if they choose to and replace them.

  52. Anonymous

    These leftists are embracing fascism – killing free speech. Some of them know it. Others are just useful idiots. Soon we will not be allowed to have opinions unless the thought police approves of them. That is happening at a blinding speed unless people wake up and put these anti Americans in their place.

    • Angelito

      The leftists! Ha! Love that empty go-to. What a fucking disaster you are.

  53. Brian

    Suggestion: If they decide to censor Joe’s show, let’s cancel Spotify. Plenty of other options out there. Let’s see if the snowflake employees are more important than the paying customers.

  54. Hank Mardukas

    So if someone doesn’t like what someone else has to say they’re allowed to censor their free speech. Fucking snowflakes. Fuck censorship. I served to protect freedom of speech. Eben the speech I don’t agree with. Keep doing your thing Joe.

  55. Xiao Mao

    This is the trans cult, 100%. These people are fascists and misogynists.

    #peaktrans #transcult #transfascism

  56. Marshall

    Excellent article. No bias, no opinion, just accurate reporting. Keep up the good work, and thank you!

  57. Mortiki

    Couldn’t agree more these peons think that they’re every whim should be met I need to realize that they need to quiet down and do their job

  58. Anonymous

    I thought we were all in favor of free speech. You don’t have to like what someone says, but they have a right to say it.

  59. Anonymous

    So all the other garbage is allowed on Spotify but Joe Rogan can’t have an opinion. I love America. ?

    • Jerry

      Settle down, sparky. Joe isn’t the goat, but he is entertaining. That’s it. He’s got a long way to go for a goat status.

  60. Paul

    Joe. Just start your own streaming platform. You’re being silenced due to the simple fact that you’re reasonable and you speak your truth. So stop getting compromised. You’ve worked way too hard for them to take away your freedom.

    • Dr. Faucibreath

      Now there is an objective, intelligent opinion…coming from someone frustrated in the closet still.

  61. offworldsportsbar

    please can we have more lies and untruth because i enjoy it so much and truth is overrated.

  62. Mike

    It sounds like Spotify should have quite a few openings soon, or JR should just can them. They’re doing exactly what he’s talked about. They want to censor him, but not themselves. Freedom of speech. It’s their platform, I say move on.

  63. Whotfcares

    Oh god. Come on. ? There’s bigger things happening in the world and people wanna bitch about a podcast. Jesus fuck we’re screwed. ??‍♀️

  64. GOD

    Run Joe! Run!!! Don’t let these godless, leftwing, mutant demons control your right to express opinion! You would think with global warming these snowflakes would melt and move past their selfish, crybaby rants about being offended by someones words. And to all you treasonous assholes, stop being the wrench in the cogs of history that have allowed you to enjoy your freedom and express yourselves as individuals. You all SUCK!!!

    • Dr. Faucibreath

      Global warming? You have no idea what you’re talking about, clearly, snowflake. HA!

  65. Question

    So… if they are protesting against false information’s and harmful content… why aren’t they protesting the msm? Idk just seems like a better target for “change” than the JRE in that sense.

    • Dr. Faucibreath

      Yeah, and where are those 30,000 emails from Hilary’s hard drives? And why did Bill Gates start the virus? And what about George Soros funding the space aliens who are actually running the deep state?

  66. David

    Of course concessions will “embolden” the perpetual whiners. Fire them and move forward. Surprising how many will gladly, and uncomplainingly, fill the empty shoes.

  67. P. Nesshead

    Joe Rogan is an excellent podcaster and also seems to be a nice guy.
    Trans people who are sane should not have a problem with Joe Rogan.
    As an aside, why is the ‘T’ added to LGB? Trans is not a sexuality. Shouldn’t it just be LGBA? Covers every legitimate/legal sexuality.

  68. Sack your web developer.

    This might be the most poorly designed comment section I have ever seen.

  69. Big Dad Energy

    Meanwhile Joe has Alex Jones, Jordan Peterson, David Goggins, Dan Crenshaw, Joey Diaz and Bill Burr locked and loaded ready to harvest snowflake souls at an alarming rate with a clear and evident short supply of fucks to give. Rogan is the most liberal in his network of friends save maybe Duncan Trussell, yet these kids are triggered by the sweetest guy in the bunch. Maybe this is the wake up that progressive staffers at Spotify truly need, so they can learn that words are words and opinions exist that clash with theirs without remorse or recourse. In essence, I feel a change in the wind.

  70. Aaron M

    I can not believe the employees think they’ll be able to get this done as part of the reason Joe Rogan refused to sign with anyone is he did not want to be at the behest of someone telling him what and who he can talk about. Joe said this was strictly just a distribution deal only, so there is no way legally Spotify can force him to do what they want. If the employees do not back off a good chance they’ll get fired or Joe Rogan will go back doing what he did on Youtube and everywhere else.

  71. Cisco

    The best response would be for Joe to invite a spokesperson or two from employee pool onto the show. He has the ability to hold a conversation with anyone and make people feel listened to. This would hopefully allow the employees to feel heard so they can then just let the show be what the show is. A great discussion across multiple topics. My feelings are no one will step up.

  72. Joe America

    Let them strike. Do not give into to any of there demands. Then fire all of them and replace them. If Spottily gives into any of there demands they will just make more demands. It is a losing strategy to give in to SJW demands. Never give in and call there BS. It may be costly to not give in and go through the pain of replacing them but it will cost much more if Spottily does not.

  73. Bogdan

    The real problem spotify employes have with Rogan is that he allows people from all walks of life to speak. That is very dangerous to people like those that work for spotify

  74. Sidney Sheldon

    If the staff doesn’t like it, well they can try to strike. As noted there are at least 10 people who would take their job the day after.
    Feel free, strike. It won’t end well.. for them

  75. Ruthlily

    So many people right now looking for jobs in tech. Mr. Daniel Ek, fire them. You don’t need them. Hire new people.

  76. me

    Air traffic controllers in the 80s. Let them strike, fire anyone who does. I don’t use spotify, but JRE was actually something that would bring me in… censored at all. Nope.

  77. Dick Fitswell

    Joe Rogan is leading the way for all those normal people who simply enjoy listening to open-minded conversations.
    Anyone who believes he needs to be reigned in somehow should find better things to use their thinking time for.

  78. Roger

    Tell these emotional hemophiliacs to go work somewhere else or wrap themselfs in bubble wrap before coming to work! What a bunch of winney, stupid, pointless ignorate asshats!

  79. Not My Name Here

    Oh look, more crying babies demanding their boss do something about something they don’t agree with. Ignorant asshats. It’s a new month so it’s a new opportunity to cry about their hurt feelings. As others have said, there’s plenty of people who would like to work for Spotify.
    They may not like what Rogan or guest(s) have to say but it doesn’t mean the subject matter and how it’s explained is wrong.

  80. Mord

    If they really try to censor him, he walks away with all that money from his contract they are trying to break , to another platform.

  81. WowThatIsSmall

    I’d never heard of Joe Rogan, and now I know why. Old white guy with anger issues appealing to other old white guys with anger issues. Now I get it.

    Well, old white guys with anger issues (probably stemming from the endemic old white guy “physical inadequacy issue”) probably need a show like this.

    Leave them alone. They won’t be around much longer anyway.

    • DontLookPantsWhenIsSmall

      You obviously didn’t hear any of his podcast and probably got this opinion reading some ideological article. Anyways, don’t worry, this will not go anywhere anytime soon.

      • Angelito

        Not very quick, are you? The comment you replied to started off by saying he had “never heard of Joe Rogan” before; therefore, he “obviously didn’t hear any of his podcasts.”

        Ideological? You’re a mess.

  82. Sean

    Whatever happened to freedom of speech? Whatever happened to Voltaire’s statement “I may disagree with what you are saying, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”? Freedom and democracy die when an ideology suppress freedom of thought and expression. The normalization of censorship (thought-policing) in this country scares the crap out of me. Are we communist China or communist Russia? What is going on?

    • Burt

      Freedom of speech. That’s what everyone loves to wrap themselves in, but few get it. Understand that we aren’t Russia or China, but there are rules around our rights. If there’s a private company, let’s say, that has a platform pushing content, let’s say, and they choose to not push some content, let’s say, well…that’s their right. If employees of that company want to speak out about a company policy, they have that right. The company, in turn, has the right to ignore those concerns.

  83. Angelito

    You’re the whiny little bitch-ass snowflake with your panties in a wad.

  84. Jay Izso

    There are thousands of highly qualified replacements.
    And at 6 figures a year they are knocking on the door right now saying they are ready to go to work.



  86. Carlo

    It is very concerning that these people are trying to “fact check” Joe Rogan podcast. Coventiently they only find exception with his content when he interviews a convervative. It is dangerous this crap of having people annotating content just because they feel that is is the right thing to do when they are just writing opinions over opinions. For example, Twitter fact checking is a joke and these self entitled kids think they can own the truth and can do whatever they want just because they can write code. Spotify better fix that crap or they should say goodbye to their podcast strategy.

  87. Carlo

    It is very concerning that these people are trying to “fact check” Joe Rogan podcast. Coventiently they only find exception with his content when he interviews a convervative. It is dangerous this crap of having people annotating content just because they feel that is is the right thing to do when they are just writing opinions over opinions. For example, Twitter fact checking is a joke and these self entitled kids think they can own the truth and can do whatever they want just because they can write code. Spotify better fix that crap or they should say goodbye to their podcast strategy.