What Are the Benefits of Listening to Audiobooks?

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Almost 25% of Americans say that they have not started or read a book in the past year.

With the recent events of the pandemic, more people have been motivated to pick up hobbies and get involved in things they previously didn’t have time for. Audiobooks are a great way to add some amazing benefits to your life.

So, why should you start listing to audiobooks? Read on to find out audiobook benefits!

The Same Benefits of Reading

Stories are stimulating to our brains in the same way. It doesn’t matter if you are reading or listening. A study reported by Discover actually took brain scans into account. Each participant was scanned during reading and listening and they saw the same effects.

Teaches Helpful Listening Skills

Kids can even reap the benefits of audiobooks. One big one to note for them is enhanced listening skills. Audiobooks help children build literacy skills, vocabulary, language, pronunciation, comprehension, and fluency!

Relaxes Your Eyes

Using a computer or phone screen to read a book isn’t ideal. While this won’t harm your eyes, it can lead to eyestrain and over tired eyes. You may experience burning, itching, dryness, headaches, blurred vision, sore neck, difficulty concentration, and more.

Listening to audiobooks is a great way to give your eyes a rest. You’ll still be able to enjoy your story but you won’t stress your eyes out.

Brings You Into a New World

The best audiobooks are created with care and intention. The narrators do a wonderful job of portraying characters and speaking in a way that makes you feel like you are immersed in a whole new world.

When choosing an audiobook, you might consider how you feel about the narrator. There are often added sound effects that help get you into the setting of the book as well. There are so many different types of audiobooks, you have endless worlds to choose from with free audiobooks online.

Reduces Negative Thoughts

For those who struggle with anxiety, reading can actually induce negative thoughts. Because you are able to switch between reading and those stray thoughts whenever. When you are listening to someone else, you are less likely to let your mind wander into a negative space.

Encourages Better Sleep

If you are reading your books on a tablet, phone, or computer like many do, you may actually be making it harder to get to sleep. Blue light from screens disrupts our circadian rhythm, which makes it more difficult to fall asleep. Audiobooks can eliminate some of that exposure to blue light.

Allows You to Get Things Done

Not everyone feels like they have time to sit down with a book every day. Reading takes dedicated time. It’s not like you can read in the car on your way to work or chase your kids around all day with a book in your hand. Audiobooks offer a great way for you to reap the benefits of reading when you feel like you have no time for it.

Start Listening to Audiobooks Today

Now that you know about the benefits of listening to audiobooks, you’re surely ready to hop right into that book you’ve always wanted to read. You’ll feel better mentally and physically, sleep better, build skills, get things done, and hop into a new universe.

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