Joe Rogan Breaks His Silence on Spotify Employee Protests — ‘I Get It, You’re a 23-Year-Old Woke Kid’

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Last month, Digital Music News first reported that Spotify employees were threatening to strike in response to the guests and conversations on The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE). Now, Joe Rogan has broken his silence on the subject.

Ahead of JRE’s much-anticipated Spotify debut, Joe Rogan made clear that Spotify would have no creative control over his ultra-popular podcast, which is known for its diverse body of guests and unfiltered dialogue. However, when the program officially arrived on the music platform, fans noticed that several episodes (most but not all involving controversial individuals) were missing from the lineup.

The missing podcasts were initially attributed to a technical hang-up. However, it subsequently came to light that a number of Spotify employees had taken issue with JRE, with many pushing for the removal of additional episodes. Shortly thereafter, DMN revealed that the in-house opposition went even deeper than that, as some team members were demanding direct editorial oversight of Joe Rogan Experience episodes – and threatening to strike or stage a walkout unless they received it.

Now, Rogan has personally addressed the weeks-long controversy and pushed back against the idea of Spotify censoring his podcast. The 53-year-old Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt emphasized his stance on the matter in the 1,544th entry of JRE, when stand-up comedian and podcaster Tim Dillon asked whether the rumors of a dispute with Spotify employees were “complete fodder.”

“They have literally said nothing to me about it,” responded Joe Rogan, referring to contact from executives about employees’ reported plans to strike. “Zero. It’s never come up.”

However, Rogan also acknowledged that Spotify employees might have voiced their disapproval of JRE episode #1509, which featured Abigail Shrier, author of Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters.

“Now, is there someone at Spotify that’s complaining about the Abigail Shrier episode? I’m sure. I’m sure there’s someone who’s complaining about it. Is it a transphobic episode? It’s not. They’re wrong. It’s nothing to do with that. It has to do with the fact that human beings are actually malleable. We all know that. That’s why cults exist.

“There’s a thought process now,” Rogan continued, “that if you’re talking at all about trans people, you have to be 100 percent supportive. You can never question whether or not children should be allowed to transition, babies, hormone blockers for prepubescent children. All this is madness.”

From there, the former Fear Factor host – who retweeted a newly-uploaded YouTube video mocking Spotify employees’ demands today – emphasized his belief that some people are “horribly sad” after undergoing gender-reassignment surgery and that others are happier.

“What Abigail is talking about in her book, Irreversible Damage, is large clusters of kids who are mostly kids that are socially awkward, many of them are autistic, many of them have never had any praise at all in their life, and they transition and they get all this praise from people. Because it is, right now it’s in vogue.”

Rogan then relayed his desire to have open conversations about the topic, expressed his willingness to speak with transgender guests on the podcast, and returned to the subject of behind-the-scenes disputes at Spotify.

“I don’t know what the actual conversation has been from Spotify talking to these employees. But if these employees are listening, I would tell you, emphatically, I am not in any way anti-trans. … I am 100 percent for people being able to do whatever they want, as long as it doesn’t harm other people.”

Lastly, Rogan said: “I’m talking off the top of my head. And a lot of times I’m saying shit that I don’t even mean. Cus I’m saying it because this is a fucking podcast. And if you have a problem with people saying terrible shit and you work for Spotify, maybe you should listen to some of the lyrics. Okay, cus some of the lyrics and some of the fucking music that you guys play over and over and over again makes my shit pale in comparison.”

“But I get it, you’re a 23-year-old woke kid and you’re working for this company and you think you’re gonna put your foot down, I get it.”

It’s unclear if Rogan’s comments about Spotify’s editorial oversight demands inspired confidence in investors, but SPOT shares finished at $251.37 apiece today – a more than $11 uptick from Friday and their highest closing value since early September.


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  1. Aaron Paddock

    Do you watch these in the slightest or know that your dealing with a comedian? Every story about rogan and Spotify i see is so skewed, taken completely out of context and just plain wrong, please just do your article on something truthful and not 100% bogus every single day. Maybe not only you but there has yet to be an article with an accurate description of what rogan was actually speaking on.

    • MATT

      This is what happens when you cave in just a little bit to these disgusting people who have waged an all out war on creative and artistic freedoms. They will call you a bigot and turn around and condemn an entire group of people off the actions of one man. These are emotionally charged people who lack an ability to see 2 sides of an argument & now, they’re in positions of power which is, odd.

      • Gail Ruffu

        there is a documentary type video which was made years ago titled hermaphrodites speak. Many of the people interviewed tell of being changed gender wise when they were only babies and children and how damaging it was to them and several of them say they wish they had just been left alone to be who and what they were.

      • Soqueesh Mulhatra

        What makes these low-level, employees think they have a right to editorial control over anything an artist produces?
        It’s preposterous! Who do they think they are?

    • Timbo

      I just would point out to the author that “the conversation on this starts at 1:02” means that the second second of the second minute is when it starts. What you meant to say was 1:02:00. It’s minor, but necessary for speaking English….

          • Awkward bystander peering at you through bushes

            Your kid obviously needs you man…just be there for him……JUST BE THERE. Look at him lashing out its a cry for help man get your shit together…..get all your shit, get it all in one place, so that its together, and go be a man to that kid.

      • Unnecessary

        It would be 00:01:02 wouldn’t it? If we’re going to bother to correct the guy…

        • Actually necessary

          No. That would still be the second second of the second minute. The author is trying to convey the second minute of the second hour.
          Time elapsed: one hour and two minutes.

        • Actually necessary

          No. That would still be the second second of the second minute. The author is trying to convey the second minute of the second hour.
          Time elapsed: one hour and two minutes.

      • Thomson

        You’re a 23 yo “woke kid” he’s talking about.
        Everyone here knew what 1:02 meant, I’m glad we had you to give us English lesson.
        I’m sure people roll their eyes wherever you show up.

        • Jed

          I didn’t. When I read 1:02 I thought “Damn, he gets right into it a minute in?”

    • kevmac

      Joe should put his foot down,draw a line in the sand because he did nothing wrong.He doesn’t need to bend to the will of some ignorant woke kids throwing another tantrum.Stand up to them Joe.It’s not as if you’re hurting for cash.Be a man of principles.

      • Richmond Estes

        he had cucked out. this is the whitewash. the episodes of his podcast have been censored, and Joe is complicit he knows they’re not available and he’s just going to move on play inside the rules like a good little shill

        • Seriously Richard?

          Muh dude…it’s a hundred million dollars. So you dont get to listen to Alex Jones or Milo. So what? Go to youtube. Joe is getting a hundred million dollars. His grandkids will never want for anything ever again. If that seems like a cuck to you, where do I sign up?

      • Melvin

        Sure, right after he gives the money back. When you pocket the cash off the nightstand, you’re a whore.

        • Not budging

          I don’t see any mention of JRE conceeding. His deal includes complete control of the podcast including his guests. If these millinials want to try to whine there way into getting what they want, they are going to be disappointed. Which they will also whine about. Seems like they are going to whine no matter what. Surprised these spoiled little brats can even get a job.

          • The Wholesome Racist

            Ye he clearly cares about his podcast even after this 100 million dollar contract, he still puts in the effort to make his podcast interesting and have good diverse guest when, if he wanted to, could just stop trying or quit and be set for life.

    • kevmac

      Joe should put his foot down,draw a line in the sand because he did nothing wrong.He doesn’t need to bend to the will of some ignorant woke kids throwing another tantrum.Stand up to them Joe.It’s not as if you’re hurting for cash.Be a man of principles.

    • kevmac

      Joe should put his foot down,draw a line in the sand because he did nothing wrong.He doesn’t need to bend to the will of some ignorant woke kids throwing another tantrum.Stand up to them Joe.It’s not as if you’re hurting for cash.Be a man of principles.

    • C.

      No… You’re wrong, you obviously can’t read. Most of this article was citing the actual words from the podcast and covering on what was actually said this article is nothing but truthful. Joe has done nothing wrong lmao… People who cant handle words coming out of someones mouth that is true and honest are just sick and honestly are the people destroying our society on a daily basis.

      • C.

        No… You’re wrong, you obviously can’t read. Most of this article was citing the actual words from the podcast and covering on what was actually said this article is nothing but truthful. Joe has done nothing wrong lmao… People who cant handle words coming out of someones mouth that is true and honest are just sick and honestly are the people destroying our society on a daily basis. @aaron paddock

    • Anonymous

      “Rawr well strike!” Investors see stock rising…..(your fired)

  2. James

    How are you going to hate someone that is trying to constantly learn by being anyone and everyone on his show so he can see how people really feel, hiding the fact there are people with different opinion doesn’t make the opinion go away.

    • MATT

      Its sad man. We’re going on what, 12yrs now? After Don Imus loses his job for making a really dumb joke “nappy headed hoes” – that really turned into a pivitol point for this assault on anyone’s ability to say something stupid. We’ve gotten to point where NOBODY SHOULD EVER BE OFFENDED. Why?!? Democrats and “woke” kids have become the Republicans of the 90s. Same type of people who wanted hiphop artists thrown in jail for “lyrics that were a danger to the kids”. This country is doomed man. I’ve had it with these people who wake up & look for a reason to be offended

      • Richard

        The crap in the 80′ and 90’s was started by Tipper Gore.

        • Someguy

          Just in case this turns into a “its the fucking liberals fault” I wanted to remind those that have working brain cells at least in the part of the brain that produces reason and critical thinking…yes Tipper Gore was a PART O
          of the censorship move of the 80s which was most against bands like Twisted Sister, Quiet Riot, and Def Leopard- you know those really hardcore satanic bands- (laughing and kissing myself) but she was joined by wife of James Baker, and 2 other conservative senators so it wasn’t politics as much as religious and geographical (southern women) on its origins. And fast forward to to days times, the Trump (fake freedom lover) admin is responsible for more attempts at censorship than any of the the previous 4 admins combined. Here is just a snippet taken from wiki but if you want to get really deep into all their moves to censor just start on a Monday…..then about 6 weeks later you should have a good synopsis.
          Following the election of Donald Trump, his administration pursued means of preventing federal staff from speaking publicly, with the American Association for the Advancement of Science, “the largest scientific society in the world”, warning of possible “censorship and intimidation” of the American scientific community.[28] The Trump administration “issued de facto gag orders to government science agencies like the EPA and USDA, ordered that the EPA take down its climate webpage, and have mandated that any studies or data from EPA scientists must undergo review by political appointees before they can be released to the public”.[24] The White House had also denied access to a select group of media outlets including The New York Times, CNN, BBC and The Guardian during a press “gaggle” while allowing right-wing outlets and blogs to participate, with the National Press Club describing the move as “unconstitutional censorship”.[29]

          In 2017, Trump threatened to revoke network licenses of NBC and other TV news networks that demean him.[30] On October 11, 2017, Donald Trump posted a tweet saying, “With all of the Fake News coming out of NBC and the Networks, at what point is it appropriate to challenge their License? Bad for country!”[31]

          In December 2017, the Washington Post said that the Trump administration had potentially banned the use of certain words by the Centers for Disease Control in its written budget proposal for FY2018.[32][33] The Director of the CDC, Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald, refuted this in a statement saying, “I want to assure you there are no banned words at CDC. We will continue to talk about all our important public health programs.”[34]

          In May 2020 during the George Floyd protests, CNN reporter Omar Jimenez and camera crew were arrested by Minnesota State Patrol officers as Jimenez reported live on television.[35][36] Jimenez identified himself and the crew as journalists.[37] The police officers stated that the news crew did not follow orders and detained them.[35] CNN released a statement saying that the arrest violated the First Amendment rights of the reporters, and calling for their immediate release.[36] The crew were released later that day, after an intervention from the Governor of Minnesota, Tim Walz.[38][39]

          • MY NEW HERO

            Some guy,

            I love you man! Could not have said it better..

      • Tim

        @Matt, “We’ve gotten to point where NOBODY SHOULD EVER BE OFFENDED. Why?!?”
        Because the moment you give up the freedom of speech or compromise ANY rights… Is the moment “they” (government, Illuminati, secret government, billionaire club, Hollywood. Whatever you want to call them just don’t use the cencored 3 letter word”) will start dismantling every right… Which actually started many decades ago and continues exponentially today.

        • Censored

          Did you mean GOD? Why would GOD be censored? If you believe in GOD, GOD can never be censored; and, if you don’t believe in GOD, then GOD doesn’t exist and can never be censored. Therefore, GOD can never be censored!

      • Joe

        I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this hyper sensitivity started to show 12 years ago, and it’s also 12 years since George Carlin died. He was a master at dissecting the linguistic nonsense these busy bodies play at in order to affect culture their way.

        • KC

          Great point. George Carlin would have never stood up for any of this nonsense.

  3. Meredith

    He’s got a fucking point about music lyrics though haha

    • My 2 cents

      These SJW gotta go. They are a cancer to a corporation, and some corporations are collectively dumb to follow SJW issues.

      • Russ Whiteman

        Sure, we should all just swallow whatever crap Rogan (aka Alex Jones, Jr) puts out there. Rogan is as complicit in the degradation of society as anyone, sucking up tons of money from the least intelligent by promoting conspiracy theories while deprecating any critical thinking.

        You want to follow him, go right ahead. But don’t be surprised when you find yourself broke and alone. -He- sure isn’t going to be.

        • Mark

          Alex Jones Jr? Do you even hear yourself? More importantly, have you ever even listened to an episode of JRE? Are you just mad because he allows people from the right to have a platform to speak? He has far more left leaning guests, and would likely talk about the positive effects of pot and DMT all episode every episode if he could. Sometimes guests like Edward Snowden are just let to speak without interruption because it’s that important. Others like Alex Jones, he just gets them wound up and sits back to watch the sparks fly and it’s hysterical how unhinged the guest ends up sounding.

          TL;Dr get a grip, you sound like a fool. Maybe open yourself to hearing what the “other side” has to say every now and then.

        • Ryan

          Hey jackass, pretty much the whole show is critical thinking.

        • Matthew

          Rogan is no Alex Jones- He often admits his biases and short-sidedness owning that he’s a comedian with a podcast. On the trans issue, he’s clearly stated he’s not anti-trans he’s looking at information provided by a considerable percentage of people with direct experience that experienced negative outcomes and saying, “this is not turning out to be good in all cases, let’s think about it” which is a fairly considered approach.

          I do think his show is one of the only places such a broad range of information is allowed to be presented- he doesn’t make excuses for anything, sometimes it’s boring- but sometimes it provides context that’s valuable, especially to things in which we don’t agree. Instead contributing to the hyper polarizing tribalism dynamic of news-entertainment media Joe’s show by its nature gives listeners a chance to occupy a shared space, to disagree, and to find common ground all in the span of an episode. Very few outlets have that or want to be that- and as such we live in a society ideologically at each other’s throats.

        • Anonymous

          One day they will learn to just ignore people like you and never reply ??? till then have fun with yourself.

        • Kamala Sandwich

          You don’t sound like you’ve ever watched a single episode of him.

        • Angi

          Russ, You obviously Don’t
          Watch his show. At least watch a few shows before you leave a comment. People are so quick to judge. That’s why this started in the first place. Sad?

  4. Josh

    Joe is super open minded and it says a lot about woke people how intolerant they are of him.

    • Matthew

      And even when he’s just a bro, he’s aware enough to own it. I used to not like the show— but once I saw how he lets people of varying disciplines and philosophies come and present and then he genuinely tries to engage not just bait and play gotcha- I realized there’s a serious value.

      I’m definitely liberal and I still think woke culture needs to be analyzed, because it’s becoming a tyranny to critical thinking.

      Just being woke has become a tribal cult. Anecdotally, I think a lot of woke people don’t actually walk the walk, they just like feeling disgust and outrage.

      • Matthew

        And to be fair- I don’t like how Rogan views Trump. But I like that he provides a different view and take than what the news provides.

  5. Buster Casey

    If your witch hunt includes Rogan, you’ve overstepped common sense and are looking for problems. It’s good to talk about all of this but censorship never leads to good things.

  6. Mike

    If you need the world to be a certain way and for everyone’s ideas and beliefs to fit your own then you will never be at peace. Who cares what other people think at the time they thought it…its just thoughts…ever changing thoughts. Seems like you should learn this by 1st grade.

  7. Paola

    I like joe but he has guests on that are conspiracy theorist and totally ignorant on politics and policies of the politicians…and he does not challenge them. There’s nothing wrong with them expressing their opinion but When you have a big platform like joe and he doesn’t know the difference between a fact and an opinion that’s a problem. We have enough lies being spread in this world we don’t need more. Now maybe he’s a Trump supporter then just say it and stop acting like you’re trying to be fair and stop trying to equate Trump to anybody else Republican or Democrat. Trump is a liar and he’s done terrible things to the country and the world and pretending other people have done things that are equally horrible to Trump is ridiculous. If you’re a Trump supporter just be honest and say I don’t give a shit what he says or what he does I support him and then list the facts of why you support them don’t try to make others sound like they’re doing something as bad as Trump to make him look good because no one does. Trump always scrapes the bottom of the barrel and joe is pretending to be fair but he’s not.

    • Alex Jones

      Check yo TDS Polla..before its too late. Seems like you’re losing it and your thoughts have no natural flow… you’re all over the place hun.

      • Mark

        Right? All politicians are liars. All of them. I’m having a hard time coming up with an actual “terrible thing” Trump has done to the country.

        • BJ

          Except Trump isn’t a politician. And his biggest problem is that he tells the truth too much. And that’s exactly why he will be re elected. To all anti trumpers: If you think biden is the answer you obviously have your head so far up your ass you cuz there’s no oxygen getting to your brain. I lean left on many issues but never will I cast my vote for a Democrat ever again. Impeaching a president cuz you lost the election and knew it would do nothing because you didn’t control the Senate? Sometimes I wish trump really was fascist because all those dems would be shot for treason and thats just sad knowing it’s not gonna happen.

        • Angelito

          You’re a complete fucking idiot if you can’t think of a terrible thing Trump has done to the country. Go back under your bridge, troll.

          • Your Worst Nightmare

            Calm down angelito come at people with facts…. Do you know how many terrible things Biden has done in his 40+ years of “Super Predator” style decision making… Both may be racist but we all know we don’t want taxes raised again so avoid biden ? when a political party says it’s gonna raise taxes and not ask? They can’t win anymore it’s better to lie and raise taxes later ?

    • dbpd

      Pot meet kettle. Can you say just one thing Trump has done that you like? How about being the first president since Carter to not start any foreign conflicts? That’s a good thing. How about brokering normalized relations between Israel and two Middle East countries?
      I can name a bad thing too: he oversaw a massive increase in national debt and deficits.
      See how that works. It’s called nuance. I am not a trump supporter (or Biden backer). But the vast majority of people I know on the right do not blindly follow trump. They have nuanced reasons for giving him their support. The opposite is true on the left. Most are like you. They are just filled with hate and blind rage. Incapable of nuanced thought.

      • Jeff

        That to me is an unfair comparison. I have overheard a lot of people from both the left and right spout off about how evil the opposing parties leader is. It lacks substance a LOT of the time.

        We absorb everything we hear and it filters through our mind and we try our best to put it back together cohesively. All I have to say is be careful what you are absorbing information from. That decides what information you’re exposed to.

        • Murica

          Yea well if you made people take a test (iq) to be able to vote and require a Federal ID to vote…. Oh I just went anti democrat and anti republican in the same sentence huh….. ?

      • Dude

        I vote exclusively to the left and think the Spotify strike is ridiculous. Can’t just box people into a stereotype. If we were doing that I would tell you to strap on your MAGA hat and grab your guns, Comrade.

    • Charles Rivers

      Can you please name one thing, that Trump has done, that has negatively impacted you?

      • George

        You’re an idiot. Every hear of the coronavirus? Trump did and he didn’t tell anyone, denied it, still denies and downplays it. Due to his lack of leadership and poor judgment, people have unnecessarily died and both our economy and lifestyle are shot right now. Had he done what he should have from the start our country would be in much better shape. Instead, he needed his ego fed and allowed his blind base to ignore the virus, putting others in jeopardy still. So that’s what Trump did (didn’t do) that has negatively impacted me.

        • Anonymous

          He didn’t cause corona, and ur democrats wanted to keep travel to our country open and trump said no and shut it down. So blame dems if anyone

          • Russ Whiteman

            The democrats weren’t in charge dimwit. Trump bears full responsibility for the failures of his administration when it comes to COVID-19.

          • Just bring the next one in already

            The travel stuff is a red-herring. Trump was ahead of the Democrats on shutting down, but it’s not like they would have kept it open indefiinitely, they would have shut it down pretty quickly when it became apparent what was going on. Trump was quick to shut down travel because it fit with his rhetoric of outsiders causing problems.

            On the other hand, Trump has completely botched the actual handling of the COVID-19 problem for many months now, downplaying the threat at every opportunity. He’s doing it because he wants the economy to stay afloat, but if we had a concerted, extreme effort initially that all states were on board with, we would be in a much better place.

            He’s done the equivalent of run up a bunch of debt that he’s paying minimal amounts on, and we’re being eaten by the accrued interest and never getting ahead. We would be in a much better place if he actually focused on people and the disease above the economy originally, but instead he didn’t want people to panic. That’s another way of saying “I didn’t want the markets to drop any more”.

            Really, it epitomizes everything Trump does. If he does something well at all, it’s always paired with some colossal screw-up. If he ends well, you can be sure he started it as a disaster, and if he starts well, you can be sure a disaster is coming.

        • James

          Couldn’t reply to Russ, so I’m replying to you since you seem to be on the same page as him.

          USA is a democracy, not a communist dictatorship. The President doesn’t have absolute authority. It is irresponsible to ignore how the Dems acted at the beginning of the year and continue act during the riots. There is corruption on both sides. On the left it’s clearly Nancy Pelosi and AOC. The Dems actions and inaction are clearly destroying society. It’s not so clear how the Reb have hurt society unless you try to twist the covid blame on Reb. If you think that, then please for the love of God, get your news from more sources.

        • John

          If you were a Rogan fan you would have watched Dr Michael Osterholm (one of the worlds leading epidemiologists) on his show way back in March telling everyone what to expect. Some of what he talked about was that there was no stopping it ” you can’t stop the wind” and the relative ineffectiveness of face masks (unless they are n95) He said to expect 480,000 deaths in the year and it wouldn’t go away in the summer. It was a fantastic coincidence that he was already scheduled before covid had struck the US and one of his great lines was “I not trying to scare anyone out of their wits, I’m trying to scare you into them.” A great episode and still worth a watch

          • Debra Jenkins

            Well said. Look at all the politicians that made millions trading stock before the citizens were told of the virus. Politicians care about wealth and power. That is all.

        • Kamala Sandwich

          Like close the borders to China when it started? Oh yeah, he did that… but then got destroyed by the media for it. Your bigoted hatred clouds your ability to think clearly.

    • Anonymous

      You sound like you forgot to take your meds at the time you wrote this nonsense, if you don’t like the people he has on the show don’t watch it snowflake.

      • Henry

        Real snowflakes are the ones who follow Trump’s lack of common sense and erratic behaviors blindly. Patriots? Ha! That, and the flag, are great places to hide for cowards like him and his supporters.

        • Anonymous

          You keep saying snowflakes like ur not being racist or do u really believe you just can’t be racist, regardless it’s Racist for ur info

    • Tyrone

      You don’t know what the heck you’re talking about. Your you’re the reason I left the Democratic party! Your some left-wing hack full of lies false reality and believes everybody that doesn’t think your way is a bad person you’re a joke. In case you forgot this is United States where people of all opinions have the right to express them and feel them doesn’t matter what you think it should not affect somebody else’s belief system or opinions they have the right to free speach, it is a free country! We are not a communist country that tells people what they have to think and believe. I may not like Joe rogan’s cussing or some of his guests but everybody has the right to express themselves regardless of their belief system.

    • Pcfu

      What is wrong with you what makes your voice stronger them anyone else’s what have you done with your life to better anyone your just spreading hate and stupidity cancel culture is wrong and your making are children weak to the point that they cant stand up for them selfs or think for them selfs u should be ashamed joe has done nothing wrong

    • David

      Wow. This has nothing to with Trump yet a woke idiot had to make it about Trump. Great job Paola.

      • Dr. Faucibreath

        Your lack of understanding on how society today functions is the real problem and makes you the idiot. Great job, David.

        • Anonymous

          You keep saying snowflakes like ur not being racist or do u really believe you just can’t be racist, regardless it’s Racist for ur info

    • KEye

      Breath in. Breath out. Relax. There. Now repeat after me: It’s only free speech. It’s only free speech. It’s only free speech.

    • Jas

      You probably have never watched a full Joe Rogan podcast to completion. The ignorance of saying he never challenges or has contradicting views is crazy. In regards to his guest, he can bring who ever he chooses to being on because clearly his views are going up, hence why the guests he brings on are a good thing for the podcast. Having people with different views come on and hashing it out to see where you disagree and find common ground is how you have a proper discussion. I would hate it if I could never find someone to disagree with. Your views on Trump are equally bad because I could say the same thing for the left when it comes to Biden, “I don’t care, as long as it’s not Trump”. You look at all the bad and have not stated a single good thing that Joe or Trump have done. Just because someone holds a different opinion than does not warrant that person to be shut down. Are you a fascist or something?

    • Matty V

      This type of vitriol and blaming 1 man for the problems in your own brain is the problem. Trump isn’t the cause or origin of problems in the world, the world’s problems existed before Trump and will exist after him too. Please for your own mental health get outside get some fresh air take control of your own life and stop blaming Trump for abstract BS that you invent in your own brain. Be your own boss.

      • Yep

        The problem is they don’t invent it. That’s what they are being told by others. They blindly believe it, because they have no interest in finding out the truth for themselves. Because sometimes, the truth hurts. And their feelings cant handle it. Plus, they will be tossed out of their cult if they attempt to be an individual and think for themselves.

    • Timbo

      Yes but Paola, Joe doesn’t have guests on so that they can viciously fight out opposing viewpoints for THREE HOURS; that podcast would be awful to listen to.

      Instead, he has on anyone he finds interesting enough to ask questions of. He does this because he’s a naturally curious person (as are, I assume, most of his fans, of which I would call myself one).

      It’s not his place to have on say, Yanni Toomanylettersopolous (I truly can’t spare the mental space to learn his name, also, he’s never given me a reason to want to…) and berate him for past actions and his written positions on issues because that makes for TERRIBLE ENTERTAINMENT but more importantly: neither side learns anything about the other or their causes, both people have wasted 3 hours producing a product that is guaranteed to tank and neither is the better for it.

      Joe inviting a guest on his show says NOTHING WHATSOEVER about Joe’s opinion on either the person or their views. He may despise them. He may hang on their every thought. Either way, he’s going to give the same interview because he figured out what his (#1 by far) large audience likes to hear on his show and what they don’t; a benefit no doubt of beating everyone else to the scene by about ten years. And so this is what he reliably delivers, week after week.

      If you really think Joe promotes hate, go find a list of his interviews and find someone on there you despise. Watch or listen to that episode and tell me whether Joe ponders to them at all or simply treats them like a fountain of knowledge from which he (and by extension we) can learn.

      P.S – I just would point out to the author that “the conversation on this starts at 1:02” means that the second second of the second minute is when it starts. What you meant to say was 1:02:00. It’s minor, but necessary for speaking English….

    • Jason Lott

      You complain about people not knowing how to separate fact from opinion and then go on to state all of your OPINIONS about Pres. Trump and his supporters. Take the time to consider that you may be misinformed or incorrect and your stances will become stronger. Trump is an ass, but I have seen little evidence proving that he is as bad as the Trump-haters claim he is. I can reasonably argue that I am just as involved and aware of politics as the average Trump hater. Your hate for a person should never prevent you from honestly appraising the good work done by your political opponents. Trump has done many good things for our nation that are never talked about by leftists. If you are being honest then why is this the case?

    • Joe

      Ignorance on policy and neglecting to challenge guests WOULD be a problem if this were a news show. It’s not. It’s a podcast where a COMEDIAN hears people out and shoots the breeze. And people listening know the difference between Joe Rogan and the nightly news.

    • Richmond Estes

      tds is showing snowflake

      you notice the one thing people never do when they talk about how bad Trump is – is compare it with how good of a president the other candidate on the ticket would have been. because everyone knows we didn’t want that America that’s why we didn’t fucking vote for that bitch

    • M.Bodman

      You’re a fucking libtard parrot. Learn to think for yourself jackass!

  8. Christopher W.

    How are all “woke” people categorized as not being “tolerant”? This itself is fallible thinking. I have been a subscriber to Spotify since 2016 and have listened to the JRE for several years. I don’t agree with everything that is stated on his podcasts or made public in other areas of his life – I’m a devout Christian. But I’m not a RELIGIOUS Christian. There is a difference!

    The terms, ” woke”, “Red Pill”, and many others along the same lines, are indicative of persons who aren’t followers of any and all opinions presented; those are usually called, ” Sheep”. [Snide remark – I shoot sheep and Rams on bowhunts! Not follow them blindly as they (sheep) do one another.] As a mature adult, I present information and let them decide to either stay asleep (Blue Pill) or wake up (Red Pill). I still love and respect those whose opinions differ from my own.

    That said, JFE, presents information in a manner that allows for the listener to come to their own conclusions. For me personally, information that is presented and I am unaware, I research. In my opinion, this is my duty as a listener and that duty does NOT fall to the presenter to edit or clarifying information beyond THEIR OWN understanding, or is it the company that presents as a music streaming and media service PROVIDER. SPOTIFY IS NOT a media but a company that allows ACCESS to media. If censorship (illegal in the USA), why do they not censor ALL music and media presented on their PLATFORM equally?
    Ah, the First Amendment protects from this and can not be applied at will against those that one wishes not to encounter. Constitutional Law of the United States of America, Section 2a, Section 230(c) of the Communication Decency Act (section 230(c), 47 U.S.C. 230(a)(3). In particular, subparagraph(c)(2). There is more, but please begin there. (This has a direct policy that shields an online provider.)

    In short, I’m educated enough to know that; 1. I don’t have all the answers 2. I need to RESEARCH for MYSELF statements that are made by others – PERIOD! 3. JFE and Spotify are not designed (by right) to sensor delivery of information that should not be questioned. JRE’s podcasts are thought PROVOKING! That’s the point and the entire reason for podcasts – are to speak the truth (as they see it) in raw unfiltered data so as the listener may come to their own conclusions and understandings. Thank you!

    • Lefty With Working Brain

      There is NEVER a situation in which a child should be given hormones or get unnecessary surgery on their genitals, full stop.
      I’m a lefty social democrat, but I have sense. If you make that choice later, have at it hauss. You do it to your kids, you shouldn’t procreate.

      Some people on Rogan I really cant stand but they SHOULDT BE CENSORED! Whether its Dave Rubin or Alex Jones unhinged. Combat opinion with facts first then your opinion, amswer isnt to deplatform. Infowars lifetime ban but literal “MAP – minor attracted people” Can have little pedo forums? US sux balls societal & government. Nordic Europe or New Zealand be wonderful!

      • Driver

        I’m a hard core Constitutional Conservstive and believe 100% in what you just wrote. There is something we BOTH agree on regarding censorship and altering children. I can’t tell a difference in most of the banter on here from left or right, it just sounds like high school kids shitting on each other. I will however say that Nordic countries and New Zealand are homogeneous societies that have small populations and very little differences and common goals. Some people of color would call anyone that thought these idyllic white societies as the pinnacle of civilization a racist. Not that I believe that, but this is the way of the new cancel culture of the neo socialists that want to label differing opinions as fascist, racist, nazi, and shove anyone out of the way standing between this brave new world and their movement. The other half of this country that wants nothing to do with this will not be left alone to do as they will. I think this is the root of the entire conversation above and how each side sees a show that presents opinions of individuals and is guided by a strong male figure like Joe Rogan. For many, the very format of this show is verboten. There is a difference between loving social programs of said countries and the hard core socialist marxist banners that are being held high right now by those espousing to “tear it down” and build it back in the reflection of failed countries such as Venezuela, Cuba, or a China. I’ve been to no other country, or know of any country in this world that has the freedom we have to do and say almost absolutely anything we want. If there’a anything to fight for, it’s the freedom of speech. And that means letting the nazis and communists say whatever they want, no matter what that is, short of urging for the killing of other human beings.

  9. Is drugging/operating on kids transphobic?

    Am i a transphob because Ill say and mean it. There is NEVER a situation in which a child should be given hormones or get unnecessary on their genitals, full stop.

    Im a lefty social democrat, but I have sense. If you make that choice later, have at it hauss. You do it to your kids, you shouldn’t procreate.

    • Full Stop

      How many times are you going to post your comment under a different name?

    • Debra Jenkins

      Well said. I consider it a sin against God and child to allow and encourage “children” to change their sexuality before they are emotionally mature. There is a reason they are called children.

  10. Migel Martinez

    Once Euro scum were finally no longer self-impoverished (by the world wars they started that ruined the 20th century) and allowed onto the internet, it was only a matter of time before they started up their old anti-free-speech garbarge again. Euro culture represents the lowest of the low oppressive, imperializing, genocidal humans and they’ve seduced most unintelligent Americans to follow their dysfunctional anti-freedom ways once again. Same with the Chinese and Russian fascists. Life is for liberty, not being morally “better”. Wokies are just the new whining post-sarcastic crypto-tyrants of the information age. Rational Americans, on the other hand, love free speech and business and being mature. Reality is material and humans can dare to accept everything, build their own lives the way they choose and not be bothered by others, and finally be happy. That’s what we colonists and every individual destined to become a true American learned well after centuries, millennia!!! really, of putting up with irrational, spectacularly failed Eurasian philosophies. Be pro-liberal by actually tolerating everyone absolutely, be pro-capitalist and free trade, be pro absolute free speech with no exceptions, and move living beyond the paranoid whining of losers, and you might have a chance at being personally constructive and live free for the first time in your depressing lives. Just trying feels better; I promise. Keep trying, and over time you’ll become more and more alive.

  11. Jason

    How can you say he’s not fair when he has such a diverse and eclectic list of guests and NEVER tells them what to say or not say? He’s had MANY guests on who he disagrees with but allows them the time for civil discourse. He’s even had his mind changed on some things by a few guests. I suspect you don’t even watch or listen to the podcast. Tou appear to know nothing about how he interacts with people.

  12. Tom Paine

    Censorship of politically incorrect views is the modern equivalent of good old fashioned book burnings. The left, which used to espouse tolerance and freedom of speech and ideas, has become home for holier-than-thou evangelical suppression of thought, speech, and ideas. If you disagree with somebody, state your case. Simply demonizing and silencing your opponent is lazy, ineffective, and bad for society.

  13. george

    one of his earliest shows had a trans person on….loook it up

  14. Jon

    Sure, its lazy to point to the trans he had as a guest as proof. But in the case of JRE, he doesn’t come across as transphobic. It’s an open conversation. He gets folks representing multiple points of view. I respect the hell out of it because people should hear the voice from all sides involved. If you enjoy hearing people that say what you wanna hear, stick to your national news broadcast.

  15. Joe Biden

    Please give me young girls to sniff. Please—I promise to put on my pants.

    • Mike Penise

      Not true, but look at trump and how he refers to Ivanka if you want creepy.

  16. Vince

    I don’t listen to Joe or any other podcast on Spotify, but if they actually bow down to some too sensitive internal developers or anyone else, I’ll drop my family plan in an instant.

  17. NoOtherChoice

    I remember a looooooong time ago when democrats were the good guys but antifa and blm domestic terrorists have changed that forever. No other choice but to go conservative…even if it means voting for Trump.

    • Geronimo

      Yeah, those alt right extremist groups are now the good guys, correct? You know the ones – proud boy, prayer patriots, boogaloos – the ones that piggyback on BLM peaceful protests and cause civil unrest. Yeah, I thought not. Get your head straight

  18. Abraham cuba Alonso (Sin City LV)

    Shut your fuckin whining asses up, for the love shit!! I hate to break it to some of you , but regardless of how you think this world has been spinning so far, there WILL BE times that you are just “going to have to deal with some shit!”
    They are just. w o r d s , and if words hurt that much, there may be some other deep lying issues in your closet. I have not met a perfect person yet! Hypocritical, two faced, bitches, always looking for someone or something to blame for your shit!
    Besides Rogan podcast can not be the first one ever to “offend”,
    Hope P.I.T.A doesn’t track me down now for offending dogs everywhere because of my “bitches” remark. You can always quit spotify, ??? If it’s so bad ? Then you go. Cuz if you think you are going to control anyone like that, …you fuck with someones platform … could get physical with some of them! Creative people don’t do walls real well.

  19. Castle

    Stay Woke, Go Broke. Not that this generation of Communist scum know what the value of anything is

    • Angelito

      yeah, marxist and socialist and any other term you can remember hearing but don’t really know the meaning of…dummy

  20. Daniel

    What part about this is a “strike”? If you don’t like something about your job to the point that you don’t want to do the work, then not show up at all, causing your employer to just replace you with someone with who will do the work, that’s not a “strike”…that’s just quitting your job. Or do these whiners believe themselves to be irreplaceable?

    • Gummy McFatstacks

      I honestly didn’t even think of this logic! Disappointed in myself. Duh!

      Although…… they could be on to something here……
      I might go on strike at work over this very issue and see how it plays out. “I can’t deliver propane because Joe Rogan has guest I don’t agree with!”

  21. Captain Obvious

    If Spotify hasn’t spoken to Rogan about this by now, that means that they aren’t going to and that the brass at Spotify view this as a “Spotify problem”, not a Joe Rogan problem. These kids better wake up because they are about to lose their jobs.

  22. Anonymous

    So… After reading the comments, it’s pretty obvious it’s a political year and everyone likes to go off topic. But I guess that just increases the entertainment value.

    • Gumm

      Yeah didn’t take long for someone to mention Trump, huh? And then the discussion falls apart and the lowering of the human mind ensues. Like, what in the HELL does this have to do with Trump!??

      It’s (almost) funny browsing Reddit and seeing Trump comments in the most ridiculous subs. r/woodworking ? Really?

      • Dr. Faucibreath

        Exactly. Trump doesn’t have anything to do with anything. he doesn’t even lead this country. He’s useless and a waste of energy/time to think about.

        • Angelito

          Trump is the greatest president in the history of the US. Nobody has had to put up with the deranged leftist democrats yet still mostly accomplished his agenda.

          GOD bless Donald Trump. He is the only person standing between freedom and fascism.

          • The REAL Angelito

            I agree. Trump is the the only thing standing in the way of freedom. You called that correctly. He’s a fascist pig.

  23. Matt

    I’m anti trans and I really hope somebody is offended…true story…

    • Quantum Shart

      SJws are the new Christians. Fucking ruining everything with their “better than you” bullshit. But they really just full of hollow fear inside.

  24. Quantum Shart

    SJws are the new Christians. Fucking ruining everything with their better than your bullshit. But they really just full of hollow fear inside.

  25. Gnosis

    The fact is if you completely agree with the LGBT etc. NAZIs then YOU are the intolerant, hate filled one.

    They have no tolerance for any other opinion and will try to destroy the lives and livelihoods of ANYONE who dares challenge their worldview, especially with FACTS!

    Walt Haeir is a FORMER trans who has written many informed articles on the problems with the trans “mentality” and the damage that it does to people and society.

  26. Jack

    Neolibs and neocons, constantly looking to censor discussion, with their religious extremist/racist mob mentality on the right and ultra woke mob mentality on the left. They will be the ones to make sure that the majority of working class Americans never engage in a meaningful dialog, and discover that we actually agree on 95% of the issues affecting our lives, and that we are being screwed by the same 1% over and over.

    • Angelito

      Yeah, screw America! Yay for Russia and Communism! Sounds like you are really in favor of the alt right extremist groups who cause the chaos you listed.

      • Angelito

        BLM, Antifa, and the democrat party need to be destroyed.

        • Dr. Faucibreath

          As does the Republican joke of a party, the Trump administration and his family, the alt right extremist groups prayer patriots, proud boys, boogaloos, etc.

  27. Rick

    What is “some” Spotify employees? Is that 2, is that 5, is that 15?
    That’s a subjective statement. When are people going to stop trading subjective statements like a statement of fact.
    People don’t even know what real journalism looks like anymore.

  28. Stolen Stalin

    Yeah, Russ, you don’t have a right to speak…even if someone disagrees with you or you are misinformed. Good job, Comrade Angi

  29. The Wholesome Racist

    Ye he clearly cares about his podcast even after this 100 million dollar contract, he still puts in the effort to make his podcast interesting and have good diverse guest when, if he wanted to, could just stop trying or quit and be set for life.

    • Gerty

      With a team of people who help choose the guests and book the guests and schedule the guests and deal with tech and more, we don’t know that JR hasn’t let his foot off the gas and settled in, really.

  30. Angelito

    TRUMP 2020. Get on the train and annihilate democrat/Marxists now!

        • Geronimo

          Way to not answer the question. Maybe you don’t know what marxism is, but you like to use the word because you heard someone else use it.