German Study Finds That Indoor Music Concerts Are Safe With Proper Ventilation and Masks

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Berlin, Germany. Photo Credit: Stefan Widua

Back in July, Digital Music News was first to report that German scientists were planning a 4,200-person experimental concert to gain a better understanding of COVID-19’s transmission risk. Now, these researchers have determined that music concerts are safe with masks and proper ventilation.

University Medical Center Halle (Saale) professionals recruited “healthy volunteers” between the ages of 18 and 50 for the music concerts study – dubbed Restart-19 – and the 10-hour-long trial took place in Leipzig, Germany, on August 22nd.

In summary, organizers welcomed these volunteers (who ultimately numbered about 1,500 despite the initial attendance goal of 4,200) to the 12,200-person capacity Arena Leipzig for three distinct concert simulations, each delivered by Berlin-born singer Tim Bendzko. Subjects were also given COVID-19 tests ahead of time.

Receiving FFP2 respirator masks, contact tracers, and ample hand sanitizer from those overseeing the happening, participants first experienced Bendzko’s music without social distancing, in essentially the same manner as they would have pre-pandemic. The second phase centered on audience members’ socially distancing throughout the performance. The last component encompassed the guests’ “arriving” by tram, enjoying the concert in seats, and then “departing” via tram.

Organizers formally unveiled their findings yesterday, in an official release and at a livestreamed press conference. Having focused chiefly on ventilation (including by using a fog machine to gain a visual reference) and contact between attendees, researchers described adequate airflow as a “crucial factor” and determined that it “can reduce the risk of infection significantly.”

Similarly, Restart-19 found (with the contact-tracer information) that the majority of person-to-person interactions and potential COVID-19 transmissions occurred around the entrance and during breaks between concerts. The areas “must be the focus of planning” for promoters and venues, the experiment’s results breakdown indicates. And in conjunction with other preventative measures, precautions can contribute to safe gigs amid the pandemic, according to the medical experts.

Lastly, a post-concert survey revealed that 90 percent of participants “don’t think it’s bad to wear a mask” and are willing to do so again in order to expedite the return of large-audience performances. As a whole, Restart-19’s conclusions appear generally encouraging in the context of concerts’ and festivals’ eventual full-scale return, which most industry execs believe will arrive sometime next year.

Building upon the point, many sold-out events – including EDC Las Vegas and the Day Trip Festival, which Insomniac debuted following EDC’s strong ticket sales – are set to take place outdoors, with optimal ventilation. More immediately, however, a substantial number of grassroots music venues are struggling to stay afloat, owing to COVID-19 health concerns and associated lockdown measures.

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  1. Angelito

    CDC admits that 85% of positive CV case were people who always wore masks.

    Masks are a hoax and are nothing but Marxist forced political clothing…kinda like Nazi Germany.

    • Judas

      Masks do work and the CDC actually says they do. Your assertion doesn’t match what the CDC has reported. Why would you try to sway people into believing otherwise? You’re a sick person. This has nothing to do with Marxists or Nazi Germany, but you like to add those in to make your case look more exciting. It’s a real shame you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  2. Judas

    Actually, your comment proves the opposite. The link you have provided is not about masks and their effectiveness, but mask mandates – two very different things. Masks do work if people actually use them, and use them properly (in addition to social distancing and correct washing). Your attempts to divert people from staying healthy are curious, at best. What drives someone who continuously post misleading information that is dangerous to society? You either think this is a joke and you’re laughing about it, or you’re a very sick individual; a sociopath.

    • Judas

      Tell that to 230k dead Americans. You’re an idiot with zero facts, just an ignorant, blanket opinion…and you’re wrong.

      • Angelito

        I know I’m an idiot. I sit in my mom’s basement all day posting stupid stuff to online messageboards just to rile people up. I have no idea what I’m talking about, but it doesn’t matter so long as I cause people to react. I desperately need attention.

        • Geronimo

          Wow, that’s the first honest thing you’ve ever posted. A breakthrough?

          Tell your therapist.

          • Orange rage furby is losing

            No, but I did see a bunch of scared little boys running their toy trucks around acting tough in order to compensate for their orange cult leader going down and going to prison.

            How is the weather in St Petersberg?

      • Angelito


        They do nothing, and even the CDC acknowledges it.


        • Junebug

          Wrong again. How are you wrong so many times over and over? OH yeah, you’re stupid and have an agenda using conspiracy theories and disinformation.

  3. Dr. Faucibreath

    Isn’t it interesting that the CDC COMPLETELY changed its position on the CV threat when Trump required the data to be reported directly to the White House?

    They knew their hoax could not continue. I bet they were pissed considering the 97% of the campaign donations from CDC workers went to the DEMONCRATS.

    Liars. Biden is a corrupt liar. Shutdowns are a complete lie. Democrats are pathological liars who hate America.

    • Angelito

      Yes, yes it is. This just shows how much the WH is suppressing valuable information that could help America get back on it’s feet instead of make things look better for opening and Trump getting additional votes. You’re right, it’s political, but being used by Trump. Talk about pathological – that’s Trump.

      • Angelito

        Hyper-inflated number by criminals and psychopath “medical professionals” who hate Trump.

        No more than a flu season.

        Can you say 98% survival rate? I did not think so.


        • Dr. Faucibreath

          Not really. You try to minimize things through distortion of fact.

          Wear a mask. They work. Hopefully yours will be airtight, also.

          • Angelito

            Fuk.Yur.mask. I ain’t wearin one, you tyrant pukehole.

            I am SO PROUD to be a Trump supporter! MAGA!!!!!

  4. Dr. Faucibreath

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    • Julia Tropty

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      • Trayvon

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        • Tommy

          As we’ve recently learned, Trump owns nobody. He owes a lot of people a lot of money and he is the one compromised. Your fat orange guy is going to realize a fate worse than he could’ve imagined and you will be lost without your icon. What a joke you are.

          • Trayvon

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