How to Get Verified on TikTok — Commonly Asked Questions

how to get verified on TikTok
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how to get verified on TikTok
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Photo Credit: Josh Rose

Account verification is an important part of building your brand on social media. Here’s how to get verified on TikTok.

Verification on a social media platform means the account is an official brand channel. That’s an important distinction in today’s online world – fans want to know they’re interfacing with the real band, brand, or artist they love. It can generate more potential followers who happen to see your work. But verification isn’t for everyone, and it’s not easy to get, especially on TikTok.

Verification on social media platforms is usually reserved for public figures, celebrities, brands, and publishers. How do you know if your brand is considered public enough to be verified? There are some strict requirements established by the TikTok Creator Launch Team.

Can you request account verification on TikTok?

Other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter allow the account owner to request verification. Once requested, a dedicated moderator team takes a look at the account and the extra information provided. They decide on whether to hand out account verification based on those criteria.

The TikTok team does not allow users to request verification on the platform. Instead, they have a strict set of metrics they look at to determine whether an account meets its qualifications.

Can you buy TikTok account verification?

The short answer is no. Any service offering to get your TikTok account verified for a fee is a scam. Do not pay anyone who claims they can get your TikTok account verified in five minutes or less.

TikTok account verification is not something anyone outside of TikTok can initiate for you. Your account must meet the internal requirements established by the creator team to trigger a verification review. Only then will your account be eligible for that coveted blue checkmark.

How to Get Verified on TikTok – Requirements

TikTok expert Rachel Pederson, who works with the Creator Launch Team, has outlined some criteria the team follows. Accounts that meet these requirements are up for TikTok verification.

    • Daily Follower Growth – The TikTok account must be growing in new followers daily – anywhere between 500-2,000 followers daily.
    • Watch Time Growth – The average watch time and views for the account must be rising.
    • Media Coverage – Any accounts featured in prominent media coverage may be considered for verification.
    • Viral Content – Any account that creates content that consistently goes viral on the platform may be considered for verification.
    • Verification on Other Platforms – TikTok accounts with the same name on other social media platforms may be verified sooner. That means getting verified status on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter may help your chances of getting your TikTok account verified.

How to Increase TikTok Account Verification Chances

Great, so you can’t request verification and have to wait for TikTok to approve you. What’s the best way to bring your account to the attention of the Creator Team? Here are a few tips and tricks for how to get verified on TikTok.

Produce Consistent Content

TikTok wants to verify users that consistently use the platform to distribute their message. If you’re a guitar teacher, create engaging videos on the platform. If you’re the lead singer of your band, share a clip from your latest performance. But make sure you produce high-quality, engaging clips that are worth sharing.

Engage With Others

The TikTok Creator Team also looks at how much you use the platform yourself. If you want to use the platform to share your music, listen and like others’ music. Comment and share a link to your content online so others can find it.

Get Verified Elsewhere

If you already have an established Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter presence – great! Verification on those platforms can help get your TikTok account verified faster. Start with those platforms first since you can request verification there.