Americans Who Refuse a COVID-19 Vaccine Could Be Denied a Second Stimulus Check

No Vaccine, No Second Stimulus Check: Democratic Party leader John Delaney (photo: Gage Skidmore CC by SA 2.0)
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No Vaccine, No Second Stimulus Check: Democratic Party leader John Delaney (photo: Gage Skidmore CC by SA 2.0)
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Democratic Party leader John Delaney (photo: Gage Skidmore CC by SA 2.0)

Americans may be required to receive a COVID-19 vaccination in order to receive a second stimulus check payment of $1,500, according to a newly-revealed Democratic proposal.

The proposal to require proof of a COVID-19 vaccination was unveiled earlier today (December 3rd) by longtime House Representative and Democratic presidential candidate John Delaney. It’s unclear when a safe, tested COVID-19 vaccine will be released and widely available, though Delaney clearly expects a near-term release.

Delaney said the plan wouldn’t force anyone to take the vaccine, but it would be required to receive any federal stimulus money. “We have to create, in my judgment, an incentive for people to really accelerate [American’s] thinking about taking the vaccine,” Delaney told CNBC. “If you’re still afraid of the vaccine and don’t want to take it, that’s your right. You won’t participate in this program.”

One problem for health officials is that vaccines typically take years to be tested, released, and approved. In this scenario, however, it becomes far more difficult or even impossible to determine any longer-term side effects. A recent Gallup poll found that just 58% of Americans would voluntarily receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

Delaney noted that many Americans would refuse the vaccine. But he noted that the requirement would still benefit those people, however, even if they aren’t eligible to receive a $1,500 second stimulus check.

“But guess what?” Delaney continued. “You’re going to benefit anyhow, because we’ll get the country to herd immunity faster, which benefits you. So I think everyone wins.”

The “win-win” proposal opens a number of complications for Americans, including those grounded by continuing lockdowns and event bans. That includes vast portions of the live event industry, including both indoor and outdoor concerts. Continued clampdowns on bars and restaurants are also negatively impacting millions of service workers, musicians, and business owners, all of whom could use a second stimulus check immediately to pay some bills.

On the revenue front, companies with heavy exposure to live events are suffering dramatically. Live Nation, easily one of the largest players in the live concert space, recently posted a year-over-year revenue drop of 95%. Separately, Live Nation-owned Ticketmaster is integrating software solutions to designate vaccinated attendees.  But Ticketmaster has clarified that its ticketing platform wouldn’t make COVID-19 vaccines a requirement for event entry — even though venues could impose such a restriction.

Meanwhile, citizens and municipalities in locked-down states like New York and California are starting to push back, though shutdowns remain the norm. Just last month, we first reported that musicians had successfully invalidated a New York State law banning music performances at bars, clubs, and restaurants that weren’t separately ticketed.

“Even in a pandemic, state police powers are subject to limitations, and state action taken to protect public health cannot infringe constitutional rights,” a New York State judge declared.

It’s unclear why Delaney upped the $1,200 agreed-upon amount to $1,500.

Whether Democrats are increasing the total package issued to Americans is unclear, though Delaney might upping the ante to encourage greater vaccine compliance.

Delaney’s proposal comes after months of debate between lawmakers over the details of a second stimulus package. House Democrats, led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have favored a larger total package, while Senate Republicans and the Trump Administration favored a leaner stimulus amount. At one point, both sides were able to narrow their differences to under $1 billion in total aid, though it wasn’t enough to issue a second stimulus check before the 2020 Presidential Election.

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  1. Vail, CO

    Funny that my Ticketmaster ticket will say if I’ve been vaccinated or not. Rock & Roll! (?)

  2. Grounded Musician

    Hope they don’t do this. But yea I’m desperate and I need the money probably like many Americans right about now.

    • Lollie S Ramth

      You’re not that desperate. If you were, you’d be out touring during the pandemic, taking your chances.

  3. Lexi

    So he wants people to take a vaccine that hasn’t even been properly tested and it is not clear if it even works properly or even how about the long-term effects huh sometimes a vaccine can have longer term and worse effects than the actual virus itself I think that you sir are just wanting to try to control everything and everyone because you are a domineering chauvinistic narcissist who doesn’t really want to help people You just want to control them and their decisions because you have such low control and self-esteem over your own and I feel sorry for any person who has to put up with you

    • Lexi

      Then I also have to ask what about those who had the antibodies What do they still got to get the vaccine even though they’ve already had it and got the antibodies wow just freaking wow

      • Jaime Castroneda

        Do your research. The antibodies don’t last but only for a month or two.

    • John

      Say no the NWO. They’ve been planning this for decades. COVID-19 is fake just like every other disease!

        • Anti vax I am for freedom

          It’s so sad to see you are unaware of the truth amd your still a blind moron like your parents kiko unlike you Lexi is aware of the truth people have been speaking the truth and “disappearing” or committing “suicide” or “over dosing” on drugs prescribed or illegal

  4. Lexi

    Maybe this is the Democrats plan all along Nancy pelosi Joe Biden you yourself all of you holding out money so the American people will suffer that way they would have to vote Democrat because they think and the key word there is just think that you have their best interest in heart when really you don’t You want to keep people poor You want to keep them suffering because it makes you look better whenever you go into those poor towns and those poor cities and you say oh let me save you by keeping you poor they think you’re helping and you’re not You’re just a bunch of butchers leaving the pigs and the cattle to slaughter well unlucky for you I’m not a sheep

      • Anti vax I am for freedom

        Lexi, John, Lagertha, Pizied, Alex, you are the reason why we have our freedom I also can say you are awaken I also can say this for the rest of you idiots your body has an immune system that automatically protects you and sees everything that’s not familiar as a threat your body starts to prepare for “battle” also your body’s immune system reboots itself every 13 months or so and programs every thing you have got such as a flu or a cold or covid-19 or SARS same virus group btw your body programmed every thing it’s been in contact with to protect you for next time vaccination are by passing the immune system that’s why you get sick after you take it not only that vaccines are the reason why sickness is still around! Think I am crazy? No 1 you injected yourself with either a live or non live culture (virus) keeping the virus the sickness around your just a host and 2nd not every ones body is the same so why are vaccines made all the same when our bodies are not the same 3rd vaccines have mercury, formaldehyde, egg, aluminum, and other crap in it besides the live or non live virus 4th and not least back in history there has been tripled the amount of children born with some sort of genetic disease such as down syndrome and autism fact is people have been injured by vaccines and vaccines do more harm than good 5th and for most if you believe in God or Jehovah or any other high power of creation of the world and beings and you believe in the miracles and healings then why do you get a vaccine you are there for a doubter in creation and trust of the miracles and healings God does so there for you are a doubter and a blasphemer!!! Point blank!!

  5. Anonymous

    coerced into taking a vaccine proven and produced my methods promoted by mengele

  6. science first

    “sometimes a vaccine can have longer term and worse effects than the actual virus itself” – I have not read this.
    please give any specific example to support this and cite the
    medical journal that published this peer reviewed scientific study
    where you read this.

    • Dr. Marcus Jacobs, MD, PhD

      Haven’t you ever watched a zombie movie?

  7. Alex

    Here we, so slowly it’s beginning. First – no stimulus check, after no food, no job, nothing without a “vaccine pass”.

  8. Lagertha

    This virus was intentionally planted. So they wouldn’t have to pay all these people social security. I know this sounds like a conspiracy. But look at everything just prior to all the covid crap. Our government doesn’t care about us the just keep getting richer while 90% of us get poorer. If we all stormed the castle maybe they finally help everyone. Stay safe…..

  9. Pizied Offaubodit

    I’m not taking a vaccine filled with random DNA and aluminum just to get a second stimulus check. Notice how this is aimed only at the poor? They want to use you as guinea pigs, because in this country, if you make less than a certain income, your country doesn’t give a crap about you.

  10. Mitch

    Please, this click bait is beneath you — one congress critter made such a proposal. It’s not been discussed any further.

    Stick to your knitting. DMN has a sufficiently broad scope without straying out of bounds into DC politics.

    • Todd

      Thank You!! Whoever wrote this either made it up or did a very poor job researching. Either way it’s BS

  11. Todd

    Fake News! Delaney is no longer a congressman and has no say in the process. This was merely an idea of his not an actual bill proposal.