Lupe Fiasco Will Require Proof of a COVID-19 Vaccine to Attend His Shows

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Lupe Fiasco performing live in Colorado. Photo Credit: Julio Enriquez

Lupe Fiasco has revealed that he will require fans to show that they’ve received the COVID-19 vaccine as a condition for admittance to his concerts.

The 38-year-old rapper unveiled the vaccination requirement in an Instagram post, accompanied by an image of a recent article detailing the imminent distribution of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine in the United Kingdom. “Let’s Get Get Get It!!!!” Lupe Fiasco wrote. “You will be required to be vaccinated to come to my concerts.”

More than a few fans are responding to the concise message – many with critical opinions, though some are backing the stipulation – but the “Superstar” artist has largely abstained from replying to these individuals on social media.

“Naw big bruh @lupefiasco this ain’t it. I’m all for safety but this ain’t safe,” commented one Instagram user.

“Who tf would wanna show up to yo lame ass concert,” criticized another individual.

“Thanks for giving a f–k Lupe. I’m really over the selfishness when it comes to this pandemic. It’s especially hard when everyone around you also dgaf,” wrote a fan in agreement with the requirement.

However, the Chicago native did broach the subject in relative detail on the latest episode of his The Lupe and Royce Show podcast, which released the day following the Instagram post’s publishing. After cohost Royce da 5’9” revealed that he’d learned of his positive COVID-19 test and his “Best Rap Album” nomination for the 2021 Grammy Awards on the same day, the conversation shifted towards the vaccine itself.

“I actually gotta speak with some doctors in a few days, I think. As they’re getting revved up for the vaccine and doing more kind of public outreach and stuff like that,” said Lupe Fiasco. “I guess they’re looking at folks in the community – little do they know everybody hates me – but looking at the folks in the community that are pro-knowledge of the vaccine, you know. And pro-knowledge of just kind of public health spaces and what we kind of need to do.

“So I actually gotta put myself a little bit more out on the forefront to speak a little deeper to the issues that we’re facing,” continued the one-time Grammy winner (and 12-time Grammy nominee).

From there, Lupe Fiasco spoke of the potential COVID-19 infection rate in the coming months, his support for continued lockdown measures, and his debates with others in the music community over the vaccine. And in closing, the 12-time BET Hip-Hop Award nominee expressed the view that many artists (including himself) are “insulated” from the realities of staying financially afloat and safe amid the pandemic.

“So I think some of these people, they disconnected from actual reality – even myself. Disconnected from having to work a regular job. So I’m looking at the people that gotta work regular jobs,” said Lupe Fiasco.

“Is that your sole reasoning for advocating for the vaccine?” asked Royce da 5’9”.

“That and we losing like, man we losing some very important people, right? That would still be here,” he responded.

Last month, Ticketmaster clarified its stance on mandatory vaccines for concert and music-festival attendees. And more recently, NBA YoungBoy made headlines for playing a packed, mask-free concert in Florida.