Post Malone Crocs Are Back With a Fifth Edition

Post Malone coronavirus
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Post Malone coronavirus
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Photo Credit: Tore Sætre

Post Malone Crocs returned today with a fifth edition and, like previous PM Croc offerings, quickly sold out.

Back in November of 2018, the first edition of custom-designed Post Malone Crocs went out of stock soon after becoming available for purchase (at $60 per pair – the same as each subsequent version). The mutually beneficial partnership ramped up during the next year – by mid-December of 2019, the fourth edition of the shoes had arrived – and this fifth and latest iteration, officially dubbed the Post Malone X Crocs Duet Max Clog II, sold out in a matter of hours.

To be sure, multiple fans relayed on social media this afternoon that they were unable to purchase the newest Post Malone Crocs in their preferred size and color. Crocs, for their part, encouraged customers in a tweet to “get back in line” if they were booted from the site as a multitude of eager shoppers attempted to score a pair of the shoes, which went on sale at 9 AM PST today.

Shortly after fans took to Twitter to voice their frustration over being unable to acquire the product, the exclusive shoes were available on Crocs’ website solely in electric pink, with the black variation having sold out entirely. Moreover, the remaining stock encompassed just two women’s shoe sizes (11 and 12) and five men’s shoes sizes (9, 10, 11, 12, and 13).

Predictably, Post Malone promoted the shoes several times on social media, writing hours ago that there were “only a few left.” And just prior to publishing, Crocs indicated that its Post Malone Crocs U.S. inventory had depleted. No shortage of resellers are cashing in on the pronounced market demand, Ebay sales reveal, and certain much-sought sizes of the black Post Malone Crocs have fetched north of $130 on the day.

The partnership’s clear-cut success seems to have also impressed investors, as Crocs’ stock price grew nearly 2.5 percent today; CROX shares finished at $65.32 apiece. The figure represents a substantial boost from early November’s per-share worth of almost $54, as well as a staggering hike from the $8.40-per-share low that the stock hit in March.

And in terms of the broader significance for the music industry, the collaboration serves as yet another reminder of the growing importance – and earning potential – associated with brand representation and product lines, for artists. Post Malone enjoyed ample exposure (and an undoubtedly large paycheck) during a Super Bowl advert, thanks to his Bud Light partnership, and has even debuted his own wine.

Travis Scott recently shed light upon the massive pay he receives from brands such as Nike, PlayStation, and McDonald’s, while Halsey in October finalized a high-profile agreement with Budweiser.