Trump Demands $2,000 Second Stimulus Checks for Americans, Calls $600 ‘Ridiculously Low’

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President Trump has described the $600 second stimulus checks contained in Congress’s $2.3 trillion spending and relief package as “ridiculously low,” and called on lawmakers to increase the payments to $2,000.

Following months of fruitless negotiations in Congress, the 5,593-page spending and relief bill passed through the House (359 to 53 on the stimulus package specifically) and the Senate (92 to 6) on Monday. Given the lengthy stretch separating this package and the $2.2 trillion CARES Act, however, some on social media took issue with the fact that the new payments would be worth $600 (compared to $1,200 the first time around).

Service workers in major cities like New York and Los Angeles are in many instances without regular income, owing to COVID lockdown measures. Similarly, the widespread pause on concerts and music festivals means that musicians and behind-the-scenes professionals also stand to benefit from second stimulus checks, which could begin reaching bank accounts in just days following the legislation’s becoming law, according to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

And in addition to possible recipients’ criticism of the proposed $600 second stimulus checks, some lawmakers expressed frustration over the fact that they were unable to read the mammoth legislation in its entirety. (The full bill released just hours before Congress’s vote.)

Renewed $300 weekly federal unemployment benefits, $284 billion in new Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) capital, and $15 billion for indie venues and theaters represent some of the other provisions in the almost $900 billion stimulus package. Separately, however, the pork-laden legislation contains an abundance of provisions seemingly unrelated to pandemic relief – including a felony streaming law and the CASE Act.

In a video message, President Trump took aim at the funds that the bill earmarks for non-COVID purposes, calling on Congress to remove the elements and hike the second stimulus checks from $600 to $2,000.

“The bill they are now planning to send back to my desk is much different than anticipated. It really is a disgrace,” the president said before reciting many of the legislation’s proposed expenditures. “Despite all of this wasteful spending, and much more, the $900 billion package provides hardworking taxpayers with only $600 each in relief pay.

“I am asking Congress to amend this bill and increase the ridiculously low $600 to $2,000,” continued President Trump, “or $4,000 for a couple. I am also asking Congress to immediately get rid of the wasteful and unnecessary items from this legislation.”

At the time of this piece’s writing, Senate Leader Mitch McConnell hadn’t taken to social media to comment on the president’s call for changes – and substantially larger second stimulus checks – in the relief legislation. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi indicated in a tweet, however, that “Democrats are ready to bring this [$2,000 stimulus check legislation] to the Floor this week by unanimous consent.”

Eligibility-wise, second stimulus checks will have similar requirements as the $1,200 initial stimulus check, with most individuals who earn less than $75,000 per year (as well as most couples that earn a combined total of less than $150,000 annually) receiving the full amount.

Parents would receive additional payments for their under-18 dependents, but as with the first check, it doesn’t appear that this compensation would reach adults (including college students and seniors) who were declared as dependents in 2019 tax filings.

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  1. Abe

    Here we go again. Trump has zero clue what his words and actions do to America, and he doesn’t care. By making such a statement, he attempts to rile his base and make it look like he cares. What his idiot followers don’t realize is that this kind of 11th hour insertion could derail any plan of any stimulus getting to people in need, or the economy. If he really cared, he would have gotten involved and done his job months ago. What a completely self-absorbed asshole this sad excuse for a man is.

      • Abe

        Wrong. There could always be another stimulus. Let’s get this done and put some money in the pockets of people and the economy. It’s been too long coming together.

        Trump is using the current financial difficulties that Americans are dealing with as leverage, because he is angry with anyone (social media platforms, the media, online news outlets) for opposing him. He’s looking to hurt Americans who are struggling and make everyone pay, so he can get his way with Section 230 (which is another of his efforts to trample the Constitution). He, yet again, shows his reckless and selfish ways, putting himself above America. And you, yet again, show your worship of him, and ignorance of reality.

        • Non partisan

          No worship just trying to understand why the democrats in congress keep adding anything more to a relief bill that supposedly will help those of us facing no income. Work on getting Americans back on their feet and introduce your other agenda at a more appropriate time.

          • Abe

            For the screen name you have chosen, your words don’t seem to match it.

            Do the Dems, really add pork to a relief bill? No. If anything, both sides do. Remember, this second relief bill has been in the works for month as Americans are hurting. It was Mitch McConnell who decided to adjourn the efforts for vacation. Now it is Trump who is trying to derail the current bill with his 11th hour comments. Just this morning, Dems tried to increase the aid to the Trump-proposed $2,000 and the GOP House shot it down. Trump got his way, by playing everyone. He made his idiot followers believe he was on their side, trying to get more money for Americans. He also had Congress scrambling, last-minute to not look like the bad guys in all this.

    • Ivy

      If Joe Biden wpouldnt be giving other country our money that has nothing to do with covid . We would be getting the help we need in the United States Joe Biden is a idiot.

      • Angelito

        You’re an idiot. Exactly what country is Joe Biden giving money to (not being President yet)?

        • Non partisan

          Any country receiving foreign aide while those of us here can’t even make ends meet has been receiving that money since Mr. Biden, Ms. Pelosi and all the other permanent employees of Washington have been in office. He hasn’t necessarily done this as of his impending presidency, but get real Angelito they’ve all been there longer than any one of our Presidents and have had a very long time to act!

          • Angelito

            Your general statement, which is an assumption, still points to no specifics related to Biden.

            Trump, on the other hand, has been the President for four years, during a a time of great economic struggle for the country and the people, but has managed to not only give foreign aid away to Israel, Middle East and Eastern Europe (areas that Trump has personal relationships and business interests), but also moved to cut aid to Africa and Central America (areas where Trump has no self-serving interests). It’s all a personal, self-serving agenda at the expense of others.

            Further, as Americans defer rent and bills in order to eat, Trump has spent the most time of any president on the golf course, where he enriches himself by forcing staff and secret service to stay at his resorts, billing the country top dollar. For a guy who has so graciously decided not to take a salary, he will personally walk away from this 4-year job with over $200 million in his own pocket. That sounds reasonable, right? What a scam.

            If you want to actually contribute something of substance, rather than conjecture, to this thread, now might be the time

        • Non partisan

          Any country receiving foreign aide while those of us here can’t even make ends meet has been receiving that money since Mr. Biden, Ms. Pelosi and all the other permanent employees of Washington have been in office. He hasn’t necessarily done this as of his impending presidency, but get real Angelito they’ve all been there longer than any one of our Presidents and have had a very long time to act!

          • Jocko

            You’re a mess with this comment. Every single presidential administration has sent foreign aid to some other country, while America could use that money for something. Pull your heard out for air..

    • Pierre Zarokian

      trump is just trying to gain some extra good point from Americans before he leaves office.

      • JOhan

        It won’t work.. He sabotages himself at every turn, taking down Americans with him. Instead of getting relief passed, he taxes holiday and goes golfing. Anyone who can’t see that as a direct slap in the face to America, is a real sucker.