Steel Panther Performs Multiple Packed Shows In Florida

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Steel Panther performing live. Photo Credit: Markus Felix

Los Angeles-based rock band Steel Panther recently played a series of packed, non-socially distanced shows in Florida, and social media users are weighing in on the gigs.

While many outlets are reporting that Steel Panther held three shows last week, it appears that the 20-year-old band booked a total of four concerts. The first took place at Destin’s Club LA (on Wednesday, December 16th), followed by gigs at Orlando’s Ace Café (on Thursday the 17th, with an appearance from NSYNC’s Joey Fatone), St. Petersburg’s Jannus Live (on Friday the 18th, with an appearance from WWE star and Fozzy lead singer Chris Jericho), and Fort Myers’ Ranch Concert Hall & Saloon (on Saturday the 19th).

Florida has comparatively lax lockdown measures and social distancing requirements in place, and the four-piece group’s string of performances is just the latest in a line of recent shows from The Sunshine State.

As was also the case with most of these other concerts, attendees captured a number of photos and videos, which quickly began circulating on social media. One such clip (from the St. Petersburg gig) appears to show a mostly mask-free audience enjoying the concert while standing close together. The same seems to have been true of the latter performance – though it bears mentioning that the second happening took place outdoors, with a high in Orlando that day of nearly 70 degrees.

“I’ve gotta say, as someone who has been a fan of theirs for over a decade and often told people how they’re lovely people, Steel Panther playing 3 shows to mostly maskless crowds has made me lose respect for them,” one individual wrote on Twitter.

“I’m just disappointed that Steel Panther did that concert. I used to be a fan of them, but not anymore. The association with [Chris] Jericho is just even more reason to not be a fan of them,” tweeted another former fan.

“Steel Panther tonight in Destin!!!! Hell yeah!!!” penned a different person yet, along with an image from the December 16th event.

At the time of publishing, Steel Panther hadn’t publicly commented on the pushback from the shows. The band did however post a new “What F—king Day Is It?” installment on Twitter earlier this morning.

The Flaming Lips last month announced “the world’s first space bubble concert.” Separately, a study conducted by German medical professionals found that indoor concerts are safe, in terms of COVID-19 transmission risk, with proper ventilation and masks.

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  1. Ronnie

    These fucking has-been, never-beens doing their part to perpetuate a horrible national situation. They should be brought up on charges.

    • John

      They should be brought up on charges? Lol

      Dr. Fauci & Bill Gates are the ones that should be charged for creating this diseases to carry out their New Order Agenda.

      • Ronnie

        Don’t forget George Soros, while you’re pushing crazy talk. You’re either a sucker or an idiot, John.

        • Rick

          People like him and Steel Panther are part of the problem, not the solution. The U.S. has a high rate of infection and a high number of people who think like them. It all works together to prevent eradicating the virus.

          • John

            You dont have a clue what a virus is. You probably watch the news 24/7 and think its facts.

  2. Steve Jarvis.

    Steel Panthers performance indicates two facts – First; they are playing during a pandemic knowing it is not safe and shouldn’t have been performed – they know this and this shows and outlines their arrogance, disregard for fans and the public. It also spells out their lack of intellect and education!! Second; these disgraceful shows indicate a grab for $$. Since they are not too popular, they have no sales and we’re desperate to perform to earn cash, even during the worst and wrong time to happen. Not a class act. Well, not even an act. You don’t see those bands who are class acts performing during COVID. Steel Panter; shame on you. You’ve embarrassed yourself. You have shown your true colors of greed and hate for others.

    • John

      Damn, another stupid comment. You said they are desperate for money. Who isn’t? Maybe you and broke bums. You believe what ever the government tells you. This is the New World Order they’ve been planning for decades. Maybe you’ve been hiding under a rock or watching to much fake news.

      • Rick

        Shut up, troll. I know people who have died from covid. I hope you catch it, fool. You and your ilk are crazy, you live in a false reality.