29-Year-Old AEG Executive Connected to Nashville Bomber — Here’s What We Know

AEG executive Michelle Swing
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AEG executive Michelle Swing
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AEG Presents executive Michelle Swing

29-year-old AEG Presents executive Michelle Swing is now under federal investigation for ties to the Nashville bomber — though it’s unclear what the connection is.

Update: Since the publication of this article on December 27th, legal documents pertaining to a property transfer from the Nashville bomber containing Michelle Swing’s notarized signature have surfaced. More details here. Neither AEG nor Swing have responded to inquiries for comment. The following is our initial article on the matter.

It hasn’t been an easy Sunday morning for LA-based AEG exec Michelle Swing, thanks to a strange connection to the perpetrator of the recent bombing in downtown Nashville. A downtown Nashville block was the scene of a massive explosion on Christmas day, thanks to an RV that exploded outside an AT&T facility.

The perpetrator has now been identified as 63-year-old Anthony Quinn Warner, though the motive for the attack remains unclear. Warner’s nearby residence and former place of employment have been searched by the FBI, though the Bureau has yet to reveal if any clues were uncovered in either location. Warner is believed to have died in the explosion.

Separately, it appears that the FBI has traced a connection to Swing via two property transfers.

Warner gifted Swing two houses in Nashville via ‘quit claims,’ with both carrying effective price tags of $0. That includes a $160,000 house in January of 2019 in the Nashville neighborhood of Antioch, and a $249,999 property in the same neighborhood last month.

Those quit claims certainly sound suspicious, though Swing has deferred all inquiries to the FBI. AEG has similarly not issued any comment.

Meanwhile, the FBI seems puzzled by the act of domestic terrorism. An accidental explosion has been ruled out given that the RV was blasting a warning to nearby people while blasting the kitschy 60s classic ‘Downtown’. For those caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, the warning message blared: “If you can hear this message, evacuate now.”

One early theory is that Warner was reacting to 5G conspiracy theories, and sought to dismantle and damage AT&T’s infrastructure accordingly.

“When we assess an event for domestic terrorism, it has to be tied to an ideology,” said FBI special agent Doug Korneski. “It’s the use of force or violence in the furtherance of a political or social ideology. We haven’t tied it to that yet.”

The explosion left a Beirut-style scene of carnage in Nashville, with telecommunications and internet coverage seriously impacted. According to one report, disruptions have been felt throughout Tennessee and two neighboring states.

For Swing, the media glare is just getting started.

The Director of Artist Development and Global Touring at AEG Presents (Anschutz Entertainment Group) has now been partially doxxed as a resident of downtown Los Angeles, with multiple outlets reporting the exact street where she resides (update: Swing has now deleted her LinkedIn page). Other published details include her high school, year of birth, college, past employers, and even the names of her closest relatives.

All of which would make this an extremely unfortunate situation if Swing isn’t an accomplice.

19 Responses

    • Eilo

      Maybe Warner’s family, like a cousin, uncle or…just maybe, father. Warner 63 —— Swing 29

  1. PR Hack

    If there’s no statements from Swing or AEG it probably means there’s something fishy going on. Just PR 101.

  2. Mikey

    Evidence suggests she is Warner’s daughter. That makes sense. must be a drag to have a whacky dad. I feel bad for the children of some of these posters.

  3. KBB

    One early theory is that Warner was reacting to 5G conspiracy theories, and sought to dismantle and damage AT&T’s infrastructure accordingly.
    “When we assess an event for domestic terrorism, it has to be tied to an ideology,” said FBI special agent Doug Korneski.

    Here’s a more likely theory: AT&T is scheduled (ordered) to examine Dominion Voting machines in GA this week. The bomb decimated AT&T’s facilities, destroying much of the Dominion evidence.

    • Dre

      Conspiracy theories are for the weak minded who can’t conclude their own logical thoughts.

    • Mraco

      You’re out of your tree. More likely theory based upon what?

      “Evidence” is something that is valuable to a case and proves an allegation is true. In this case, you don’t know if voting machines are in fact evidence or will, after inspection, continue to prove that the election was legitimate and the claims otherwise by Rudy/Trump are still false.

    • Whazizname

      The Dominion thing has been debunked and was silly as heck to begin with. AT&T isn’t in that line of work. There’s no court ordered audits going on because the courts know Trump is an idiot along with all the wacky QAnon morons. Trump lost the popular vote in 2016 so it’s not a stretch to see he lost in 2020. If there’s anything suspicious it was in 2016 when blue states flipped red to give him the electoral win.

  4. Justin

    “Beiruit-style scene of carnage” is exceptionally hyperbolic and probably very offensive to Lebanese people. That explosion killed more than 200 people and was felt 240 mi away.

    Unless you’re breaking news, she is not known to be under federal investigation.

    The Jan. 2019 quit claim was for $10 not $0.

    • Brooklyn Basement

      AP reported she’s under investigation. Probably a “person of interest” needed for questioning with no charges/arrests.

  5. Vail, CO

    You’re right.

    Except for the part where she’s being investigated by the FBI.

    But keep going with that one.

    • Justin

      Evidence of this? Being questioned about her relationship with someone being investigated by the FBI is not the same as being investigated by the FBI.

  6. Rixx

    The closest scenario might be.. Mr Warmer is the unknown faher of the elligitimate daughter Ms Swing (she looks like him) Ask her mother.. the key to the puzzle.. probably – WK!?