Michelle Swing’s Signature Found on Documents Tied to the Nashville Bomber

Michelle Swing
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A pair of suspicious documents have surfaced on AEG Presents Director of Artist Development and Global Touring Michelle Swing, who currently resides in Los Angeles.

The perplexing connection between 29-year-old Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) executive Michelle Swing (pictured above) and Nashville bomber Anthony Quinn Warner has taken another twist. In the moments after the 63-year-old Quinn detonated his white RV in downtown Nashville on Christmas Day, documents revealed that Quinn had gifted two properties to Swing.

So who is Michelle Swing, and what is her connection to the Nashville bomber? In both cases, the ‘quit claims’ passed the Nashville properties entirely to Swing, strongly suggesting a relationship (familial or otherwise) between the two. Speculation naturally surrounded what that relationship was, and whether Michelle Swing had any knowledge or role in the massive Nashville bombing.

The gifted properties included a $160,000 house in the Nashville neighborhood of Antioch, bequeathed in January of 2019, and a $249,999 property in the same neighborhood, which was transferred last month.

Swing initially denied any knowledge of the deed transfers to the Daily Mail, while strangely noting that ‘quit claims’ don’t require any formal notification to the recipient under Tennessee state law. “In the state of Tennessee you can deed property to someone else without their consent or their signature or anything,” Swing apparently stated.

Now, newly-surfaced documents shared with Digital Music News directly contradict those comments.

One document shows Michelle Swing transferring one of the properties — specifically at 3724 Bakertown Road in Nashville, TN — while another shows a notarized signature by Swing herself. The documents, if verified, strongly point to Swing’s knowledge of the property transfers and a relationship with Warner. Incidentally, the documents may be part of a single, larger contract, though a few pages seem to be missing.

Another wrinkle is that the documents show Swing transferring the property to Betty Christine Lane, who has been identified as Anthony Quinn Warner’s mother. That follows information suggesting that Lane had been battling with Anthony Quinn Warner for ownership of the property following the death of Warner’s father, Charles “Popeye” Warner. Warner’s parents divorced prior Charles’ death in 2011.

One explanation is that Swing was not only connected to Anthony Quinn Warner, but also intimately involved in a family drama surrounding the property.  The property at 3724 Bakertown Road is a relatively modest single-story residence.

Meanwhile, Swing has assumed a very low profile after issuing some initial comments on the matter. The AEG exec declined to respond to any inquiries to Digital Music News. After getting partially doxxed by multiple news publications and social media users, Swing has deleted her LinkedIn profile.

Anschutz Entertainment Group has also declined to comment on the matter.

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  1. PR Hack

    What a sticky situation for AEG which has had a lot of bad press recently. If I were them I’d issue some sort of statement just to clear their name.

  2. $0.02

    Someone needs to check up on AEG’s crisis management dept

    First rule: get in front of stuff like this the minute it happens to crisis manage

    Second rule: be as truthful as humanly possible

    Third Rule: donate to something (victims of explosion, Nashville small businesses etc)

    Looks like none of this is happening. Swing needs a PR and legal team too

  3. Brian Gardner

    Sounds like a big old nothing-burger to me!

    A guy transfers property to her without her knowledge. Then she gives the property back to the mom.

    Such a shocking and clearly evil act. We should just burn the witch now!

      • Anthony

        It was almost that simple. Warner transferred the more expensive property (where his mother was living) over to Swain in 2019. At that time is when she said it was weird because she had no idea he was doing it & did not know the guy. His mother filed a lawsuit to get the property back and Swain signed it over to her. Fast forward to Nov 2020 and Warner signs over the house he was living in. It DOES NOT mean she KNEW before had he was going to do it. Does not mean she knows the guy. This story is already behind on what is known. My guess would be that she is his daughter, and she never got to meet him because her mother kept them apart. Another scenario would be she was very young when Warner & her mother had a brief relationship, she was too young to remember, and Warner had no children of his own and did not want his property going to the state to dispose of.
        Nothing sinister. It is very possible & likely she doesn’t know the guy.

        • Feudi Pandola

          I’ve thought that same thing from jump street. There was a story out when this happened that Wagner had a relationship with the mother of Michelle Swing when he was much younger. Imma take a wild guess that Ms. Swing is his daughter and did know about these properties. When it got ugly, she returned one of them to her titular grandmother who needed it more than she did. When does Hollywood make this movie?

    • Bella screwya

      Just take the Joe Biden, Hunter Biden approach, hide in the basement until the smoke clears.

    • Anonymous

      Did you read the article? She signed transfer documents.

  4. Tess Mex

    Let’s be sure and do a Richard Jewel on her and ruin her life without cause or evidence. This report is garbage.

    • JRo

      Exactly! Why is this even news…she didn’t do anything wrong….

  5. Thinker

    She says she doesn’t know anything about it then her signatures are on it and she gives the house to the mother. I think I would remember doing that?

  6. Bill P

    This has nothing to do with “streaming platforms, artist royalties, format disruption, the vinyl resurgence, copyright battles, startup struggles, and financing/m&a. ” Stop with the click-bait and mind your own business – there are enough conspiracies floating around already. “One explanation” could be that you’re just desperate for attention from a dwindling audience.

      • Alice

        Yeah it’s weird how they are trying to convince us that we don’t need to know all of the details surrounding this act of terrorism.

    • Petra

      You are the only person taking issue with this… That should tell you something.

  7. NashvilleScene

    Such a wicked conspiracy plot!! You really should read more. Apparently, the bomber and his brother inherited the 3724 property after the death of his father. Mother Betty was previously divorced from father, so the property passed only to the sons. Brother was very sick and gave bomber a Power of Attorney. Bomber quitclaims property to himself by signing brother’s name as POA. He then quitclaims the property to Swing. Brother died soon thereafter. Mother Betty, who was the sole heir of brother, filed civil action correctly stating that a POA cannot take actions to enrich himself which is a breach of fiduciary duty. The case settled after Swing quitclaimed the property to Mother Betty. It’s all in the court documents in the Davidson County Chancery Court. No conspiracy….just a bomber’s failed attempt to screw his mother out of property.

  8. David R

    Lmao dudes probably not even dead. Probably a Hollywood set type thing.

    • Truther

      So true. It was a bunker bomb missile. The contrails were seen in videos.

  9. Alice

    Funny how everyone should ‘butt out’ when it’s an act of terrorism committed by white people, but any other ethnicity is automatically guilty. Despite the obvious attempts from political groups to quiet this story; we have every right to know the details surrounding this violet act of terrorism.

    • Pavlov's Hog

      I really think all he/she meant “butt out” of reporting on sensationalist news stories and cover the entertainment industry since it is “digitalmusicnews” after all.

    • deepfreeze

      You’re entitled to that opinion, even though its wrong.

  10. Jo

    Although I believe its as simple as a previous post by NashvilleScene, I also believe that the information, documents and statements should be thoroughly investigated…just as if the people were not white per the post by Alice. why is it always a “nothing burger” when the person in the story is white? and let’s also remember, the media doesn’t know everything so they can only report what is already known and what the law enforcement are willing to tell them. Best wishes to Nashville businesses who were impacted, and Happy New Year!

  11. John W Smith

    Add this conspiracy theory with zero proof to the others of 2020.

    – voting machines have been tampered with; a totally fraudulent election
    – most of the protests were violent and caused by BLM
    – COVID-19 is just a common cold that will vanish as quickly as it came
    – humans don’t play a significant role in climate change
    – mass shootings are generally staged hoaxes
    – anything to do with George Soros being a boogeyman behind anything
    – vaccinations cause autism
    – Hilary took her hard drives to a Colorado mountain to be bleached of 30,000 incriminating emails
    – the ‘plandemic’ was orchestrated by powerful elites from the left
    wearing a mask to protect others will give you CO2 poisoning and you’ll die
    – 5G wireless technology causes COVID-19
    – Bill Gates wants to vaccinate a chip you so he can track you

    Happy New Year to everyone – even the idiots that believe anything written above.

  12. Ming on Mongo

    Like many folks, was curious who Ms Swing was when her name first popped up in the case. But even just a quick look at her Wiki indicates that she’s surprisingly well ‘connected’, judging by how a (now) 29 y.o. attractive Tennessee gal has risen so quickly following her relocation to ‘Kalifornia’.

    • Byron Lord

      Kalifornia? Since when did they allow access to the Internet in mental facilities?

  13. Anonymous

    Who cares who she is. She didn’t do this, He did. Stop trying to persecute by association. Let law enforcement do their job and figure it out. If she’s a relative, it’s not her fault that he would DC o something like this. Look at the reactions here already having her convicted of doing something wrong. No wonder she’s afraid and not being up front about things.

    • EnjoyantObserver

      We all know all cops are good. Because of the Brotherhood, they can’t report bad cops, fallout, retaliation, etc. But they should report bad cops, because they are good cops, but they cannot. ?. So only good cops report bad cops, thus there can there not be good cops!?

      No one can objectively keep their mouth shut. I agree, it’s suspicious, heck I’m curious, I want to know, but the investigators need to do their job first and foremost. Nothing wrong with discussion but objective discussion and on topic. Lol, which I strayed from myself.

      Happy New Year!

    • Logan

      That’s an assumption, not a fact.

      Your theory leads me to believe that you are very good friends with stupidity.

  14. Kris

    You Are a complete idiot.
    It Planley shows the fact this woman as an ounce of human desincy to give back the home to whom it belongs to.

  15. Anonymous

    Yes. Because I visited that area as a tourist with a workmate 10yrs ago or so and I’d surely love to go back to that time to historically traumatize myself.

  16. Executive4

    So let me get this straight. When a person is questioned, and given an opportunity to set the record straight, then upon further investigation they find out that she was with-holding (lying out her …) the truth, they shouldn’t find out why she was with-holding the truth. They should leave her alone? What world or dimension are you people from?

    • 2+2=5

      They should, but questioning is not the same as being investigated.

  17. Anonymous

    I do pity her life as it is today..im sure her entire home and office are in a shambles already..because of whatever involvement shes had with the deceased warner…which is only right to do..whatever connections warner had with anyone will be uncovered…their lives will never be the same now…happy new year 2021…

  18. Bister Mungle

    Pay attention people. These are the ugly realities of the NWO. The “Truth&Why”? Only the unknown knows, & fair had2file4 bankruptcy &comes once a year whether you choose to ‘Buy the ticket, and take the ride . (Not responsible for accidents or anything resulting from ) the truth&WHY. No refunds rain or shine.. Happy new year & fear the raging wrath of the easter bunny

  19. Connie jean

    To those who swear the voting machines are rigged.it might explain how Trump won when Hilary had the popular vote. After all he was claiming they was rigged, soon after he won the election .
    He’s a blow George who convinced people he was gonna save precious babies and build a wall. And you excused and accepted every nasty thing he did or said. He didn’t tell you how bad the virus was because he could care less if you got it. Now he wants your money and he’s hiding his face. Promising he will keep fighting for you. But trump forgot something, half the republicans who voted him in are really republicans. The rest are a group of trump , conspiracy theorists wearing a magazine hat made in China.

  20. Justin

    Your article contains multiple incorrect assertions.

    You claim the documents you share contradict Ms. Swing’s statements to the Daily Mail newspaper. In fact, your understanding of Ms. Swing’s statements to the paper is incorrect. The paper wrote, “[Swing’s] signature does not appear on the November 25th transfer and she told DailyMail.com she knew absolutely nothing about it.” You attempt to refute this by sharing a document from a previous quit claim relating to a different house which bares Ms. Swing’s signature. This is not, in fact, a contradiction because Ms. Swing was clearly speaking about the house which was deeded to her on Nov. 25th and not the house related to the document you’ve shared.

    You also suggest that she was referring to both quit claims signed to her by Warner when she made the above statement when you wrote, “[s]wing initially denied any knowledge of the deed transfers to the Daily Mail.” This is not the case as the Daily Mail article made clear that Ms. Swing was referring to the deed of Nov. 25th, 2020 when she made this statement. Further, the facts surrounding home deeded in Jan. 2019 had not been reported publically at the time of the article.

    You also seem to be suggesting that Ms. Swing spoke incorrectly when she said “[i]n the state of Tennessee you can deed property to someone else without their consent or their signature or anything,” to the Daily Mail. You point to the quit claim signed by Ms. Swing to Betty Christine Lane. The error you make here is confusing the grantor and the grantee of a quit claim. Ms. Swing stated Tennessee does not require the grantee of a quit claim to consent but she is the grantor of the quit claim to Ms. Lane which requires the signature of the grantor.

    Your article is poorly researched, misstates several key facts and fails to demonstrate dishonest on the part of Ms. Swing in spite of your suggestion otherwise.

    • Lob Befsetz

      Looks like the lawyer’s even worse than the PR person