How to Make Money on Instagram — 5 Proven Methods for Musicians

How to make money on Instagram
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How to make money on Instagram
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Photo Credit: Joshua Rondeau

Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users. Here are five proven methods for how to make money on Instagram, aimed at musicians.

Instagram is photo-focused, but it’s an amazing platform for driving e-commerce in a variety of niches. Most people make money through Instagram in three ways — as an influencer, marketer, or entrepreneur. Your path to making money on Instagram as a musician lies under those three umbrellas, too. You’ll need plenty of time and dedication before your Instagram income stream takes off, so be prepared to put in the work.

Here are five proven methods that can bring income from Instagram. They include Instagram Live Badges, teaching lessons, incorporating affiliate marketing, promoting merchandise with Instagram Shopping, and partnering with brands for sponsored posts.

For musicians, marketing yourself to your online audience has become more critical than ever.

How to Make Money on Instagram for Musicians

Instagram Live Badges

Instagram Live Badges are the newest way to for influencers to generate an income using Instagram. Badgers are like tips that users can buy while watching their favorite live streams. Having a presence on Instagram as a live streaming musician means you’re more likely to receive badge tips.

Right now, the feature is in beta for 50,000 creators, but Instagram plans to roll it out site-wide. The feature is cribbed straight from Twitch and TikTok, where users can tip their favorite live streamers. Users can buy a badge during a live stream during a broadcast and choose from three different pricing tiers. Tiers start at $0.99, $1.99, and $4.99, with creators receiving 100% of the revenue at launch. Facebook will begin taking around 30% at an unspecified time in the future.

Instagram Live Badges will quickly become one of the best ways for musicians to support themselves on Instagram. Begin building up your live stream audience in anticipation of the feature becoming available to all creators on the platform.

Sell Lessons (Music/Singing/Instruments)

how to make money on Instagram music lessons
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how to make money on Instagram music lessons
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Photo Credit: Soundtrap

Are you an avid guitar player, singer, or have a talent you want to share with the world? You can sell lessons for just about anything via Instagram. Platforms like Skillshare and OpenSesame make managing your classes easy.

But you’ll need to incorporate an Instagram marketing strategy to get people interested in your classes. You’ll also need to think about the audience you’re targeting. Do you want to teach guitar beginners about chords, or would you prefer more complex material? As a musician, you have the freedom to tailor your classes to your interests while also inspiring a new generation of musicians.

Tips for marketing these services on Instagram include giving your class a small taste (~5 mins) to your followers. You should convey an essential piece of information for beginners, like playing basic chords on a guitar. At the end of the video, a call to action that asks interested parties to seek more info will draw in your potential students.

Incorporate Affiliate Marketing

Do you have a line of products you use in your daily life that you’d love to share with others? There may be an affiliate program for that. Skimlinks is a popular affiliate marketing program that features equipment from manufacturers like Native Instruments.

Taking photos of your equipment and sharing clips of you using it with your affiliate link can earn a nice income. Building an engaged Instagram audience is crucial to making affiliate marketing on the platform work, though. Fans will need to enjoy your music and be interested in the products you’re offering.

Promote Merchandise with Instagram Shopping

Are you an established musician in a band with merch? You can promote that merchandise to your fans using Instagram Shopping. It’s quickly becoming one of the best platforms to reach fans who want to follow their interests directly.

Managing an Instagram Shopping storefront can help you move merchandise quickly. Instead of sending your fans to a decrepit website run by a shady third-party payment processor, the whole purchase is handled inside the Instagram app. It feels more trustworthy to your fans, and there are fewer headaches with website admin.

The only caveat here is that you will need to have an Instagram Business account to use the Shopping feature, rather than a personal account.

Partner with Brands for Sponsored Posts

Is the brand you want to partner with not running an affiliate program yet? Reach out to them and see if they’d be willing to start a sponsorship with you. Some brands will pay a flat fee for you to post photos and videos of you using their product.

Sponsored posts must clearly be marked as advertising, so creating an engaging photo is a must. There are hundreds of brands that are vying for attention on Instagram, and you can help them reach new audiences. Once again, an active and engaging Instagram audience is necessary for sponsor brand deals.

Instagram is an important growth strategy for musicians because of its demographic breakdown. 59% of Americans 18-29 years-old have an active Instagram account. 33% of Americans 30-49 years-old have an active account. That’s a significant portion of the audience that is most likely to want to listen to your music.