Where to Buy Beats for Your Vlogging and Marketing Ideas

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Photo: highwaystarz

Did you know that 44% of internet users watch vlogs at least once a month and the average person will spend 100 minutes a day watching online videos?

If you are a vlogger or an aspiring one, you want these internet users to be clicking on and watching your videos. To stand out from your competitors, you need catchy videos with great music.

The process of making this happen depends on where you buy your music rights from. Keep reading to learn where to buy beats for your video ideas.

Where to Buy Beats

Certain online beat platforms are better than others. When figuring out where to buy beats, Airbit Charts and YouTube are two of the top choices.

On Airbit Charts, you’ll find beats from the top producers and newcomers. You’ll be able to see who is popular and trending based on the number of downloads and plays.

YouTube is another major source of beats. You won’t be able to buy beats directly from Youtube, but the link to purchase is usually in the description.

Anyone can post on YouTube which means there is a wide range of producers on there. You can reach out to them with purchase inquiries and even start building a relationship.

Search by Mood and Genre

Starting your where to buy beats journey online is easier when you begin with a mood or genre search. You should have a mood in mind if you already have a marketing idea. Searching for a specific mood can match you to more accurate results.

Certain platforms allow artists and producers to assign their beats moods and categorize them by genre. This and other search technology options will make it easier for you to find beats for sale.

“Type Beats”

When buying beats, most people use the descriptive term “type beats”. The defining quality of these beats is that they share a sound that is similar to a certain artist or song.

If you are looking for hidden gems, this is the way to go. Using descriptive words instead of an artist or song can help you find beats with fewer views. Beats that might not have been used much are more unique for your ideas.

Word of Mouth

Buying beats online is difficult because you have to sift through hundreds and even thousands of beats. If you hear a song you like the sound of, learn the title and reach out to the production team if possible.

You can also talk to other vloggers you might know to ask where they get their beats. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find the beats that you need.

Bringing Your Vlogging and Marketing Ideas to Life

Everyone knows that a good vlog is accompanied by perfect music. When you have a great marketing idea, you need the right beat to bring it to life.

Knowing where to buy beats is easy, but sifting through hundreds of options is time-consuming. When you use the tips outlined in this guide, you’ll have an easier time buying beats that fit your video.

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