Dr. Dre Hospital Update — Still In ICU One Week After Brain Aneurysm

Dr. Dre hospital update
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Dr. Dre hospital update
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Photo Credit: Jason Persse / CC by 2.0

Dre is still in intensive care at a hospital in Los Angeles a week after suffering a brain aneurysm.

The 55-year-old rapper isn’t out of the woods yet, as he’s still in the ICU. He was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles after suffering the aneurysm on January 4th. He previously told his Instagram followers that he was doing great and receiving excellent medical care.

An anonymous source told TMZ that Dr. Dre is still in the hospital after a week.

Doctors are continuing to run tests and keeping him at the hospital in case he suffers a second aneurysm. It’s unclear whether the rapper has undergone any surgery or what caused the brain bleed in the first place. Dr. Dre’s doctors believe the rapper is likely to recover, despite the long hospital stay.

“He’s going to be totally fine. He’s expected to come out of it completely,” one source shared with the Daily News.

Dr. Dre – born Andre Young – is in the middle of a contentious divorce with his ex-wife Nicole Young. He is in the middle of legal proceedings, where Young is seeking $2 million per month. A preliminary hearing last week gave Young $2 million to cover her expenses over the next few months.

That is believed to be the beginning of a down payment on eventual spousal support. Young filed for divorce from Dr. Dre back in June, after 24 years of marriage. She cited irreconcilable differences, and the couple has two adult children together.

Dre says he’s been paying all of Young’s expenses since she announced the split, around $300,000 a month. Nicole says Dr. Dre tore up a prenuptial agreement signed by the couple after their 1996 marriage – though Dr. Dre denies that. Dre also claims that Nicole embezzled a total of $385,029 from one of his companies.

Sources connected to Dr. Dre believe Nicole will have to tighten her belt after the divorce.

The court-approved schedule establishing spousal support entitles Nicole to between $81,002 and $138,622 a month. But that’s the beginning of a messy process that will wind its way through the courts for months (or even years). Dre’s health hasn’t stopped the proceedings, either; temporary spousal support was granted while he recovers in the hospital.

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  1. Go Foreign

    ANother shining example of why no man, especially a successful one, should ever get married in the USA, particularly some states like CA.

    • Yuri

      So, his cheating on her was ok? You’re backing the wrong horse here.

  2. BUgs

    This doesn’t look good. I wonder if he got Covid while in the hospital.