Ariel Pink Says He’s ‘Destitute and On the Street’ After Label Drops Him

Ariel Pink destitute
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Ariel Pink destitute
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Photo Credit: Dustin Drew / CC by 3.0

Indie rocker Ariel Pink says he’s ‘destitute and in the street’ after his label Mexican Summer dropped him for attending the pro-Trump rally that preceded the Capitol invasion.

Ariel Pink appeared on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to complain about his woes. He says his label dropped him after he expressed support for President Trump. Pink says he’s unable to support himself due to a lack of touring because of the pandemic.

“I can’t tour either at this point,” Pink says. “So it pretty much leaves me destitute and on the street. I’m sort of overwhelmed right now, and I don’t know exactly what to do.” Carlson then tells Pink he is “taking a huge risk by coming on his show.”

“I don’t have any other recourse,” Pink tells Carlson. “What am I gonna do? Am I gonna be able to get my statement out in magazines? Right now the narrative is being pushed, and there’s not very many people that are gonna let a counter-narrative enter the fold,” Pink says, appearing to become emotional. “I had no choice. There’s nothing else for me to do. I can’t even afford my lawyer right now.”

Ariel Pink does have legal representation, according to a recent Pitchfork article. His attorney is quoted in a piece about an L.A. County Superior Court ruling against Pink over harassing his ex-girlfriend.

Pink attempted to get a restraining order against his ex, which was denied by the court. The court ruled that her claims against him were “constitutionally-protected activities” under California’s anti-SLAPP legislation. That legislation is designed to prevent intimidation through the courts. The court ordered Pink to pay Coe’s legal fees in that case.

During the interview on Carlson’s show, Pink’s legal woes were not mentioned at all. Instead, Carlson focused on Pink’s music career, which he says was destroyed by attending a Trump rally. Pink was at the January 6th rally in Washington D.C., but he did not participate in the Capitol riot that followed.

The Mexican Summer label abruptly dropped Ariel Pink on January 9th after representing him for three years.

The label was facing mounting pressure to drop Pink over his numerous controversies. Pink had earlier faced backlash for comments that were perceived as homophobic, and his pro-Trump sentiments may have agitated Mexican Summer employees. When asked when he found out his career was destroyed, Pink says he was informed two days after attending the rally.

“My label had written to inform me that they were getting a lot of heat and a lot of backlash for supporting me, and they reassured me that they were not gonna drop me,” Pink says to Carlson. “Twenty-four hours later, they wrote back; they texted me telling me that they were going to go public and drop me at that point.”

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  1. Jim Jimmy James

    That’s a pretty quick plunge into destitution . . .

  2. Aldous Furlong

    If you’re okay with this, I hope you lose your job for something you think too..

  3. Brad T

    Maybe The Donald can give you a job. After all, you supported him, it’s his turn to support you. Oh, that’s right. The bastard is now throwing everyone under the bus in order to keep himself out of prison.

    • Evon

      These comments truly show how hard hearted the evil people of the world have become. You should all be ashamed of yourselves…

      • God

        You are a pro trump loser who can dish it out but can’t take it. You deserve to suffer just like the bible says a racist should. God’s words and plan. You disobeyed.

  4. Juan Abett

    Well, I hate to say this, but I don’t know what you were thinking being an indie musician and a Trump fan. I don’t know a lot of Indie audiences that are right-wingers. Kind of like being a right-wing social worker

  5. Epstein didn't kill himself

    Don’t put all your eggs in one basket and don’t be a follower… Most of all don’t be a cry baby. No body likes a cry baby

  6. Music Hall Barkeep

    Perhaps he can compose the new OAN theme song. What a schmuck. Here’s the thing—believe in what you want. That’s fine, I guess. Although in this instance he’s just another sheep.

    But, and as a musician this is inexcusable, know your audience! Shut up and use a burner account if you must, but vocalizing support for the most unpopular prez amongst your target demo? Yikes.

  7. Dickinstock

    So he was already broke? Not even a couple days worth of savings and he’s out on the street. Must be ruff. I’ll be feeding my dog A5 Waygu tonight to celebrate you little bitch.

  8. Anonymous

    In most cases I would say it is wrong to be dropped for showing support for a president. But in this case I have no sympathy for anyone that stand by and for that POS. Trump is the worst of the worst, at this point it’s fact.

  9. Queenie

    His reputation for being, rude as fuck, to employees at venues where he’s performed is epic. He’s an egotistical, whiny, baby.
    Reality socks dude.

  10. Sheree--

    Hows that working for you?? Hope you didn’t think you were gonna be best buddies with the Donald because you supported him.

  11. Lewis

    The fact he doesn’t get that he wasn’t getting hate bc of beingviolent on the riots but because he after all the bs still supportrd Trump is apalling, farewell lol

  12. Xi

    everything is going better than i’ve ever dreamed it could and ive barely done anything yet. time to cum.

  13. Ben Bradlee

    “The court ordered Pink to pay Coe’s legal fees in that case.”

    Who is Coe? Pink’s girlfriend? You never establish that or even mention her first name.

    Once again, Ashley, your article stinks of a cheap cut ‘n paste job. Stick to your video games. And please remove “respected journalist” from your bio.

  14. Stacy Rely

    Besides being at the Trump Revolution, you go on Fox News? How low and desperate are you Mr Pink? Fox News? Really? The Cheap Fischer Price news outlet of uneducated news casters, constant dishonest and inaccurate information, you go there to cry. Not sorry for you. Please, take courses on money management. Also, take anger management. If you attended the Trump Failed Revolution, you’re deeply angry about something you’ve learned on Fox News that is incorrect and inaccurate, false and a lie. And, don’t attend Trump University. I understand why the label dropped you. Your label doesn’t want blind followers and dark depressive artists. Don’t forget, enroll in a money management course.