463 People Attended a Packed Concert as Part of a COVID-19 Study — No Infections Reported

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Barcelona, Spain, where medical professionals recently conducted a concert-focused COVID-19 study. Photo Credit: Enes

463 individuals attended a packed concert as part of a COVID-19 study, and medical professionals have revealed that zero infections resulted from the event.

The Primavera Sound music festival, the Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol, and the Fight AIDS and Infectious Diseases Foundation recently unveiled the results of their in-depth COVID-19 study, which occurred on Saturday, December 12th, at the Sala Apolo nightclub in Barcelona, Spain.

A total of 959 individuals – 463 who attended the concert and 496 who did not – participated in the entirety of the “rigorous clinical trial,” and all tested negative for COVID-19 on the day of the event. Also worth noting is that these participants were between the ages of 18 and 59, had no underlying medical conditions, didn’t live with seniors, and hadn’t been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the two weeks preceding the study.

Some 463 of the subjects were randomly selected to enjoy the concert, once again, and each was given “an N95 approved mask at the entrance.” Though the attendees had to keep these masks on for the entirety of the concert – including two DJ sets and two musician performances, for a total of five hours – they didn’t need to socially distance.

Both singing and dancing were allowed, and the concertgoers had to remove their masks when drinking beverages in the bar/lounge area, which has a capacity of 1,600. (Factoring for time spent here, a smoking space that was carefully monitored so as to avoid overcrowding, and restrooms, attendees spent an average of two hours and 40 minutes enjoying live music.)

Lastly, security personnel took “specific measures” to prevent the participants from forming large lines before the entrance, exit, restrooms, and smoking area. Another COVID-19 study, which found that concerts are safe with masks and proper ventilation, also determined that the majority of contact (and transmission risk) occurs outside of the performance room itself.

Building upon the important role that air quality plays in minimizing coronavirus infections in enclosed spaces, this latest trial’s organizers “optimized” ventilation and airflow, in addition to monitoring air quality and temperature throughout the five-hour-long happening.

Eight days after the non-socially distanced study, a second series of novel coronavirus tests showed that zero members of the 463-person experimental group had come down with COVID-19; two of the 496 individuals who participated but didn’t attend the concert tested positive, albeit while exhibiting mild or no symptoms.

In a questionnaire handed out after the second COVID-19 test, the participating music fans said that they enjoyed the gig and didn’t feel as though the implemented safety measures took away from the experience. One of the study’s researchers, Boris Revollo, MD, PhD, noted in a statement: “The list of conditions included in this study are easily reproducible and could be scaled to other events.”

Consequently, the results appear to bode very well for the timetable associated with the return of live music. And needless to say, the point is especially significant for musicians and backstage professionals, as well as the organizers behind EDC Las Vegas, Coachella, Bonnaroo, and other festivals that were canceled in 2020 and are slated to take place later this year.

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  1. Joel D

    This is encouraging, though I’m curious how having even just one covid+ person in that crowd affects the numbers.

    • Don J

      The test and this report are completely misleading. How many got tested before entering? How many tests were performed after the event (one that showed negative and that was it, or a few to validate the first)? I don’t buy it.

  2. Dr. Fauci

    Ha! I win—you idiots bit on the Coronavirus hoax hook, line, and sinker!

    Morons. Now, I have more power and can mandate you wear stupid masks that do nothing. But, it makes me feel really important.

    America, you get the government you deserve. And, you got me—a lifelong useless bureaucrat who has been 100% wrong in 90% of my health predictions.

    • Angelito

      yup, those 400k dead Americans and million + dead worldwide can now stand up and stop faking death.

      • Angelito

        NEWSFLASH: (1) 99.6% of infected people survive (2) healthy people under 50 have a zero percent chance of dying (3) masks do absolutely NOTHING to prevent the spread of any case of the sniffles.

        And, why did we shut down the world? Funny—thousands die from influenza every day, but you lemmings are not doing cheetah flips over that.

        Incredible morons, stupidest generation ever.

  3. Avi

    It is very hard to see how one can draw any meaningful conclusions from this.
    Zero infections among the concertgoers, and two infections in the control group.
    First of all, the numbers are simply too small to extrapolate from. The control group had 0.4% more people infected than the concert group. That’s certainly smaller than the margin of error for a study this size.
    Secondly, if you could draw a conclusion, what would it be? That attending a concert gives you some sort of COVID immunity?
    Unless this article is leaving out some important facts, it sounds like pseudoscience.

  4. George Jefferson

    The entire COVID scamdemic is the biggest fraud perpetrated by government and big tech billionaires. And, the world fell for it.

    Funny—I spoke with a soldier returning from Afghanistan and he said nobody believes COVID was a threat there. No mask, no panic, and no high infection rate. Deaths the same as any flu season.

    People are so damn stupid to believe what the US Government tells them.

    • Wuhan Wayne

      Tell that to 400,000 dead Americans. You’re an idiot.

      • George Jefferson

        People die every day, dingbat, from a variety of illnesses. And, the flu kills more than covid. Young children are FOUR TIMES more likely to die from influenza. Over 99% of covid infections survive.

        I repeat: people are so damn stupid to believe ANYTHING the US Government tells them. Now, go put on your stupid useless masks and get in line with the other lemmings.