Morgan Wallen Loses Everything Following Racial Slur — Removed From Spotify, Apple Music Playlists, ‘Suspended Indefinitely’ by UMG Label Big Loud/Republic, Dropped by Major Radio Stations

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Early this morning, major radio conglomerate Cumulus started removing Morgan Wallen from its playlists. But that was just the beginning of the fallout for the country superstar.

Just hours after the Cumulus Media directive, first reported by Digital Music News early this morning, Morgan Wallen is now getting removed by other major radio conglomerates, major streaming platforms, and even his label. On the radio front, DMN has learned the iHeartMedia has also taken swift action to scrub Wallen from its playlists, the first of several repercussions against the country singer.

Radio has been a powerful propellant for Wallen’s meteoric rise to fame, but a large percentage of his listening comes from streaming platforms. Neither Spotify nor Apple Music have issued statements on the matter, but Wallen’s tracks have now gone missing from several marquee country playlists. For example, Wallen’s music is no longer present on Spotify’s ‘Chillin’ on a Dirt Road’ playlist, which boasts more than 2.5 million listeners.

Elsewhere, the BBC has reported that Wallen’s tracks have been scrubbed from Spotify’s Hot Country Songs playlist and Apple Music’s Today’s Country. Both are among the most influential country playlists in the streaming world.

Then, just moments ago, Wallen’s major label deal started to fall apart. Wallen is inked to Nashville-based Big Loud Records, which has also birthed the careers of country acts like Florida Georgia Line and Chris Lane. Big Loud Records has partnered with Republic Records/Universal Music Group on Wallen’s soaring successes, but now Wallen’s deal has been ‘suspended indefinitely’.

Here’s a statement just shared by Big Loud: “In the wake of recent events, Big Loud Records has made the decision to suspend Morgan Wallen’s recording contract indefinitely.  Republic Records fully supports Big Loud’s decision and agrees such behavior will not be tolerated.”

Whether that means Wallen is getting dropped is unclear, though the Big Loud ‘suspension’ means the label can theoretically resume working with Wallen if the situation cools down. That position, which allows Big Loud to retain Wallen and his sizable revenue streams, could draw its own backlash for not being strong enough.

Update: Country Music Television (CMT) has just removed Wallen from their broadcasts, according to an announcement shared with DMN. Separately, the Academy of Country Music (ACM) has declared the singer ineligible for this year’s awards; previously, Wallen was a frontrunner to receive accolades. Any potential appearances by Wallen on the ACM Awards have also been canceled.

“The Academy does not condone or support intolerance or behavior that doesn’t align with our commitment and dedication to diversity and inclusion,” the trade group’s statement reads. “The Academy does not condone or support intolerance or behavior that doesn’t align with our commitment and dedication to diversity and inclusion. As a result of this unprecedented situation, the Academy will be reviewing our awards eligibility and submission process, ensuring our nominees consistently reflect the Academy’s integrity.”

Update 2: Both SiriusXM and its subsidiary Pandora have also removed Wallen from their playlists effective Wednesday evening (February 3rd). Radio conglomerate Entercom has also joined iHeartRadio and Cumulus Media in banning the singer.

Update 3: Talent agency William Morris Agency (WMA) has also nixed its relationship with Wallen. WME had managed the singer’s touring career. So far, it’s doesn’t look like any shows have been canceled because of the incident, however.

Over the weekend, Morgan Wallen was filmed using the n-word while getting dropped off at his house.

Wallen seemed to be inebriated and used the slur to refer to a friend. Referring to the unnamed friend, he says, “take care of this p—y ass motherf—r,” followed by “take care of this p—y ass n—.” After that remark, Wallen walks towards his front door to crash for the night.

The video, released by TMZ, was followed by another video showing Wallen exiting his residence the following morning to prove his identity.  Shortly thereafter, Wallen issued an apology.

“I’m embarrassed and sorry,” Wallen stated. “I used an unacceptable and inappropriate racial slur that I wish I could take back. There are no excuses to use this type of language, ever. I want to sincerely apologize for using the word. I promise to do better.”

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  1. Ignacio

    Interesting he didn’t get dropped by the label. But “suspended indefinitely”.

  2. KirkDR

    Answer: he’s still getting millions of streams which means revenue (lots of it)

  3. Vidal Sass-On!

    Wouldn’t it be punishment enough just to force him to lose the mullet?

  4. jbneon

    Who is Morgan Wallen ?
    Time – Have you ever meet the man personally ?
    Have you NEVER partook in revelry and spewed out a few detrimental words ?
    Have you NEVER said a detrimental word to another human being ?
    How about showing a little tolerance ?
    Stay woke !!

    • Herman

      Ahhh…taking the route of justification. Nicely played, idiot.

      • Blobbo

        yeah, use of a word is SO much more important than rampant gun crime among a particular demographic. Lame-o philosophy strikes again. BTW, let me know when your music reaches 10% of the heights it did in the past. Revolution theology would have more credibility not supported by garbage can music.

  5. Smells fishy all these allegations all of a sudden...

    If only we could apply this type of action to the monopolies that starve musicians and creators of profit

    I won’t be surprised if racism and the me too movement have been weaponized by the music monopoly and media to brake musicians financially and trash reputations to pick up their music catalog on the cheap!

    Your gonna be sorry you helped them. We will remember.

  6. Joanne

    This is dumb your acting like he’s the only white singer who’s said the n word like fuck

    • Patrick

      Nobody is acting like he’s the only anything. He’s being called for repeated actions and words that don’t fit humanity. As a public figure, he should know better.

  7. Crisis Manager

    Easy fix: get into blackface, call yourself a rapper and use the n-word as much as you like!

    • Thim

      Fail. Trying to diminish what Morgan did by comparing to others doesn’t take away what Morgan did.

      • Blobbo

        BS. Making a word acceptable by one group of people and career-ending by others it the height of hypocrisy.

        Racism should be about the money, that’s what matters. Not these pinhead language battles. BTW, work on your relentless gun crime. Why is every wealthy black man a target of other black men? Might want to work on the raising of these walking disaster areas. Also slightly more important.

  8. Time, the Avenger

    It’s much too late to give anyone a pass on this. Cancel him. Dumbass idiot (as a songwriter, too) that he is. No one needs his moronic cracker ass. CANCELED! And you are next, defenders. All y’all.

      • Idiots abound

        And you’re an idiot for thinking anything other than Morgan’s actions/words were unacceptable.

      • Franklin Johnson III

        Posting your idiocy under different names doesn’t make you look any less stupid.

    • JAS

      So YOU can call a white guy a Cracker…. a known slur….

      Oh right I forgot, no such thing as racism for us white people….

  9. BULLSHIT!!!

    They keep going after these people who harm no one!

    The real harm is the music monopoly and the lawyering ticks sucking us all dry!!!

    I want to see them drug out in the street and stripped of all there I’ll gotten gains!!

    We can’t support ourselves as can’t feed our children because of all the manipulation and gaming going on in the business!

    I don’t care about those man’s words

    we want REAL JUSTICE!!!!!


  10. Fuck em all

    Then run for prime minister of canada worked for Tredeau

  11. the other side of the coin

    by loses everything you mean people are streaming his shit more than ever right?

    i bet the left is so upset that he hasnt had his catalogue removed from everything because they’re all such saints with their bailing rioters who were also rapists out of prison 4 times etc, but who’s counting or paying attention to anything other than what enemy white man says?

    everyone else just freely goes around calling everyone karen and pretending that isnt just an inverted protected version of calling white people the big n.

    keep living in your pathetic world of critical theory, enjoy your own eventual madness and cultural suicide.

    • Pat

      People, by which you mean racist assholes who don’t care about others, are not streaming his songs more. “The left” shows you are a personal mess. Providing false examples and information proves you’re ignorant and just using this topic to rant aimlessly. Go away, troll.

    • jocko

      Most of the Karens called out have deserved it. If you’re too stupid to wear a mask to protect others, you deserve to be publicly shamed.

      THe right has turned into a group of racist maniacs who see total destruction of cities where this none. However, it is true that cities like Seattle and SF have completely abdicated their obligation to jail pyschos with 50 assaults who never get prosecuted and just keep offending.

      The left and BLM are also blowing it by not admitting the never ending gun crime among black men that even black performers like Kat Williams admit they have to deal with themselves.

      America is a sh*tstain on both sides, mostly because of guns made too easily available, and income being focussed at the top. Liberalism is blowing it by not focussing on those two issues, but of course the elite media makes sure those issues are ignored.

      America is a place to leave. It’s going to explode from the fact it won’t face any realities, on EITHER side.

  12. Bosco

    COuntry yokel America has become the center of fascist traitordom.

    That said, I think the consumer should have the control of whether someone’s career is ended.

    The horrid subtext of this story is the power that the labels and the streaming services have over the making or breaking of an artists career. Used to be anyone could put out vinyl, cassettes, or cds, and make it or not.

    These days, it’s all about whether Spotify or Apple put you on their lead playlists. It’s complete plantation status for musicians, famous or not. And it’s complete bs that a bunch of pointdexter geeks decide which musicians are allowed the venue to become famous.

    I can’t stand yokels, and I certainly can’t stand modern country, but some young man gets drunks and says sh*t, and his career is ended?

    Pure bs. This country has very little freedom left.

  13. Strapper

    Totally correct. The real issue here is the industry itself, that can shut someone down so completely so quickly.

    It was a passive use of the word. The whole thing is so fricking stupid. Anyone who makes their day all about patrolling other’s language is a complete loser themselves.

    THe music industry is a monopoly just like the media. It is corrupt. Dems can never be credible as long as they support this garbage, though Repubs can never be credible as long as they support the openly racist and ignorant.

    America is a mental wasteland. Using the N word is more worthy of punishment than gun crimes or assaulting the public 50 times and never being jailed. A singer gets his career busted but a president can’t get impeached for insurrection. Yeah, this country makes a lot of sense.