Fact: Streaming Royalties Will Never Be Fair. But There Is a Solution!

Fact: Streaming Royalties Will Never Be Fair. But There Is a Solution!
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Songwriters, artists, and most music creators agree that streaming royalties are too low.

The following article comes from Rhythmic Rebellion, a proud partner of DMN.

Most of you know that the music streamers are all losing money. Spotify was born 15 years ago, has over 345 million users, and they still can’t make a profit.  So what happens when songwriters and publishers are finally given the raise they’ve been promised?  At some point the streaming industry fails.  They can’t lose money forever.

Why do we music creators think we deserve a streaming royalty at all?  In the USA, FM radio doesn’t pay a recording royalty to artists.  Answer:  Because on-demand streaming killed our album sales.  FM radio helps increase our album sales.  Some say, “It’s fair that the most popular artists can make a living in music and the rest can’t.”  WRONG!  Back before on-demand streaming, a medium-sized artist could sell 20,000 albums at $15 each and make $300,000 a year.  That’s a good living.

Us music creators did not ask for on-demand streaming.  Our album sales were stripped from our income without our permission.  It’s not our fault that streamers can’t make a profit.  But it is their fault that we lost our album sales and somehow it has to be replaced.


The reality is that the current streaming model is broken.  It is impossible for streaming revenue to replace lost album sales. The other reality is that music streaming is great. It helped reduce piracy and gives every music creator on the planet easy access to millions of fans.

So let’s use streaming to our advantage. Pretend it is like FM radio and use it to sell albums….yes, you can sell albums and here’s how!

Fans don’t want to buy your music when they can get it for free from streaming services. But, what if you had other features or entertainment to sell along with each song?  What if you could include scrolling lyrics and access to a track with no lead vocal so your fans could sing karaoke?  What if you could include a 10 track mixer in which you upload the stems like drums, bass, guitars, and vocals, and let the fans make their own mix of the song?  What if you could include access to hidden web pages that contain never-before-seen videos of you in the studio, doing acoustic versions of songs, or just hangin with family or friends?

By including all that along with access to your album and songs, you have now created value that your fans are willing to pay for.

The Rhythmic Rebellion mission is to help music creators replace the income that has been lost due to the reduction in album sales.  By building your website on the RR platform, you get access to the Karaoke Creator, the Fan Song Mixer, hidden web pages, and a song and album selling system that is the best on the planet.  You can bundle all these features together and sell them using your merch store that is part of your website.  Your fans will happily pay you for this bundle of entertainment.  And you can release all this on your website 30 days before it’s released on streaming platforms, giving your fans early access.

How do the fans play the music that they buy?  Your website has a built-in music player and your fans can download the Apple or Android app to listen to your music and enjoy the other content you sold them.  That’s right, you now can have a mobile app to go with your website.

You can earn money signing up fans!  We are your fans’ cloud storage.  Fans create accounts with Rhythmic Rebellion and everything they buy is stored in that account.  They can access their account from a web browser or the app.  You can use social media to encourage your fans to go to your website, enjoy your content, and join Rhythmic Rebellion. If they FOLLOW you, use your Gift Code, or buy something, they are prompted to join RR and upon completion you earn $2.  We encourage the fan to share their email with you and your artist account comes with an Artist to Fan emailing system. It is free for fans to join.

Many of our artists earned over $10,000 in 2020.  One of our artists earned over $20,000 in the last 3 months of the year, much of it through her RR merch store and earning $2 for each fan she got to join the RR platform.  In 2021, many artists will earn over $100,000.

If you are an artist that’s in the early stage of your career and building a fan base is your priority, our platform was built for you.  You can use our Gift Code generator and give the code to your fans for free access to your content or hidden pages.  Fans love free stuff. Our song sharing system makes it easy for you to share songs to social media.  Fans hear you introduce your songs like a DJ and you can create commentary that plays before your song. You can create an audio bio. And there is so much more.  All of this helps turn a guest into a Super Fan. Fans easily learn about you and make a personal connection to you. You can’t do any of this on your old website.

Many successful music creators have joined our platform, including Earl Bud Lee, who wrote “Friends in Low Places” made famous by Garth Brooks; William Michael Morgan, who had the number one country radio hit, “I Met a Girl”; Jazz singer Aubrey Logan; Reggae artist Mike Love; and Karen Waldrup with her over one million social media followers.

It’s free to join. We retain a small percentage of your sales. We don’t make money unless you do. If you want to know more about how our business model and profit sharing is the future of music streaming, click here.

In summary, you can bring back album sales by bundling together your songs, karaoke, the fan song mixer, and access to exclusive content and offering it for sale to your fans.  Many of your fans spend $5 a day on a cup of coffee.  They will spend $15 on you if you will give them a good reason. Plus, our fan base building tools are the best on the planet.

Build your website on Rhythmic Rebellion and get back to making a living doing what you love: music!

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