Walmart Sells Out of Morgan Wallen ‘Dangerous’ Double Vinyl LP Albums (Price Tag: $34)

Walmart photo by JJBers Public (CC by SA 4.0)
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Walmart photo by JJBers Public (CC by SA 4.0)
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Walmart photo by JJBers Public (CC by SA 4.0)

Walmart has now exhausted its entire supply of Morgan Wallen Dangerous double-vinyl LPs — with each carrying a $34 price tag.

Morgan Wallen’s unexpected sales surge is spreading into some unexpected formats. That includes vinyl LPs, a format that typically produces the highest financial returns for artists and their labels. As of this morning, Walmart — a store known for stocking a lot of inventory — has exhausted its nationwide supply of Morgan Wallen Dangerous: The Double Album vinyl LPs. Walmart has now pulled its online page for the album, and it doesn’t appear that supplies will be replenished.

The price for the double-disc was $34, which sounds pricey but is actually moderate by vinyl aficionado standards. But for those that have extra cash to spend, we also spotted a $119 limited-edition double-disc of Dangerous, which was about sell out. Now, it’s likely that Wallen’s label, Big Loud/Republic (UMG) — which supposedly ‘suspended’ Wallen in February — will ramp up production on another high-priced batch.

If that doesn’t happen, however, the double-discs could easily become collector’s items, with skyrocketing prices on platforms like eBay and Discogs.

The Walmart news comes as Dangerous enters its seventh-straight week atop numerous album sales charts in the U.S., including the Billboard 200. That streak looks likely to keep going, with Wallen easily outpacing sales by pop superstars like Ariana Grande. According to MRC Data, Morgan Wallen is now the best-selling artist of 2021.

A major part of that success is actually coming from streaming platforms like Spotify. As of this week, Wallen has been banned from virtually every radio station in America, though his music remains readily available online. Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming platforms stopped short of removing the country star’s music, instead choosing to remove him from their marquee playlists. That is undoubtedly lowering listens by country fans who aren’t dedicated Wallen fans, but it’s doing little to dampen listening by those that are.

In response, Spotify is now relaxing its playlist ban in a potential bid to keep subscribers and steal customers from rivals like Apple Music. Last week, the platform reinstated Wallen into its Country Coffeehouse playlist, which draws nearly 600,000 followers. They’ve also slotted a Wallen track into their Country Favourites curated playlist, which has nearly 200,000 followers. Now, the big question is whether Spotify will reintegrate Wallen into its marquee country playlist, Hot Country, which boasts more than 6 million followers.

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    • Shane

      So sick of hearing the word “racist” these days.
      Everyone is throwing it around so much that it’s become the new hello or goodbye.
      I wish everyone saying it would just shut the hell up already!

  2. BAC

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    I guess you woke fascists don’t want assimilation. You want to divide people by traits. White People can say this, but they can’t say that. Black People can say this, but they can’t say that. That’s so insane and Anti-American.

    In the words of Rodney King, can’t we all just get along?

    • J. Sumervon

      You missed the mark. Nobody is upset that white people didn’t embrace black culture. That’s completely out of left field. It’s that black people have never, and still doin’t, get treated anywhere near equally. It’s called white privilege – a term you have no doubt heard before – but you fail to understand it, because you are it.

      As for your statements about what is or isn’t American, you’ve got a lot to learn.

  3. Southern Hip Hop

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  4. Jack Reacher

    Try getting a job, and not attacking people due to your own failings.


    Morgan used the term in reference to his friend, which he clearly loves. There was no ill intent used. Morgan has apologized and met with black people to educate himself on the reason they find this offensive and has done and is doing everything he can to be a better man. How many rap artists insult women, whites, blacks and religion on a regular basis? Radio stations, streaming services and award shows are finding out that people do not need them to listen to the music they want to hear. I will not be dictated to about what I listen to, look at or read.