Morgan Wallen’s “Whiskey Glasses” Crosses 300 Million Streams on Spotify — “7 Summers” Crosses 100 Million

Morgan Wallen singing in the official video for "Whiskey Glasses," released in July, 2018.
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Morgan Wallen singing in the official video for "Whiskey Glasses," released in July, 2018.
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Morgan Wallen singing in the official music video for “Whiskey Glasses,” released in July, 2018.

Despite being partially banned by Spotify, Morgan Wallen is racking up some serious streaming numbers on the platform.

Morgan Wallen has been missing from nearly every radio station in America for more than a month. But it now looks like Wallen fans are merely shifting to platforms like Spotify and putting the artist on repeat. According to details shared with Digital Music News this evening, Wallen’s “Whiskey Glasses” — released in July of 2018 — has just crossed 300 million total streams on Spotify, a massive number propelled by a February surge.

That’s easily Wallen’s most-streamed track, though multiple hits from his recently-released Dangerous: The Double Album are also rising. That includes “7 Summers,” which crossed the 100 million-mark this week (at the time of this article’s publication, the song has more than 105 million total streams). “7 Summers” has also spent more than 200 days on Spotify’s US singles chart (the song was released in August of last year ahead of the full album release).

Also exploding is Wallen’s collaboration with Diplo, “Heartless.” That track now boasts nearly 215 million streams, thanks partly to expanded EDM and pop audience roped in by Diplo. In total, Wallen has easily crossed more than 1 billion total streams on Spotify, a threshold rarely achieved on the platform.

Other songs are also performing solidly, with fans putting Dangerous in heavy rotation. In total, Wallen currently has ten separate tracks charting in Spotify’s US top 200, led by “Wasted on You,” “Sand In My Boots,” and Somebody’s Problem,” each of which is grabbing more than 300,000 plays a day on the platform.

Those numbers appear to be forcing Spotify’s hand.

In early February, Spotify removed Wallen from its curated playlists after the singer was filmed uttering the n-word after a night of partying. But the streaming giant is slowly letting Wallen back in, potentially in a bid to keep Wallen fans on its platform. Late last month, Wallen suddenly reappeared on Spotify’s Country Coffeehouse, which draws more than 600,000 followers. Soon thereafter, Diplo’s trap-infused “Heartless” appeared on Country Favourites, which counts nearly 200,000 followers.

Now, the question is whether Spotify reinstates Wallen to its marquee country playlist, Hot Country, which has more than 6.2 million followers.

Elsewhere, fans are also snapping up physical copies of Dangerous, including vinyl LPs. Last week, Walmart completely sold out of the double-vinyl LPs, with each retailing for $34. Separately, an ultra-deluxe version of the album priced at $119 also quickly sold out.

None of that is welcomed news for major radio conglomerates like iHeartRadio, Entercom Media, and Cumulus Radio, a group that collectively banned Wallen on its stations in early February. Since that happened, just one station — the relatively independent 96.7 Merle FM in Knoxville — has reinstated the country singer. The reinstatement happened after Merle polled its listeners and found that 92% wanted Wallen placed back into rotation.

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  1. Debra mcdaniel

    Pls keep up the stories on MORGAN WALLEN!!!

    • Heather

      I agree. We must support and help him in getting educated on these issues but banning him was not the way to go…you just pissed off fans.

      • Walter Morgan III

        It’s the fans who really matter – not those who he disparaged or are marginalized. Jeez.

    • Ugly America

      Yeah, we need to track this racist asshole, and all the idiots who post positive comments about him. Whatever.

      He’s a joke and this is the pinnacle of his career – based upon a controversy, and not his music.

      • Mike D.

        Not a fan of his, but dude was a superstar before the doorbell video came out. But yeah, you better keep tracking him!?!


          STOP JUDGING ITS NOT GODLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Idiot Detector

            You’re an idiot, self-admitted by your screen name.

      • Susan

        I like his music! I guess you have never made a mistake. As a white person, I have gone places where I was not waited on because I was WHITE. Isn’t that racist?

        • Freddie S.

          Nope, I’ve never made this kind of mistake, and not multiple times. You weren’t waited on because you’re an idiot…and a liar.

      • Alex Parker

        You’re an idiot. He was already #1 on the billboard 200 before that video was even released.

  2. Valerie Diamond

    Thanks for reporting on morgan wallen, makes ya wonder don’t it? I think,George Jones would be laughing his ASS off

    • Maggard

      George Jones is rolling in his grave over the sad state of country music. Long gone are the days when the music mattered more than the artist or their stupidity.

  3. Jennifer Davis

    I listen to all types of music. I enjoy Morgan’s music therefore I listen to him. Don’t care about what he says, thinks, or his political views. He was recorded & deserves privacy. I bet everyone can agree they are Thankful they are not recorded 24/7.
    Hey Social justice warriors mind your own business!

    • Denny

      He’s also a role model and needs to live up to certain standards. He screwed up and revealed he’s a racist jerk. Keep enjoying that white power music, idiot.

      • Alk33

        For those of you who do not associate with a younger/middle age black people. The word n*g*@ is literally spoken 3 times in a sentence. Don’t believe me? Watch random videos of younger blacks. Especially ones explaining slang, Tunica ms slang, New Orleans slang, Memphis TN slang. You will here that word repeatedly. If these were your friends, you’re naturally going to hear it becoming immune to its stigma. It’s not used in a derogatory fashion. I work in a Mississippi casino. I promise you I hear it over & over in conversations. I’m older I do have black friends who do not use slang but if my friends were younger I would probably pick up this word. slang words or phrases are passed around by people picking them up through hearing things over & over. Similar to the words people used in the 70s, groovy, foxy etc. No one uses those terms anymore.
        My point is I would imagine Wallen has many younger black friends, I would also think he listens to rap occasionally, he’s 27or28. If he didn’t have black friends i doubt that the word would hv come out of his mouth. He didn’t use it in a derogatory fashion, he was referring to his friend. Which is extremely common. If the word is offensive it should stop being said period. To be honest its not the most offensive word used in younger blacks, they call one another & themselves b*+c** & h*’s constantly! Are there blacks who don’t use this type of language? 100%. I would imagine they would frown upon their children speaking this way yet if their children are going to fit in, they’re going to use it. Otherwise they’re deemed “trying to be white” or she/he thinks she’s better.
        I dont use slang terms, but I’am certainly accustomed to it. If I were younger and my friends spoke a certain way I’m going to pick it up.
        For all of you thinking it is a derogatory term. It’s not. N***er is derogatory! With an a on the end it is not used offensively. If blacks want it to go away they have to stop using it so frequently. So no I don’t think Wallen is racist. In fact I’d bet he has many black friends.

        • Wally

          “I would imagine” or “I’d bet”, as many of your sentences start with, shows that you really have no clue. You’re guessing based upon your bias and sad, thin information.

  4. Just a reader.

    I guess my problem is.. we have Chris Brown who beat the ever-living CRAP out of Rhianna, and radio/Sirius/pandora/Spotify (and the likes..) never stopped playing his music. As a matter of fact, they glorified him, and was nominated for an award.
    So, he can beat a WOMAN up, and nothing happens. Morgan Wallen says the ‘no word and he’s BAND?…..
    Yrah…that makes TOTAL sense!
    Also, perhaps other stations should follow suit and ask the Dan’s if he should be brought back!

    • Henry

      you’re an idiot presenting an idiotic apples/oranges argument

  5. Jeannette ortiz

    I love Morgan Wallen, he’s one of many countries singers ever.
    Put his music back on the radio. Love your fan,
    Jeannette Ortiz

    • Brad

      You also must love racism and hate. Nice admission. Idiot.