Joe Rogan Says Spotify Is ‘Slowly But Surely Getting Its Sh*t Together’ On Its Podcast App

Joe Rogan during a recent interview with Hamilton Morris (photo: Digital Music News)
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Joe Rogan during a recent interview with Hamilton Morris (photo: Digital Music News)
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Joe Rogan during a recent interview with Hamilton Morris (photo: Digital Music News)

For those struggling with Spotify’s clunky podcast app, Joe Rogan says there’s hope. But he’s also part of the problem.

For all the hundreds of millions of dollars that Spotify has invested into its podcasting expansion, it’s surprising how bad their actual podcast app is. The addition of video can be great, but users complain that it frequently freezes the Spotify app, drains mobile data, or simply crashes altogether. In our testing, even downloaded episodes have simply stopped in the middle on multiple occasions, requiring an app or phone reboot to resume the episode.

Those problems are even worse for devoted Joe Rogan Experience listeners, who have now been forced to shift to Spotify exclusively. Gone are the days of effortless YouTube or Apple Podcast playback. Now, it’s Spotify or nothing, with features like comments gone and video semi-functional.

The situation has actually been complicated by Joe Rogan himself, who personally insisted on layering video into his episodes. But Spotify, renowned for its stellar music delivery, has been struggling to deliver a video layer that works. But things are slowly getting better, Rogan reassured after guest Hamilton Morris addressed the elephant in the room.

Morris couldn’t contain himself during a cigar-lighting break in his interview, which interrupted the conversation. “This is the one thing that worries me about the move to Spotify,” Morris started. “On YouTube, I could just fast-forward over a moment like this. But, are there people that are going to be listening to this —”

“You can fast-forward on Spotify — yeah,” Rogan replied, referring to Spotify’s 15-second fast-forward (and rewind) buttons.

“Or, you could change the speed of playback —”

“Oh, I don’t know if they have that,” Rogan continued (though Spotify has introduced a number of variable-speed playback options, though higher-speeds often freeze playback).

“They also have that 15-second skip button, too,” Rogan’s assistant, Jamie Vernon, chimed in.

“Spotify is slowly but surely getting its sh-t together, when it comes to video playback and stuff,” Rogan said. “But yeah, this was a boring section of the podcast and I apologize for anyone who’s freaking the f—k out right now…”

In previous episodes, Rogan relayed that he demanded that Spotify integrate video into its podcasts — and he’s pushing for comments. For Spotify, the video demand is causing serious problems in basic podcast functionality.

“It’s not as smooth as it probably should have been when we first transitioned over in December, but [Spotify] just wasn’t ready for the volume,” Rogan explained. “They had never had a show — first of all, they created video because of the conversation we had about this podcast. They wanted the podcast to be audio-only, and my manager was like, ‘think about the Elon Musk moment when Elon Musk was smoking weed.’ That is a viral moment that only happens with video.”

“I was at the airport and I had sunglasses and a hat on, on my way to Vegas, and I saw the CNN monitor of Elon Musk smoking weed on my podcast,” Rogan laughed. “I was like, ‘what have I done?’ But those moments, those crazy moments, they don’t exist without video. And Spotify agreed and started working on the video platform.”

That hurry-up offense explains why the video player is so clunky, though Rogan is also pushing for comments as well — something Spotify has so far resisted.

“That’s where YouTube shines over all over forums, is that they have that comments section, and I think Spotify needs to recognize that,” Rogan stated. “And I’ve tried to talk to them about that, and there’s been some discussion about putting comments — but one of the things they said is, ‘if we put comments on one podcast, we have to put them on all podcasts.’ But I go, ‘why? Just put them on mine, just put them on mine.'”

So far, there’s no indication that Spotify is working on integrating comments, though Rogan noted that he’s still uploading show snippets on YouTube. But despite howls of protest from longtime fans, the full episodes are only available on Spotify.

Unfortunately, a number of earlier Rogan shows have been censored completely — something Spotify insisted on while transitioning older shows to its platform.

24 Responses

  1. Jason

    Too bad Tidal didn’t have the cash to get him, since they have videos built into the platform.

    • Tiddy

      Tidal is a complete joke. They’ll be gone soon enough…regardless of the investment/acquisition.

  2. JohnB304

    I divorced myself from the JRE for all the aforementioned reasons. Fix it!

  3. Kampfer03

    A large contingent of JRE listeners left as a direct result of the move

    • Jesse

      I’m one of them – Have listened to a hand full since

  4. Stephen

    Got to say it still dont make sense that taking a media file that could upload to youtube and play just fine can’t do the same shit in another app…. it has been the main barrier to me wanting to watch jre on spotify regularly now I really cherry pick what I want to mess with spotify player issues to hear. Mike baker is a must watch every time Joe gets him on

    • PaulM

      I stopped listening since the spotify move and i was an avid Listener.
      Every time I went there it would play these ads non stop, and I’m a premium user of spotify. Bleh… Too bad *shrugs*

  5. Bumbed

    Maybe they can throw some more ads in the middle too? Spotify is an embarrassment.

  6. Joe

    I used to be able to watch him on my TV but now I can’t. I watch him on now on an iPad with Spotify but it’s not the same. Also, The video player is clunky the comments were one of the best parts to the show.

  7. Brandon

    Wow all of y’all really are bitches and crazy soft, first world pussies. Video plays back fine for me. Can open my phone whenever to see a glimpse of video without the YouTube app needing to stay open to listen. I don’t care about comments because I don’t listen to JRE to try and get validation in a comments section. You people make me lose faith in the direction humanity is going. Probably going to complain if soy prices go up or Tesla doesn’t add the ability to post directly to Twitter from the back seat.

    • Mike

      Lol maybe they want the comments back because they were funny, you uptight bitch? While I do agree that these people are complaining a little too much, you’re an obnoxious cunt. ? Anyway, the video player on YouTube is a lot smoother plus there are comments so I can understand why they prefer it that way, I do too. But Spotify isn’t that bad.

  8. Randy

    I like the Spotify platform BUT mid show ads need to go. They actually crash my playback and then I have to figure out how far into the episode I was to get back to where it crashed and then hope it doesn’t go right back into another ad and crash again….not enjoyable to deal with while driving while which is when I mostly listen. Hopefully when I rear end someone they’ll be a JRE fan and understand

    • Hank Clomit

      Will your vast intelligence and wisdom ever cease? Der, much?

  9. joe

    I tried to WATCH an episode on the roku app and could only get audio.
    Gave Up

  10. SickofSocialists

    Joe left a large portion of his listeners behind with the history money an. I get it… get that $$

    But Spotify suckssssss! Mandatory video is a fail for those with great cell service. For those of us who could load enough of an AUDIO episode between cell spots, while DRIVING, Spotify is an epic fail.

    Not everyone has a new phone or a huge data plan, Joe. Not everyone has WiFi, Joe. Not everyone needs video, Joe. And most of us would prefer the ability to actually LISTEN TO AN EPISODE and watch memorable moments later.

    The way things are now anyone without city internet gets NOTHING.

    • Mark Sest

      Coming from the guy who has no problem taking a stimulus check. Hmpf!

  11. Joe Rogan

    Bunch of asshats commenting here. Fuck all you bitches.

  12. Nathan

    All they need to do is make the spotify app on my firestick play the video on my TV, and i will once again listen/watch JRE. I dont understand how its 2021 ans Spotify cant figure this one simple thing out. I guess they need to hire better software engineers.