Songtradr Acquires Music & Sound Design Company, Song Zu

Songtradr Song Zu
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Songtradr Song Zu
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Photo Credit: Song Zu

Songtradr has acquired Song Zu, an award-winning music and sound design company.

Song Zu is based in the Australia and Asia Pacific (APAC) region, with offices in Sydney and Singapore. This marks Songtradr’s second acquisition since the B2B music licensing marketplace completed its Series C funding round. That round concluded in July 2020, with $30 million raised among investors.

“Song Zu is the region’s leading custom music composition house and has such a rich history,” says Songtradr’s CEO, Paul Wiltshire. “As we continue to expand into the APAC region, Song Zu is a natural fit and greatly complements our global music ecosystem.”

Song Zu works in all areas of sonic branding – including soundtracks and advertisements on TV and Radio. Song Zu has worked with brands and media businesses worldwide, including Netflix, HBO, Samsung, Google, Amazon, Guinness, and Coca-Cola, among other partners.

“We are well-established in the APAC region and are looking forward to joining the Songtradr family, expanding our product offering, and increasing our global footprint,” says Managing Director and Partner of Song Zu, Ian Lew. “Enhancing our initiatives with Songtradr’s technology is a truly exciting opportunity for us as our clients’ needs rapidly evolve.”

Song Zu will form part of the backbone of Songtradr’s newly launched platform, ‘Vinyl by Songtradr.’

Other acquired companies Big Sync Music and Cuesongs, will also contribute to the platform. ‘Vinyl by Songtradr’ is a tech-enhanced, human-curated platform. It gives users direct access to creative talent, commercial music licensing, and pre-cleared music.

Song Zu is a great fit for the platform, as it encompasses all facets of sonic branding. It is one of the largest companies of its kind, encompassing advertisements for TV, radio, online content, and VR. Song Zu offers full audio and post-production service, from music composition and sound design to voice-over casting.

Songtradr is the largest B2B music licensing marketplace in the world. It provides music creators and rights owners with a complete tech-enabled solution for rights management and monetization. Songtradr also provides B2B music users – brands, advertisers, filmmakers, SVOD, gaming, streaming, and social media platforms – with curated, AI-guided access to music.

Songtradr wants to make access to pre-cleared music and sonic branding easier than ever.

That’s why the Vinyl by Songtradr platform exists as a way to give users direct access to commercial music licensing and more. Creating eye-catching content and award-winning advertising campaigns starts with excellent audio, no matter the platform.