Mickey Guyton Says Hatred From Morgan Wallen Fans Caused Her to Have Pregnancy Complications

Country singer Mickey Guyton during an interview at the 2021 Grammy Awards, Sunday, March 14th, 2021 (photo: Digital Music News)
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Country singer Mickey Guyton during an interview at the 2021 Grammy Awards, Sunday, March 14th, 2021 (photo: Digital Music News)
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Country singer Mickey Guyton discusses Morgan Wallen during an interview at the 2021 Grammy Awards, Sunday, March 14th, 2021 (photo: Digital Music News)

In an interview conducted at the Grammy Awards, country singer Mickey Guyton revealed that angry Morgan Wallen fans caused her extreme psychological and physical stress —resulting in complications in her recent pregnancy.

It’s an understatement to say that Morgan Wallen has a dedicated fanbase — ask any country radio station in America or look at the album charts for evidence of that. But country singer Mickey Guyton says that Wallen’s followers have gone completely overboard. In a recent interview at the Grammys, Guyton says she was relentlessly attacked by Wallen fans after she criticized his behavior, resulting in extreme psychological and physical stress. As a result, Guyton says she suffered pregnancy complications — specifically a premature birth — as a result of the attacks.

Here’s what Guyton told Entertainment Tonight interviewer Keltie Knight at the Grammy Awards:

Entertainment Tonight: “You are a trailblazer in so many ways, but what does it mean to you — I mean I’m just thinking of the week we’ve had, the Meghan [Markle] interview, Morgan [Wallen]’s record’s been at number one after what he said, I mean —”

Mickey Guyton: “The hate that I got after I called him out, it was really bad.”

ET: “I mean really bad for you.”

Mickey Guyton: “Yeah. It caused me to go into early labor.”

ET: “It did? No way, the stress?”

Mickey Guyton: “Yeah, the stress. Like the day before I gave birth, I was literally in bed clinging to my mom and my husband, because of how horrible it was. Yeah.”

ET: “And it’s very interesting, because someone said something this morning after the Meghan interview, and they said people are more upset at you for calling out the racism, than they are about the racism. And what does that mean?”

Guyton: “It says a lot, it says a lot. That we have a lot of work to do. Because I didn’t do anything wrong —”

ET: “And here you are.”

Guyton: “And she didn’t do anything wrong by calling it out, and yet, the hate that you get back for calling it out, it’s insane.”

Guyton continued by calling for Nashville to sign more black women artists, as well as members of the LGBTQ community. “There are so many artists that are finally coming out and saying, ‘This is who I am, and you have to accept me for who I am, and that’s what it’s all about, love and acceptance,'” Guyton concluded.

It should be noted that Guyton is slated to co-host the upcoming Country Music Awards alongside Keith Urban in April.

In early February, the Academy of Country Music disqualified Morgan Wallen from awards eligibility at the Country Music Awards. But that disqualification has now created an elephant in the room given Wallen’s record-breaking successes over the past few months. Just last week, Digital Music News learned that the Academy has quietly requested that Wallen’s name not be mentioned before, during, or after the CMA broadcast in April despite the existing ban.

Wallen’s Dangerous: The Double Album just spent its ninth week atop the US-based album charts, with a tenth week potentially ahead. The streak sets an all-time record in the country music genre, and shuttles Wallen into sales territory occupied by mega-stars like Billy Ray Cyrus, Taylor Swift, and Garth Brooks.

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  3. Bob

    There is seemingly no end to this victim culture mentality. It’s everyone else’s fault, all the time. Now someone else’s fans are creating premature births. Ridiculous insanity.

    • Dylan

      So outside influences that cause anxiety and stress can’t result in physical issues? Where didn’t you get your education?

    • Angelito

      Agreed, but that is America. Obesity, addiction, laziness, depravity, and narcissism.

      Does anyone really think this will end well?

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    • Cathey

      Yes!! She scrutinized Morgan Wallen when so many forces in Country music were “dealing” with the controversy. Her negative opinion was not required. And when the public reacted negatively to her unneccessary opinion, she too is pained. Like Morgan’s word caused a reaction that he is pained by, her comments caused a reaction. She threw fuel on the fire he was in. I have no sympathy for her. Should have been quiet. He had plenty condemning him already. If she wanted to offer an opinion it should be about the ACM’S making his music ineligible for awards. The music should be the only criteria for an award. His disqualification removes the status the awards previously held. Now they will be known as the award given to music from an artist they deem worthy of the award and not for excellence in country music.

      • Alex Parker

        Exactly. This woman makes me SICK. Now I find out she’s hosting the CMAs with Keith Urban. Keith Urban is a JOKE for going along with this woke stuff. I hate to play into all this BS culture war stuff. But this story exceeds what even I thought possible. This woman desperately needs psychiatric assistance or I fear she won’t make it much longer. She’s a TOTAL JOKE and the only reason we sadly know her name is because she’s coasting purely on the color of her skin. It’s so SAD. I pray she disappears from view very soon. But I think we’ll unfortunately be seeing even more of her shoved in our faces after her hosting gig at the ACMs. She’ll desperately be working to parlay that hosting gig into something more.

  4. BAC

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    • Alex Parker

      Harshly said. But I can’t blame you for saying it. Mrs. Guyton obviously suffers from mental illness. I fear for her and her child if she doesn’t receive the psychiatric services that she so desperately is in need of. Let’s hope she gets some serious assistance very soon, lest she be next blaming her critics for self harming.

      Now enjoy the upcoming CMAs with her as one of our lovely hosts. Probably will have their lowest ever ratings, which will be well deserved.

  6. Cathey

    If Ms Guyton wants to be involved, she should comment while co-hosting the ACM’s on the hypocrisy of the show. They no longer award excellence in country music. They award music from only the artists they deem worthy to receive their acknowledgement and NOT the best. She could redeem herself for unnecessarily adding to Morgan’s pain as he was already being condemned by country music management.

    • Alex Parker

      Right on. Let’s hope she slips entirely from view soon enough.

      • Fred

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  7. Alex Parker

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