LL Cool J Is Selling Designer COVID Masks – Just $49.95 a Pack

LL Cool J
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LL Cool J
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Photo Credit: Henry

LL Cool J is releasing a limited edition designer COVID mask collection in collaboration with Henry Masks.

The Rock the Bells x Henry masks collection are four reusable masks with some iconic patterns. There’s a yellow mask with a smiley face and the phrase “Have a Nice Day,” that brings Bon Jovi to mind more than LL Cool J. Another black mask features ‘Rock the Bells’ on the front. There’s also a yellow and brown ‘Rock the Bells’ mask, and another orange plaid mask.

The whole set will set you back $49.50 for the LL Cool J x Henry Masks designer collaboration. It’s interesting to see celebrities embrace mask-wearing with designer collections. Despite the vaccine rollout, the CDC still recommends wearing a face covering while in public.

Celebrities are no exception; so many are embracing the look with their own fashions. Jennifer Lopez went everywhere in a bedazzled mask from Noli Yoga. She also sported another white sequin face mask from Katie May and three other rhinestone-embellished masks from MasQd.

Ariana Grande has shared many mask-covered selfies on Instagram from the celeb brand Evolvetogether. The face masks were disposable and some of the only medical-grade masks available to consumers in the pandemic’s early days.

LL Cool J launched his Rock the Bells limited-edition apparel and accessories last year. The rapper-turned-actor says the apparel and accessories capture the heritage of the hip-hop movement. Rock the Bells was the title of a hit song in 1986 that LL Cool J has used multiple times.

It’s also the name of LL Cool J’s classic hip-hop channel on SiriusXM, which launched in 2018.

The rapper said he spent five years trying to get a classic hip-hop station off the ground. LL Cool J believes the early days of hip-hop haven’t been presented to fans “in an authentic way.”

The Rock the Bells brand embraces the limited-edition drop distribution method to keep fans engaged. The first drop referenced the four pillars of hip-hop – graffiti, DJs, break dancing, and MCs. “We’re staying true to where the culture came from, but re-imagined for now,” the rapper says about Rock the Bells.

Since then, LL Cool J has released a variety of merchandise under his apparel brand. Shoes, women’s clothing, varsity jackets, chains, and other accessories feature prominently in the current collection. The Henry Masks collaboration will mark an oddity of the 2020/21 year that the entire world dealt with a global pandemic.