Now Robot Rappers Are Selling NFTs — FN Meka Toilet NFT Sells for $6,500

FN Meka rapper NFT
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FN Meka rapper NFT
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Photo Credit: FN Meka

Now robot rappers are getting in on the NFT craze — FN Meka sells a toilet NFT for $6,500 in ETH.

FN Meka is the first AI-powered rapper, launching in 2019. The robot is a self-proclaimed ‘hypebeast,’ often releasing singles incorporating brands. The robot’s latest single is “Speed Demon.” But the rapper also has a voracious TikTok presence, where brands rappers love to rap about are present.

FN Meka regularly showcases sneakers, PlayStations, Lamborghinis, and even Apple’s AirPods. The rapper is capitalizing on the popularity of its TikTok presence with some NFT artwork of the content it shares. FN Meka is what’s called a virtual influencer – a non-human that generates billions of views on social media.

The first FN Meka virtual drop featured the “SUPER TOILET,” a 1-of-1 Lamborghini-styled porta-potty. It was designed by RTFKT and was sold on the non-fungible token auction site, SuperRare. Dutch DJ Don Diablo beat out several other bidders to purchase the toilet NFT for 4 ETH (~$6,500 USD at the time of purchase).

The FN Meka NFT also comes with an augmented reality experience for tagging the public toilet.

“The buyer can enter the porta-potty and tag their name on the wall. The Super Toilet is the ultimate flex, whether you’re robot or human,” the description on the site reads. DJ Don Diablo himself has run several successful NFT auctions of collectible artwork from his music.

What are virtual influencers?

FN Meka is part of a new breed of virtual influencers that incorporate music into their marketing. The rapper has the appearance of a cyborg with green hair and eyes. He has lots of tattoos and a hand made of gold. But he’s not the only virtual influencer on the block anymore.

Blawko is a creation by LA-based Brud, describing himself as a ‘young robot sex symbol.’ Blawko sports a streetwear style and plenty of tattoos – and he always wears a mask. Blawko has given interviews, has a YouTube channel, and even did a DJ set on NTS Radio.

Human to robot interaction is happening more and more frequently on social media. Virtual influencers are computer-generated people who have realistic personalities and characteristics. If you put FN Meka’s profile among several SoundCloud rappers – you’d be hard-pressed to find the ‘fake’ profile.

The creators of these AI-powered influencers have ultimate control over the brands they rep. They also decide who the influencer will follow and collaborate with on online platforms. Virtual influencers give brands more control over their collaborations – and they’re becoming increasingly more common.