Spotify Continues to Remove Joe Rogan Episodes — 42 Shows Now Deleted

Joe Rogan during a recent podcast interview with guest Lara Beitz, April 3rd, 2021 (photo: Digital Music News)
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Joe Rogan during a recent podcast interview with guest Lara Beitz, April 3rd, 2021 (photo: Digital Music News)
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Joe Rogan during a recent podcast interview with guest Lara Beitz, April 3rd, 2021 (photo: Digital Music News)

Spotify is continuing to remove episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience as part of their $100 million exclusive relationship, with more nixed shows discovered this week.

Just last week, Digital Music News first reported that 40 different Joe Rogan Experience podcast episodes were found missing from Spotify, now the exclusive platform for the show. Now, that number has quickly grown to 42, with potentially more shows quietly getting removed from the catalog.

Among the newly-missing is an episode (#411) with Bulletproof Coffee founder Dave Asprey, a frequent guest on The Joe Rogan Experience. Strangely, Spotify has deleted three total episodes with Asprey for reasons that aren’t entirely clear.

One explanation for the removals is that Asprey frequently backs controversial anti-aging and scientific theories, including claims that Bulletproof Coffee is extremely healthy while other coffee brands are not. Asprey has designed the ‘Bulletproof Diet,’ and frequently criticizes coffee manufacturers for leaving high levels of damaging mycotoxins in their blends.

Asprey — who has predicted that he will live to the age of 180 — is certainly unconventional in his theories, though it appears that Spotify has decided to debunk his claims by removing his episodes entirely.

Also suddenly missing is a ‘Live from the Icehouse’ episode (#149) featuring Joe Rogan and Little Esther, Al Madrigal, Josh McDermitt, Brendon Walsh, Felicia Michaels, and Brian Redban. That sounds like a fun time, though perhaps one-too-many raunchy jokes were tossed around in the episode. Indeed, the episode may have simply contained one objectionable joke — but that was enough for Spotify’s editors to hit delete and remove the show entirely.

That crew featured in the ‘Icehouse’ episode seems particularly unpopular with Spotify’s oversight committee.

Earlier, Spotify deleted Joe Rogan Experience episode #276 featuring Little Esther, Al Madrigal, Josh McDermitt, Brendon Walsh, Felicia Michaels, and Brian Redban. In total, 7 different episodes featuring guest David Seaman have been nixed, while the same number of podcasts featuring Brian Redban have also been deleted.

Also squarely making Spotify’s sh-t list is Chris D’Elia: in total, four separate episodes featuring D’Elia have been removed by Spotify. Others getting repeatedly nixed include Owen Benjamin, Joey Diaz, Gavin McInnes, and Eddie Bravo, all of whom have been repeat guests on The Joe Rogan Experience — and have had their shows removed.

Then, there are the more well-known removals. Alex Jones and Milo Yiannopoulos were notoriously stripped from the podcast early on, though Rogan tested Spotify’s censorship committee by re-inviting Jones onto the podcast in recent months. Spotify hasn’t removed Jones’ latest episode — not yet, at least.

It’s unclear exactly when the shows in question were removed, or why.

Spotify has offered no explanations for its removals, or even addressed the repeated complaints from Rogan fans. Joe Rogan, on the other hand, has confirmed that Spotify removed certain shows as a condition of their $100 million agreement with him. “There were a few episodes they didn’t want on their platform, and I was like ‘okay, I don’t care’,” Rogan shared in a recent interview with guest Fahim Anwar. Whether Rogan understood that several dozen shows were being removed — and may still be getting removed — is also unclear.

Of course, there are plenty of Spotify alternatives. But Rogan episodes have now been removed from all of them following his exclusive Spotify deal.

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  1. Lisa Hyatt

    I believe I was using good common sense to cancel my subscription to Spitify with suberb timing: when they removed the first Joe Rogan podcast. Now I shall remove them from my device, for this level of insane censorship does not fit into my narrative.

      • consumer

        Rogan is now part of the problem.
        He’s just rolling over like sheep and letting them eat him alive, but he doesn’t care, even though its public that is real target.

    • Pelham

      I’m tempted to follow your example.

      Also, unasked here are whether the deleted episodes may still be available on YouTube or elsewhere. Separately, I can’t see how Rogan might not be influenced by the deletions. Why would he do a show with a controversial figure — frequently the most compelling guests — when he knows in the back of his mind that Spotify has complete license to delete the episode immediately for any unaccountable reason? I hope Rogan starts caring about this and raising a fuss — and his show would be the ideal platform to do so.

      • Dr Thomas

        Calm down people it’s a licensing agreement. Is Spotify wants to be woke and go broke That’s their prerogative.

        • Teddy B

          It’s the slippery slope argument. Where does spotify draw it’s line and will they keep moving it without warning or justification? Hopefully spotify doesn’t become the only game in town the way youtube did. Then folks will have no choice but to play by their rules.

          • Gary D

            I’m curious how the freedom of speech is a slippery slope? No one or entity should be allowed to censor any one speech! With the exceptions the law provides. If you don’t like what he or his guests are saying turn it off.

      • DC

        A multi million $ deal is quite the persuader.

        SELL OUT…..

        • Plam

          I agree “Sell out” shame on you Joe, you big Doogie face.

      • Pete

        They won’t be easy to find. It’s an exclusive contract and spotify only seem to allow the odd snippet onto YouTube purely as an advert.

      • John

        He got $100 million reasons not to give a crap…jmo

    • Bryce

      Big tech is evil and I hope they all burn in Hell

    • Hayekr

      “It’s unclear exactly when the shows in question were removed, or why”

      It’s not unclear, it’s just never been explicitly stated. They despise the politics of many of the right leaning guests and don’t want their message getting out on their platform. Their house, their rules, I know. Would be nice for them to transparent, but that is too much to expect woke statists.

      • Ya mutha

        Right leaning lol. They’re right wing nutjobs. I lean right, whereas alex jones jumped off the cliff on the right and is a liar so yeah.

        • Your mother

          I do hope you put on your big boy pants one day…

          • Slammin Jammin

            I hope you take the big boy pants your wearing off your head so you can see

        • Etashitta

          Hemay be nuts but 99% of what he says turns out to be true.
          The SJWs are relentless and try to suppress wrong think even. Everyone else just complains and does not fight back. Rogan should just invite the same people back and do what he wants . Let them not publish anything and he still gets paid. Unless he was stupid enough to sign so e contract that ties his hands completely.

        • Captnfloyd

          Alex Jones is a wildly entertaining listen, 99% of the folks listening to him aren’t taking what he says seriously no offense to Alex

        • Replying to a moron.

          >I lean right
          Yeah, okay. Next you’ll try to sell us a bridge.

      • Anonymous

        I think the bigger concern is how we were told repeatedly that Spotify wouldn’t change the show. They obviously are changing it by deleting older shows, which will affect what kind of content is put out in the future, and it seems Joe is fine with that. That’s unfortunate but understandable. I mean, having nine figures worth of F.U. money would likely make me willing to capitulate because he could live the rest of his life very, very comfortably if he never made another penny. He even said about the deleting “who cares,” right? Don’t get me wrong, I love the guy and he seems like he’s been pretty down to earth over the years. Time will tell if that devolves into more of the same who-cares attitude.

        • Anonymous

          The issue is that, as you mentioned, if they’re deleting old episodes, then what is he not doing to keep his (((Spotify))) masters happy?
          Unlike you, I personally never cared for Joe Rogan, he was far too much of a brainlet (or pretended to be one) for me to respect him, but he had a handful of interesting guests that I still listened to his show now and then.
          But with ((Spotify))) deleting interesting guests and Joe just shrugging about it, I don’t see any reason I’d ever listen to him again.
          It seems his primary audience are the npc tier dudebros anyway, so they can have him.

    • DOUG

      One wonders if Joe is still content with the money vs. the creative freedom he previously…?
      Ditto on his ballyhooed flight from the horrors of California, trading down for no water or power in the completely unregulated chaos that is Texas…

      • K.V

        You’re right….. California never has blackouts right? There are no rolling black outs in the north in the winter huh? I would rather be unregulated in Texas… Than suffocated by regulation in other states…. That’s why everyone wants to come here cheaper taxes and way cheaper housing…

      • Bly

        you need to stop drinking that leftist koolaid. Texas is fine. Texas is free.

      • K9SPY

        For $100 million. I realllllllly don’t think he cares. He won’t say anything he doesn’t want to say… but he also won’t say anything about them removing things they don’t want him to have said.

        And you’re wrong about Texas. Some of the lowest prices in the country… ONE TIME we had to “pay the piper”. Lesser so back in 2011. Overall, it’s still a kick-ass state. That’s why people keep moving here like we did 15 years ago. Don’t like? Please don’t follow. That’s what’s great about America! Each state can have unique laws and flavors, and we’re all still Americans.

        Cheer up!

      • ART

        I travel through Texas every week. With the exception of the days of record breaking single digit temperatures, something very uncommon in that part of the country, my experience in Texas is always positive. Most of the folks I meet are pretty straightforward, friendly and proactively alive. They value their independence, work hard and are proud of the nation they live in. They’re also surprisingly tolerant of people who’s lifestyle or point of view doesn’t jive with their own. They respect themselves and others too. I’ve had very interesting conversations with Texans because I’m not much of a conservative. Act like an asshole though and you should be prepared to be invited to shut the fuck up.
        And Texans get shit done. It’s kind of refreshing. Make fun of them all you like, but I could live there. California on the other hand, I wouldn’t live there if you gave me a house. A truly beautiful place slowly but surely getting trashed. It’s sad.
        The air quality sucks, traffic is worse and the cities are becoming refugee camps.

      • Anonymous

        Joe did Fear Factor man. He’s been a sell out from day 1.

    • Joe

      I agree there going too far I’ve seen and heard worse from others but he only gets toon down I’m thinking it’s a bought and paid for scam3

    • JCrew

      Too many butthurt snowflakes in the world period..

    • Joesellout

      It’s ok to call woman bitches talk about selling drugs to kids or pregnant women and murdering people whole family on a rap album though all that is Spotify approved lol

    • Mike aka #ShowMeTheMonkey

      Yes totally agree, I bet Joe is p-p-p-pissed big time at these mofo’s. You can’t just take down episodes if your biggest podcaster by far just because you don’t like the content an if a joke offends you, just grow a pair of balls an sock it up pussy’s

    • Mike aka #ShowMeTheMonkey

      Yes totally agree, I bet Joe is p-p-p-pissed big time at these mofo’s. You can’t just take down episodes of your biggest podcaster by far just because you don’t like the content an if a joke offends you, just grow a pair of balls an suck it up pussy’s

    • Shawn

      I’m not a person that follows others. But there is always a first time I often here as my son like to rent my to me. So, I will be following your lead on this matter. Spotify ! I’m done !

    • Anonymous

      I think a new trend needs to be started on Twitter to raise awareness that this is unwelcome. #boycottspotify #boycottjoerogan #saynotocensorship

      Maybe if people leave their platform and stop watching the show they’ll get the hint.

      Whats funny is he used to complain about YouTube giving him a hard time but all of these banned shows existed on YouTube and Spotify is the one removing them.

    • Ronald King

      Funny how cancel culture works both ways. Of course, the problem arises when you manage to aggravate the 80% majority, vs the 20% minority. There will be some very difficult lessons that will have to be learned about the silent majority moving forward.

      This is not to support or propagate hate in *any* form. Individuals should be judged on merit alone, period. Yet, that’s not what’s happening at all. The groups that scream the loudest about injustice, are the same groups that scream for blanket amnesty regardless of their individual merit.

      While losing a few episodes of JRE isn’t exactly burning books, it’s definitely removing them.

    • Buck Ocean

      Really sucks, really blows. I would like to tackle the question of why the removal on suggestive health, diet & living podcasts. This country and it’s big time players do not want you to lose weight. Im dead serious. The media and government have too much invested in the pharmaceutical and food industries. One month ago the CDC (always questionable but this time I agree) said 78% of corona cases were of overweight people. No coverage. They tell you to lose weight instead of getting the shot and washing your hands 10x day and the pharma and Proctor & Gambles lose money so they cant advertise and on and on.

    • McCracken

      Agree 100% F any media outlets, big tech companies, live streaming media outlets & so on that thinks it’s ok to nix Freedom of Speech as though they are gods. If it continues, though they have wealth now, it will, I believe, come crashing down upon their feet & they will be deserving of their great loss. The way things are going, the control, history repeats that those who are being controlled won’t stand for it for very long. If it continues, I’d hope people could stand together & drop big tech, drop these live stream media outlets, cause them great loss & make them realize it’s not about them, but about all of us…. The people. Twitter… Same… Quiting people, deleting accounts, it’s disgusting & I keep hearing & seeing a great number of people with the same views. The numbers are growing rapidly. The more they try & control, the faster it will catch up to them. I can easily go back to the 80’s & be content to be quit honest. The way these companies are trying to control us thr more I can’t wait to see them crash. They need us to survive, but they are only pissing an ever growing number of us off.

    • Anonymous

      Spotify and Rogan were both quite explicit and repeatedly stated as part of their marketing of the move to Spotify that nothing would change, the company were happy for Rogan to continue producing exactly the kind of material he had always done, and that no subject matter, guest or viewpoint was forbidden. It’s clear now that this was a lie, and a class action lawsuit by tens of thousands of subscribers is inevitable. What a clusterfuck!

  2. Tony Stark

    Spotify; showing signs of freedom oppression. I’ll take my business else where.

    • Kbap

      They have the freedom to host whatever content they want on their platform, you have the freedom to use other platforms. There is no oppression of freedom here.

      • RF

        Correct… I think people are perceiving a “feeling” of oppression. In reality Joe just sold them out. We should take our business elsewhere indeed.

        • K9SPY

          Technically that’s exactly what Joe did… except for one thing: I highly doubt he will ever tout a philosophy that they pressure him to.

          He’s just not fighting when they block stuff he produces. It’s kinda a half sellout. He’s still got the best damn format around. He doesn’t have any competition.

          Still love his work.

      • Pelham

        I disagree, although I’ll admit this is a big gray area. When there are just a few platforms controlled by huge corporations with little or no transparency or accountability to the public, freedom may not be completely denied but there is significant curtailment.

        This is particularly true for any platform that depends on the internet, which was developed by the US government with US taxpayers money. That being the case, Americans collectively should have the final say about what can, cannot and must be allowed online by any platform.

        Of course, there’s no mechanism for exercising such authority and probably never will be since our thoroughly corrupt federal government has seen fit to just hand over the internet to private behemoths.

    • Dr Thomas

      As if you even paid for a subscription! Cry baby

    • Otto

      It’s ok to call woman bitches talk about selling drugs to kids or pregnant women and murdering people while family on a rap album though all that is Spotify approved lol

  3. Joe Mama

    This censorship is unacceptable and for sure isn’t in the sense of the OG Joe Rogan

  4. Floridaman

    Welcome tô communist America.

    Welcome to Biden America

    • Midsouth

      Yes sir. The best lefties could do is ol’ Joe. China Joe.

      • Anonymous

        Nothing, usually right-winger that doesn’t know anything about politics, follow a set of anti left propaganda key terms. Like when they don’t understand something they automatically call you a communist when a company exercises it’s Human Resource policies it’s Biden’s fault.

        • Cody

          Because the entire platform that the left runs on is censorship of anything that isn’t pc

          • Kbap

            As if “the right” hasn’t also been trying to cancel things for ages.

          • JaKe

            Looks like someone forgot about the mobs of conservatives protesting target for hanging up happy holidays signs in the 2000’s, or doxxing women who get abortions, or literally ALL music censorship between 1980-2021, or McCarthyism, or satanic panic… if you’d like I can keep listing

          • Bly

            @ Jake, you are talking about shit that happened 20/30/40 years ago. Conservatives in 2021 are a totally different group than even 10 years ago. What music censorship has the right been pushing for in recent times? The Satanic Panic was based on 100% true events. The tunnels existed under McMartin Preschool. The Presidio military base preschool had rampant abuse of children. The Finders cult was active during this time. The CIA has been implicated time and again for their involvement in child trafficking and using children in their MK Ultra experiments. In fact, it has been pretty well established the CIA cloaked their MK Ultra activities and child trafficking in satanism in order to immediately discredit whistleblowers.

        • No

          Who do you think the target audience of swedish owned Spotify is?

          They are pulling these episodes to appease the left leaning elites in America. Do act as though there is no correlation between spotify’s subscriber audience and their censorship is naive.

        • Anonymous2

          That’s like when left wingers have no idea about reality and get their feelings hurt with facts… just scream racism… it’s the lefts “go to”…

    • TrumpGirl2021

      Not my President. JB and his dingbat Cinderella are just for show. DJT is still watching over us with our Military and working in the background. He will make his move in good time, although it won’t be soon enough.

      • Bly

        I voted for the guy, but you need to stop drinking that Q koolaid sis. The military brass are not good guys. Obama made sure they were all deep state stooges when he was in office. DJT ain’t coming to the rescue. It is up to we the people to fix this mess.

  5. JillsTempted

    Just proves ,to me at least ,that joe is compromised. I cannot believe he said he didn’t care that Spotify removed any of his shows. I have just continued to watch clips on YouTube. The people that were on the deleted shows were some of my favorites to watch.

    • Rock

      Yeah $100M. Can’t believe that? Come on now. Joe owes you absolutely nothing. It’s a contract, like any job you have you can’t just say whatever you want at work.

  6. JillsTempted

    Accused of being a rapist..I don’t care why they are deleting shows. I don’t want the decision whether to watch something made for me.

  7. hellyphunk8

    What is up with Spotify Joe is a one off human presenter and fellow human he’s to be looked up too and the guy just talks sense n he tackles real issues he also knows how to kick back he’s a good balances sort it out Spotify stop being so amateur find the spine

  8. Big j dog

    Joe is a sellout and a phoney I’ve stopped watching him. I don’t even like to see him when I watch ufc now.

    • cucysito

      only when hes with dc , it seems alot off topic

    • Rock

      Joe never owed you anything. Frankly, your stance makes you seem like an unstable person. Seek help.

      • Anonymous

        Projection right here, you are either a Jew or a brainwashed golem.
        Jews are 40% more likely to develop schitzophrenia and other mental illnesses than any other race.
        Funny how the Jewish kleptocrats have used their own racial affliction as a slur against free thinking right wing individuals.

    • TrumpsGirl2021

      That’s the great thing about freedom of choice and opinions. Unfortunately, not too many others might agree with you. #agreetodisagree #MERICA

    • Kbap

      Give me a break, he can speak just fine. Spotify just doesn’t want to be associated with that, and that is 100% in their rights as a private corporation.

  9. Fresco

    Joe said Spotify would leave him alone yet here we are Joe being censored.he was shot sighted to think he was going to be left alone when 100 million is in question and the company is left wing soy loving communist

  10. JRE Fan

    This is actually incorrect. I just checked Spotify and many of the episodes that are claimed to be missing are still there. Check the author and don’t believe everything you read.

    • ChikFilaA

      Wrong. I just checked and 411 and 149 is missing.

  11. Duff

    The Joey Diaz episode was removed bc they were heavily intoxicated discussing the best IRL places in the desert to bury a prostitute if they found out they were trans.

    Comments section railing against woke culture when they haven’t actually listened to how dark some of the JREs got

    • Duff is a Nazi

      Haha!! Found the soy boy! Nobody in the comment section said woke. You dude. But this is what woke culture does. Tells me what jokes I’m allowed to hear based on your sensitive little feelings. And that’s why it’s communism and that’s why you’re a piece of crap for standing up for it. Eventually we’ll all make you feel hated enough that you’ll back down like you do to your wife’s boyfriend.

    • Backcountry164

      Who cares how “dark” they get?? No one is being forced to listen to any of them. If you don’t like an episode then turn it off. Don’t whine and cry like a little bitch until no one gets to listen to the thing that hurt your butt…

    • To stupid to think for myself

      I’m so glad you pointed this out. I heard the episode, so naturally I thought it was okay to bury trans prostitutes in the desert. But now that the episode has been removed, I realize that I shouldn’t do that. Thank you Duff, for helping me to realize that it’s not okay to bury trans prostitutes in the desert. But is it okay if they are not trans? All my opinions are formed based on what I am allowed to see and hear on the media, so I hope somebody can clear this up for me.

    • Kbap

      Perhaps Spotify decided “yeah we don’t really want this conversation to be associated with our brand.” I wouldn’t.

    • Anonymous

      Who cares how dark it got pussy? It’s clearly a joke. Joe considers himself a stand up comedian first, before anything else.
      If you think those jokes need to be cancelled because they’re “dark”, then you’re part of the woke cancel culture everyone is railing against.

  12. UnsubfromSpotify

    The reason I cancelled my Spotify subscription. Bunch of milquetoast bitches.

    • Backcountry164

      And yet he still lives rent free in your head and will probably be there until you expire…

    • Anonymous

      Show us on the doll where the orange man bad touched you

  13. Lack of nuance has reached critical mass

    A lot of people here unfamiliar with the definition of communism.
    Seems that by their definition, communism is ; everything i don’t like.

    • I got your nuance right here

      Oh lord. That’s the lack of nuance you’re preoccupied with?!? Hey everybody I found the communist!! And his feelings are hurt because we didn’t get the definition of his ideals right. Haha!!

      • Kbap

        When you blindly accuse everything of being communism, you look really stupid.

    • Tom Slick

      Sounds like the definition of “hate speech”.

  14. Rock

    Accused doesn’t equal convicted. Accused doesn’t equal loss of speech. For example, I accuse you of rape right now. Bill has raped. With your logic, what are you going to do to defend yourself? You can’t.

  15. Bull

    Because someone is a rapist we should remove everything he said. Wow

  16. rikk

    well..If Joe Rogan doesn’t care. And I can think of 100 millions reason not to. Then why bother watching at all. “And I’m not going to flip out like everyone thinks I am.” “I just wanna know.” “Who’s coming with me maaan.” “Alright who’s it gonna be?”

  17. Owen Smith

    It’s too funny how many people are just seeing who Rogan really is and actually seemed surprised by this. He has always played off being on the fringes but is just another Hollywood elitist like all the rest.

  18. Your momma

    He could of if he opened his own source up for people to listen to and wasn’t being a bitch. I love Joe Rogan but that was definitely a sale out thing to do.

  19. Andrew

    I get the whole “If you don’t like, don’t listen” thing but what does it say about your moral compass if you DO want to listen? You fight so hard to have hate filled rants from meat heads at your disposal.

    Joe Rogan is so unbelievably fake.

    I stopped listening at all when he agreed that the game changers documentary was right while the creator was on the show defending himself, but then jumped right back on the vegan hate wagon.

    He is scummy. So are most of you.

    • Anonymous

      Pretty believable. The shit he shills is a joke — which suits a comedian. Still a few good guests here and there.

    • True but you also suck

      probably says about as much about their character as thinking nobody should listen to him cuz you don’t like him says about yours. Joe is a meathead and a sell out and a bad comedian but he’s also hosted more than a couple dozen people who aren’t and most adults in the room are aware of the concept of taking the good with the bad. Not censoring every little thing You think is hate filled as if that ideal comes with a universal definition. Don’t be a panty waste.

    • Anonymous

      Joe is a grifter, we agree on that. But really, go read the Gulag Archipeligo. Open your mind a little.
      Take the log out of your eye, before you attempt to remove the splinter from your neighbors eye.

  20. Tom Slick

    I’ll listen to Rogan on Spotify as long as it’s free because I really like his podcast, but I’ll never give these woke tyrants a penny.

    • Anonymous

      The advertisements give them revenue dude. Do you really think sitting through advertisements isn’t giving Spotify money?
      Find another podcast. Hundreds of good ones with just as interesting guests.

  21. The Archangel Michael

    You know, you can laugh at dark jokes and not be totally effed off yourself… You can tell dark jokes and not be totally effed off yourself. The people whom have casual relation to the subjects of the joke may be offended but they should lighten up a bit. Eventually everyone is the butt of a joke in some way. How you handle it is what shows everyone who YOU are, if you have integrity and common sense or if you’re a braindead zombie jumping at the chance for sensationalism…

  22. xi's winnie the pooh cock and balls

    did you guys outsource the comment suppression to the CCP?

  23. Fair Play

    Bill, I think you are a pedo. Not really, but now that you’ve been accused, I think your comment should be removed.

  24. Mick

    So, you must be on the side of that Baker who refused to make a cake for a gay couple than? Private business, reserves the right to oppress correct?

    • Kbap

      Shhh, they don’t like being reminded of that lol

    • Anonymous

      The irony here is that theyre supporting and defending multi million-billion dollar corporations that are openly hostile to independent thoughts and ideas, but cheered the closure of a business which refused to make a custom gay wedding cake (the owner offered to still make a cake for the wedding, but he refused to make their custom request).

  25. What-Ever

    So this hot blonde walks into a bar in Vegas with a huge bulge in her pants…..

  26. Delilah

    Who gives a shit, really? If you don’t like the fact that a company who provides a service makes a decision, then go somewhere else….or build your own fucking network (highly unlikely from the ignorant rantings here).

    • Anonymous

      YEAH! it’s not like alternatives people have tried to make are being shut down or anything.
      *Cough* Parler *cough*

  27. Tony Mac

    Spotify aren’t getting one cent of me, remember when the Nazis burnt the books they didn’t like?
    It’s the same thing if you ask me.
    The Revolution is coming ✌?

  28. yourmom

    Who cares. Rogan is twit, his show has become nothing but a platform for his friends to promote their stuff. He got paid, do you think he or Spotify care about you deleting your accounts and the app? Nope.
    Spotify can do whatever it wants with his content, they own it all per his contract.
    Cry all you want, I’m sure there’s someone on Parler that will empathize with your plight. Poor you, can’t listen to one idiot talk to another idiot.
    You could turn on Tucker or Hannity if you need a moron fix.

    • Poopy Pants

      Spotify just wants to make money. If they think it’ll boost their reputation and their revenue to ban certain episodes, that’s what they’ll do. If they think the anger and resulting loss of subscriptions would more than offset that gain, they’ll stop doing that. They’re smart. That’s why they’ll never hire children like you. You can just stick to calling people names like my four year old on a bad day.

      • Josh

        I couldn’t agree more. They are making money and so is Rogan and none of them care about every bodies hurt feelings.

  29. Alex

    Accused of being a rapist? Off with his fucking head!!! Guilty before trial, the American way. Cancel all we disagree with!!!

  30. AlmostaCowboy

    I’ll go one better. If Spotify will give me $100.00 I promise not to use their platform for anything. ?

  31. Josh

    Everybody here complaining about communist America and how evil big tech is should take a brief pause. Joe made his bed and now we’re all sleeping in it. He’s not losing any sleep with all his cash, so maybe chill for a second. He knew what he was doing. It’s still a great show.

  32. Dq

    Never heard of him till a year ago. Still havent seen a full cast, or his comedy. From the few clips I saw on you tube,I think he has enough clout to start his own webpage, record what he wants, and just make money from ads if he wants to. So if spotify pisses. Him off…

  33. Both Sides are Embarrassing

    This comment board exemplifies why Spotify did this. They don’t wanna deal with either side’s BS. It’s odd that right-wingers blame lefties for cancel culture. Right wingers used to host Harry Potter book burning parties. Both sides do this crap. This isn’t censorship, this is Spotify eliminating a distraction. Also, just because you and I can absorb dark content, it doesn’t mean that everybody can. Most mass shooters are radicalized online. Finally, to the guy who called somebody a communist Nazi, you sir are a moron. That’s akin to calling somebody a leftist right winger.

  34. Frank

    As a JRE listener, I know not to believe everything I hear. It’s simply common sense. It’s simply entertainment, I’d do my research if something seemed interesting.

  35. John Jett

    May I please have this mind-numbingly pointless job of watching when, and which, episode of thousands gets deleted? Who cares? Journalists, the creators of drama and hate across the country.

  36. Alex

    This show will rot your brain; full of people doing negative shit and hiding behind the first amendment… if someone talks shit, there are consequences. Child molesters like D’elia, conspiracy theorist idiots like Bravo, and grifters like this coffee guy… well, they’re the scum of society. Fuck this show.

    • Bly

      Eddie Bravo is scum for being interested in conspiracies and conspiracy theories? Also, here in America you are innocent until proven guilty and as far as i know, D’elia hasn’t been found guilty of any wrongdoing to date.

    • WeLoveYa

      It’s a grift and has been since it popped up on the 100K subscriber radar. Rogan’s gotten knocked about the gourd far too many times to be in charge of that operation and it’s a testament to the times how few of his minions can discern this obvious fact. You’d think the case in point of his unwatchable comedy hours would be enough, but post-hypnotic suggestion has been out there doing its thing for many a decade now.

  37. God help America

    Yet they keep provocative rap lyrics, satanic pushing singers, and anything that promotes the progressive (aka new communism party) agenda. If America can’t see the hypocrisy, lack of free speech, and push for censorship and communism yet, we have every reason to be afraid. The signs keep coming (ie Israel and the green passport and a chipped wrist band, bias and inaccurate media, Hollywood and elite influence and pedophilia, the strong hold of government on our freedoms since the pandemic, facial recognition at Disney, censorship on Twitter, fb, ig, etc, fighting racism with racism) need I go on? Your not intelligent or good for blindly following the pc crowd, you would be wise and justified in asking the question why? To any of the above examples, researching, following the money trail, and last but not least researching the many years before wwII and how people of many nations were trapped into communism by propaganda, fear, and a slow progression of division amongst their people by media and government, and the stronghold of government slowly under the guise of being for their safety and good. God Bless and help open the eyes of Americans before it’s too late

  38. Donnie Drayk

    Sold out and and fell off… Don’t even listen anymore

  39. DOUG

    If this is “Biden” America, Joe took the cash and “don’t care” about your or anyone else’s accusations of ‘sell-out’ or curtailed 1st Amendment protections. It seems the virtue that got Joe to where is- controversial guests- will be his undoing by Spotify’s hand.

  40. WEngilman

    I wish the tech companies would quit baby sitting me. Free speech is a right and privilege!

  41. DOUG

    TrumpGirl: Trump and the Military are not watching over us. Trump is watching over his longtime accountant and hoping he doesn’t flip, and the Military is hopefully devising a cyberstrategy for the 21st Century. If the Q’s really cared about abused children they would be storming the Vatican. Alex Jones is a social vampire, sucking blood-money off the anguish of dead school kid’s parents. The people who stormed the Capital are the true Trump believers and the ENEMIES OF AMERICAN DEMOCRACY. (And Tinkerbell is not real.)

  42. SKnox7

    It is very simple. If Joe schedules each and every person they remove for future episodes than all is good. If he doesn’t than clearly they control his content, as he has already been payed.

  43. Yeah...

    Too many posts to read them all, but Joe knew they were going to remove them, he was okay with it. He admitted it on one of his episodes

  44. Nolan

    I still can’t even WATCH his episodes on Spotify on my PS4. Arguably the most popular podcast in existence and Spotify can’t even get their features to work. Unbelievable.

  45. DrinkWater

    He’s a dink and a shill and always has been. He might have a modicum of ability to engage in conversation with a diverse subsection of the population, but that doesn’t elevate him to the status of public intellectual. Changes are his lines are fed to him through remote technology and he’s being handled six ways to Sunday. Who among us wouldn’t take an offer that we literally couldn’t turn down? Moreover, who cares about his business model? Sure, Spotify has a terrible UI. The app fails all the time. And YouTube is an Alphabet behemoth of censorship, itself. What’s the point in whining? This guy is only a folk hero for bros who like their critical thinking with a side of thanks but no thanks. And Joey Diaz is an insufferable hack as are 99% of the comics orbiting the Roganverse.

  46. Megaman33

    Why does Digital Music News cover this? It’s not Digital Podcast News

    • Colby

      Critics criticize, leaving the heavy lifting, like building, to others.

  47. Colby

    Rogan is Rogan and he will find a way around, through or over this, financially whole or better off as a result.

  48. Colby

    Critics criticize, leaving the heavy lifting, like building, to others.

  49. Who cares??

    Who gives a rats a$$! If the available contents entertaining keep watching. If you don’t like it don’t press play. What does Spotify deleting shi7 have to do with anyone on this comment section? Does it affect your daily life that much? The best message I hear from Rogans show is to think for yourself. I don’t agree with a lot of views he has or his guests have, but it’s still interesting to hear those conversations . Stop getting so emotionally invested in things that are insignificant. If you really have an issue with something go out and resolve it in the real world with real actions. Posting comments doesn’t accomplish anything. Even this comment doesn’t mean shit. So who gives a shit!

  50. FU JR

    Good. Rogan is a phony ignorant meathead loudmouth and all his fans are the biggest tools. Just look at the smooth-brain magabros in these comments who seem to think a private company choosing not to carry someone’s content is a first amendment censorship issue, because some crypto-fascist jackass like JR put that right-wing lie in their otherwise empty heads.

  51. Paul Bailey

    You know Spotify new what The Joe Rogan experience was before they started to wine and dine and romance him to get him to sign a contract. And now they want to stifle his first amendment rights and only allow you to see what they want you to see is just an insult to the rest of us. Rogan should hire lawyers and Sue the s*** out of them get paid fully for the contract that he signed and go elsewhere to broadcast his podcast from now on. I am thoroughly disappointed in Spotify for bowing to this cancel culture that seems to be growing these days. It’s amazing if something’s going on and you don’t like it you just cancel it now just ban it block it whatever doesn’t matter whether or not you’re correct it’s just sickening

  52. Kevin Trump

    It’s a 100 million $$ contract,joe don’t give af if they delete everything he’s ever done… As long as he’s getting paid,they could delete him for all he cares!!! Joe doesn’t care about anything but himself,don’t look to joe ,For someone to stand up and say ANYTHING about living in 1984!!! HEd be the one who tells on his neighbor,because they’re paying him to shut his mouth!!!!

  53. Attorney

    Spotify and Rogan were both quite explicit and repeatedly stated as part of their marketing of the move to Spotify that nothing would change, the company were happy for Rogan to continue producing exactly the kind of material he had always done, and that no subject matter, guest or viewpoint was forbidden. It’s clear now that this was a lie, and a class action lawsuit by tens of thousands of subscribers is inevitable. What a clusterfuck!