Forget COVID Passports — Burning Man Is Officially Cancelled

Burning Man cancelled
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Burning Man cancelled
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Photo Credit: Max Ambio

Forget requiring COVID-19 vaccine proof; Burning Man is cancelled for the second year in a row.

Organizers say they will now focus on the 2022 event that is held annually in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. The decision came down to the wire, as organizers decided against erecting Black Rock City – the temporary tent complex. Organizers were hopeful Burning Man would return in 2021, but that won’t be happening, unfortunately.

“Although here in the United States we may be feeling the weight lifting and the light at the end of the tunnel brightening, we are still in the pandemic, and the uncertainties that need to be resolved are impossible to resolve in the time we have,” Burning Man organizers wrote on the official website.

Some groups of attendees who camp together at the event announced they would not return this year. That’s amid public health and safety concerns and affordability, given how much economic pain the pandemic has inflicted. Many others were planning on attending the event. As recently as Monday they were told they would be eligible for specific quantities of tickets.

“We have decided to set our sights on Black Rock City 2022,” organizers told attendees.

“Humanity is experiencing collective trauma that is unprecedented in recent times, and while for some returning to Black Rock City may feel like ‘the answer,’ t here is very real rebuilding and healing that needs to be done before returning full force to the desert,” the blog post continues.

“The physical, psychic, and emotional impacts of this pandemic are real and the recovery from this experience will happen at different rates of speed. This is the time to gather with our friends, crews, families, and communities.” Burning Man organizers have also prepped a short guide for attendees to find their own Burners Without Borders organization.

Virtual Burning Man is still planned for August 21 through September 5. Users can share their event, performance, workshop, theme camp, or more. Organizers are seeking Burning Man fans to feature, so there are plenty of ways to get involved with the virtual performance this year.

The Bureau of Land Management says public lands will remain open to the public. Anyone choosing to camp on the playa this year will need to be self-sufficient. Organizers have written a guide to roughing it on the playa and doing so responsibly.

“With another year of re-evaluating our systems and concerted planning, together we will co-create the most diverse, inclusive, and environmentally sustainable iteration of Black Rock City yet,” organizers say.

3 Responses

  1. Dr. Faucibreath

    Well, at least the spread of STD’s—a REAL health problem—will be reduced. Plus, perhaps the fairies dancing around in the desert having sex with anything warm will stay home and work.

  2. Hyperactive Child Take One

    It’s not right to have Burning Man this year, not after what happened in the past year.

    In my town alone, thousands of grocery store checkout clerks and health care workers have seen their dead bodies stacked like cordwood and cremated in a communal way to help slow the plague that is taking an endless number of lives.

    This could be the end of humanity, and so it would be “bad optics” to have something like “Burning Man” going on at the same time.

    Make sure to triple mask, get a weekly vaccination from Johnson & Johnson, enjoy your Trump and Biden Bucks, and stay glued to your TV set for further instructions by Dr Bill Gates (honorary doctorate, Harvard University) and wealthy news readers like Anderson Cooper and Rachel Maddow.