Morgan Wallen Moves Closer to Full Reinstatement by His Record Label, Big Loud/Republic

Morgan Wallen (center) flanked by members of Big Loud Records at a golf outing earlier this week (photo: Instagram)
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Morgan Wallen (center) flanked by members of Big Loud Records at a golf outing earlier this week (photo: Instagram)
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Morgan Wallen (center) flanked by members of Big Loud Records at a golf outing earlier this week (photo: Instagram).

After a multi-month suspension, the embattled Morgan Wallen is now being embraced by his record label, Big Loud Records and its CEO, Seth England.

Earlier this week, we first reported that Big Loud Records CEO Seth England had unexpectedly lent his support to the embattled Morgan Wallen. Now, it looks like England is rolling out the red carpet for Wallen with a lavish 28th birthday golf outing and preparing to fully reinstate the singer to his label’s roster.

“Happy Birthday, Bub,” England posted alongside a snapshot of Wallen flanked by more than a dozen Big Loud staffers.”The Fam came out strong today.?️‍♂️”

That follows a gushing post earlier this week by England, who praised Wallen on Instagram as one of the greatest country singers alive. “Two of the very best singers to ever walk music row,” England wrote next to a picture of himself, Wallen, and Ronnie Dunn of Brooks & Dunn. “A bucket list picture I never knew I needed until now. The voice that got me into country music… and the voice that’s keeping me going.”

The flurry of supportive posts represents a stark reversal from an earlier statement by Big Loud, which is partnered with major label Republic Records/Universal Music Group. “In the wake of recent events, Big Loud Records has made the decision to suspend Morgan Wallen’s recording contract indefinitely,” the label somberly stated in early February. “Republic Records fully supports Big Loud’s decision and agrees such behavior will not be tolerated.”

That ‘incident’ and associated ‘behavior’ is now infamous.

In a widely-circulated video clip, Wallen uttered the n-word to a friend outside of his Nashville residence. The video quickly went viral and led to cancellations by nearly every major radio station in America as well as SiriusXM, Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and William Morris Endeavor. Most of those cancellations are still in effect, though Spotify has eased its playlist ban somewhat and a handful of radio stations have reincorporated the singer into their broadcasts.

Big Loud also suspended Wallen, but appeared to be working their marquee artist behind the scenes. That likely included support for a dedicated Spotify album page for Wallen’s Dangerous: The Double Album, as well as support for upcoming tour dates (Wallen has since cancelled all of his summer shows).

Now, it looks like Big Loud isn’t hiding its support for Wallen any longer, though the artist still remains absent from the label’s website. Incidentally, Wallen still has an active page on the Republic Records website, though it isn’t linked from anywhere within the site (though it is searchable on Google).

Additionally, neither Big Loud, Republic, nor Universal Music Group have issued any official statements on the matter. Exactly when Wallen will be reinstated by Big Loud/Republic isn’t clear, though based on the strong support of England, the move appears imminent.

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  1. Greg Faulkner

    Thank you Paul and DMC for continuing to cover this story the right way. And by that I mean covering both sides; the fans’ perspective as well as the stubborn-ass, hypocritical corporations side as well. Most media either act like there is no story or cover only their side.

    • Bob

      This is a non-story story. It’s a way for weirdos and fans of racism to show their support and argue. Nobody cares about Wallen. Increased sales do not reflect anything.

      • Greg Faulkner

        Record sales do not indicate support. That’s like saying calories have nothing to do with why we eat. Your definition of racism is likely a strict code that, if accepted by the masses, will likely gobble up most of the country much like McCarthyism of the 1950s. Calling Wallen a racist and also those who defend his right to have a carrer is like calling someone a murderer who got caught muttering the word “kill” in an innocuous context.

        • Bob

          Cmon, Greg, wise up. Record sales are consistently inflated to make artists rise in chart position so suckers really buy the music.

          As for racism, Wallen has more than once shown his true colors when it comes to intolerance of other races. At what point do you call it like it is, as opposed to trying to look away or justify something so obvious? Jeez.

      • Gail McBroom

        1.1 billion streams in seven weeks were done by this nobody of yours.

        • Emily Santos

          Yet, you’ll probably bash BTS because those aren’t legit. Wallen is a waste of skin. He’s talentless and the people who say they like him either have poor taste in music or bad hearing,…or both.

  2. Red White and Blue Condom

    In America, we have the god-given right to drunkenly tell our white friends that they’re the N-word.

    Ladies and gentlemen, and yes I have assumed your gender, let’s stop hating and learn to love each other.

    • The Real BAC

      The Real BAC here.

      Wow, how clever. Post with my name, but post in a profane way so you can try to get me banned or call me a “racist” in the future for something I didn’t write.

      Real BAC is outta here.

      • Rodney Neruda

        You’re a disaster. Way to try and cover yourself after having apparent second thoughts on your ugly rant. You have zero legitimacy with all your stupid posts. No matter what name you try to use next, people will know you by your stance and tone. goodbye for good and good riddance, you sad little pathetic twit.

  3. Anonymous

    Have any of you ever said something inappropriate when you thought no one was round? I’m sure everyone has so get off your high horse and get over it. No one is perfect!!!!!

    • Lonnie

      It’s a little different right now as the entire planet is in an uproar over racial issues, yet this guy thinks its ok to say something stupid; not once, but twice. And you think its ok to let it happen. You’re a train wreck when it comes to social issues.

        • Janis

          Zzzz…another pathetic attempt to justify the situation.

  4. Mandy Hayes

    I’m SOO GLAD MORGAN WALLEN has been reinstated!! His fans ABSOLUTELY LOVE HIM AND WE MISS HIM!! Thank you Big and Loud!!

  5. Harold Mauer

    Just wait, he’ll show his true colors again and you’ll dismiss it again with some lame excuse – it only happened 6 times…but he only said that twice this year…he has black friends, though…you’re an idiot.