BTS label Big Hit Music Is Looking for a Pop Producer – Here’s How to Apply

Big Hit Music producer
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Big Hit Music producer
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Photo Credit: Tanner Boriack

BTS label Big Hit Music is launching a new global search for a pop producer – here’s how to apply.

The 2021 Next New Creator search is on now at Big Hit Music. The label hopes the audition will find those with producing talents “who challenge the global music industry.”

Aspiring pop producers are encouraged to apply regardless of their age, education, or experience. However, applicants need to be at least 14 years of age to qualify. Both individuals and teams are encouraged to audition for the role.

Anyone interested in applying for the position should copyright any demo reels they send along. Interested? Here’s how to get started.

How to Apply for Big Hit Music Producer Audition

Applicants need to start an online application at the NNC website. Submitted demos should be sufficiently competitive in the global music market to showcase the best of your talents and tastes. Big Hit Music says they’re looking for a producer with an excellent understanding of the global music market and trends that are developing.

  • Submit 2-5 demos – a complete track with completed melody and lyrics OR only the track
  • List the credits of the demo files (Composer, lyricist, arranger, guide vocal, sample use)
  • Mobile DAW not accepted
  • For teams, each team member MUST submit his or her own application separately

The application period started May 17 and runs to June 16. After the end of the submission period, the evaluation process will begin. Big Hit Music will screen entrants before sending them off for consideration in the main competition.

After the submission process ends, applicants who have passed the internal screen process will be contacted separately to proceed to the main competition. The grand prize for winning the competition is KRW 5,000,000 ($~4,500 USD). Big Hit Music cautions that a final winner may not be selected to receive the grand prize depending on final entries.

“You may have the opportunity to become an in-house producer, depending on the evaluation results,” the Awards and Prize section of the submission guidelines read. HYBE is handling any questions or inquiries about the global competition, which goes on through June 16.

Know a producer who is looking to showcase their talent? Share the news as the competition lasts for a month.