Vevo Launches ‘Vevo Rewind’ to Better Target Nostalgic Viewers

Vevo Rewind
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Vevo Rewind
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Photo Credit: Hello I’m Nik

Vevo has launched a new contextual advertising product called Vevo Rewind.

Vevo Rewind allows brands to place their campaign alongside Vevo music videos of a specific decade. Contextual advertising for the 1970s through the 2010s is available using this tool, in addition to targeting via music genre and country.

The tool follows Vevo’s Moods contextual ad targeting product, allowing brands to target music videos for their emotional content. In short, a gym membership or exercise equipment ad may appear alongside the ‘Eye of the Tiger’ music video.

“Nostalgia is a really important part of generational engagement, and perhaps, even more so in times of uncertainty,” says James Cornish, the VP of International Sales at Vevo. “Because our vast catalog contains everything from Elton John to Eurythmics, we can help evoke nostalgia with consumers, no matter what decade they grew up in.”

“Drawing upon this emotional connection is a huge advantage for advertisers and brands, and we’re very excited to launch this new offering,” Cornish continues.

“Vevo Rewind will also help brands tap into our expertise in decade-specific initiatives, such as our linear TV channels that focus on a particular era. Throwbacks continue to thrive in our video charts, driving views across the entire Vevo network. In the UK, as well as globally, we expect this trend to continue as people reunite inside their living rooms.”

Vevo Rewind is available within the Vevo network, including on-demand and linear TV channels.

The contextual ad solution can target consumers in the UK, Australia, Canada, Mexico, and the United States. It helps take advantage of what psychologists call the reminiscence bump, or when middle-aged people access memories they acquired in the 10-30 age range.

A 2008 study found that “hearing music associated with our past often evokes a strong ‘feeling of knowing.'” Just listening to music from our past can evoke memories about things that have happened to us, good or bad. Vevo is allowing advertisers to tap into that feeling to market their products and services among a likely receptive audience.

Vevo is also reaching outside its linear TV audience reach with a deal with Comcast’s FreeWheel. The music video network is integrated into Strata to allow local spot buyers access to Vevo inventory for local markets to reach audiences outside the traditional TV ecosystem.

Two-thirds of Vevo viewers are in the 18-49 age group, and more than half of those identify as light TV watchers. Vevo says the change helps local advertisers reach younger and multi-cultural audiences.