Binance (BSC) MVBII Needs A Theme Song

Rocki, the biggest music NFT platform on Binance Smart Chain.
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Rocki, the biggest music NFT platform on Binance Smart Chain.
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Photo Credit: ROCKI Ltd.

ROCKI, the new music platform for NFTs that has already garnered attention from musicians and crypto enthusiasts, and Binance Smart Chain, are on the hunt for an official theme song for the Binance Smart Chain MVBII program. And they’re willing to pay for it.

The following article comes from ROCKI, a proud partner of DMN.

Accordingly, the service, which is dedicated to improving the lives of independent musicians and producers, has opened up the search. The winning song will be played during several Binance Smart Chain Hackathon events, and receive $10,000 in ROCKS tokens as the grand prize.

There is also $1,000 in ROCKS tokens to 10 randomly selected artists that have submitted music to this competition. Songs submitted can be old or brand new, so long as they are owned by the musician and the rights are fully cleared.

Like the ROCKI app itself, the competition is straightforward. All you have to do is sign up at, follow the instructions in the confirmation email, upload the track before June 15, 2021, and cross your fingers that it’s your name they announce on June 21st 2021. Sign up here


ROCKI is the world’s biggest Music NFT platform dedicated to musicians and fans on Binance Smart Chain. ROCKI is a music streaming service and music NFT platform designed to solve some of the most fundamental problems of the music industry – creating new revenue streams for artists

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