Grandma Who Paid for Morgan Wallen Billboards Speaks Out — “We’re Not Bowing Down to the Mob”

Morgan Wallen fans continue to show their support with new billboards in Nashville.

The beleaguered country star was subjected to ‘cancel culture’ earlier this year after uttering a slur on video. But die-hard fans demanded that the music industry give their home-grown East Tennessean another chance – which is now happening.

Darleen Ingram of Empire, Alabama, is one of Wallen’s most fervent supporters. When Wallen was cancelled from appearing at multiple music awards, billboards went up in Nashville and Los Angeles. Darleen Ingram is the mastermind behind the billboard campaign to keep the attention on Wallen.

“People have the right to make their own decisions, it is not the music industry, political parties, news media, or any other big business that needs to tell us what is right,” Ingram says.

“The fans stood up and said we are not allowing this to happen. They may take his radio airplay away, and they may take his awards, but they will not stop us from listening and having our voices heard. The music industry jumped so fast, without taking time to hear his side of the story or to evaluate who his friends are. How many in the industry are guilty?” Ingram asks.

Mrs. Ingram paid for the Morgan Wallen billboards around Nashville and Los Angeles to show her support for the country star. “We’re not bowing down to the mob,” she told the Tennessean.

Her support campaign may have played a role in Wallen getting reinstated by his record label, Big Loud Records. Big Loud is partnered with major label Republic Records/Universal Music Group, which has been largely quiet on the matter. Wallen was reinstated by Big Loud and returned to the label’s website after a suspension that lasted four months.

Big Loud/Republic made the decision to officially suspend Wallen after the racial slur incident in February. Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, SiriusXM, and most country radio stations in America stopped playing his music. But the cancellation of Wallen served as a lightning rod for some, a dynamic that brought album sales to an all-time high.

The outrage spilled into other areas of the industry. Multiple broadcast radio stations reported receiving angry calls from Wallen fans. Most threatened to stop listening to stations that wouldn’t play his music. Other fans turned to billboards to show their support during award shows that excluded the country singer.

Now, it looks like that pressure campaign is working in more ways than one. Pandora recently lifted its ban on Morgan Wallen, likely to keep its country music fans happy. Spotify reintegrated Wallen into a number of country playlists, but not Hot Country. Just a few days ago, his music was reinstated by the major radio conglomerates who banned him back in February.

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  1. Nun Bush

    I call bullshit on this story.

    If there is a grandma, she’s mental or doesn’t comprehend the real story here.

    As for Paul and DMN, it’s yet another article on this racist asshole who gets the website clicks. Look at most any other story and there’s crickets. This is the only way DMN can get eyeballs and activity. Sad and pathetic, really.

    • Udik Molali

      Really? You doubt this is a grandma behind this? I bet there is. She’s old so she embraces the general lee flag and slavery so why wouldn’t she support Wallen?

      • Herr Stupidasshole

        Racism is good. America loves racists.

        • Homer Plessy

          Yeah, you Democrats cheated to put a real racist in the White House. Joe Biden bragged for decades about receiving an award from George Wallace. Joe Biden also eulogized Senator and former KKK kleagle Robert Byrd after he died a decade ago. Biden regularly made fun of Indians who ran convenience stores in Delaware. His own son regularly uses the N word.

          Democrats are the party of racism. Democrats supported slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, and selling out the black family to cheap Mexican and Chinese labor. Look at every major Democrat-run city. There are always “racial” problems in them.

          Blacks who support Democrats are the ultimate Uncle Toms. They are the House Negro just trying to impress White Leftist Massa. They look down on any Field Negro who is trying to do real work.

          • Mary K.

            And Hillary Clinton Bengazi, 30,000 emails, George Soros, Bill Gates, blah blah blah. Such bullshit coming from you. You’re beyond woke that you’re believing your own crap. Now speak about how much the GOP has done for America and the people you reference in your diatribe. Crickets.

    • Jessie

      Bro I was in the billboard group that Darleen got together to support Wallen. I can’t confirm or deny her “grandma-ship”, but she is def a real person

    • Urias

      You’re mental. You keep pushing the same, false narrative. Those involved in the attack on the capital were proven to be right wing. Those involved in looting American cities and burning them were proven to be right wing. Get your info straight. You make claims that can easily be proven otherwise with fact.


        Yes, all those BLM t-shirts were a right-wing conspiracy.

        You are a fucking liar, and I hope you die soon.

  2. Jonas

    Interesting how DMN chooses to block comments on some stories, but NEVER blocks comments on stories related to Wallen. Looks like DMN is in favor of allowing the idiots to post fake info. Paul, get your head out, man.

  3. Keith W

    Politics aside Wallen is exactly what is wrong with America. Nicey nice on the outside with systemic racism on the inside. People call it cancel culture and you can call it what you will, but it’s called consequence for your “free speech”. Boo hoo. Poor Wallen. He needs to grow up and stop his wreckless redneck ways. He makes country music look bad. I’m guessing he lost most of his black fans…..

    • Nine Inch Snails

      How is Wallen racist? He used the nword as a term of endearment to his white buddy. How is that racist? Are you that stupid, Keith? Do you still live in your mother’s basement? Does she change your diaper every morning?

      • Keith

        Way to justify racism. You can’t have a real conversation about the topic so you resort to trying to minimize others. Mother’s basement? Wow, that’s real adult. Diapers? Sounds like you’re the one who needs those.

    • Tu Soon?

      You are what is wrong with America. BLM is what is wrong with America. Tyrannical facemask and Covid Nazis are what is wrong with America. Antifa is what is wrong with America. Socialism is what is wrong with America. Joe Biden is what is wrong with America.

  4. ©

    wait, what?!?! Racist people are sticking up for other racist people?! Well, I never….