BTS Agency Hybe Takes Legal Action Against “Perpetrators of Malicious Postings”

BTS military service
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BTS military service
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Photo Credit: 7 Loves in Las Vegas / CC by 2.0

BTS agency Hybe has officially taken legal action against “perpetrators of malicious postings” targeting today’s most popular K-pop group.

Hybe (formerly Big Hit Entertainment), which made a series of high-profile changes at the executive level yesterday, just recently detailed its criticism-focused legal actions. According to this straightforward message, the South Korea-based company (and specifically its Big Hit Music division) “regularly initiates legal proceedings against perpetrators of malicious activities related to BTS, including ill-intentioned criticism, the spread of groundless information, sexual harassment, personal attacks and defamation.”

Consequently, the document serves as an update on these long-running efforts, as opposed to a notice of a pivot towards legal action, the text continues. The company has “filed criminal complaints” involving alleged defamation of character (under Article 70 of South Korea’s Act on Promotion of Information) and for insult (under Article 311 of South Korea’s Criminal Act).

The nuances of said complaints remain unclear, and Big Hit Music relayed on this front that “we may be unable to release further details or comment on pending cases to ensure that perpetrators can be identified and investigations remain confidential.” However, the entity also disclosed that it’s pursued action specifically “against perpetrators who engaged in repeated posting or spreading malicious replies and writings exceeding the boundaries of socially-acceptable expression of opinions on online communities, blogs and social media.”

For reference, Article 311 of the Criminal Act states (according to a translation from the Korea Legislation Research Institute) that “a person who publicly insults another shall be punished by imprisonment or imprisonment without prison labor for not more than one year or by a fine not exceeding two million won,” or $1,769 or so at the present exchange rate. But Article 312, for its part, elaborates that Articles 308 to 311 “shall be prosecuted only upon complaint.”

Seemingly to drive home the idea that it aggressively pursues BTS-related defamation and insult, the Hybe subsidiary indicated that even a stay of proceedings stemming from uncertainty about a defendant’s address didn’t stop one action, which simply continued “after the perpetrator was newly identified.”

Furthermore, for instances “where the criminal complaint was concluded with a sentencing,” Hybe/Big Hit Music continued, “we filed additional civil suits for damages.” And just in case the threat of criminal prosecution and a potentially expensive civil suit wasn’t enough to deter would-be BTS critics from posting online, the company reiterated in closing that all BTS ARMY diehards are encouraged “to make use of the new BIGHIT MUSIC legal hotline,”, “to submit information regarding BIGHIT MUSIC artists.”

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    • Ralph

      Your post is what happens when idiots have too much time on their hands and too little brain power.

      • BT$

        If these guys can’t handle some online trolls maybe they shouldn’t be in the music industry.

        • Ralph

          Way to be completely short-sighted. Online trolls (such as yourself) can hinder revenue, perception and opportunity with the pushing of fake information.

  1. Ignacio

    This is so sad. The spotlight has trolls guys, successful artists need to deal with it and move on.

    • Wanda

      It does and always has, but that doesn’t make the actions of those trolls ok. Taking actions might set a precedent and make an example of a few jerks.

      • Anonymous

        I agree with you Wanda, they need to be called out at some point otherwise these trolls will just continually slander these artist.

  2. 지안

    None of these guys will survive one day in Korea military training! They are little girls!

  3. Tu Soon?

    These poptarts use social media to make millions. Why can’t I call them tinydick shallow pieces of useless shite?

    • Barnard

      For all their supposed “useless” existence, they make more money than you’ll ever have, employ many people and contribute to the happiness of millions of fans.

      Your comment really reflects back on you. As for the tinydick part, wow, you’re either jealous because you’re even smaller, or why are you concerned with penis size? You’re a mess.

        • Benny

          Way to respond with anything to back up your claim.

          Settle down chump. You can barely form a sentence in English.

  4. Mrs. C

    You’re not forced to like anything, and have a right to give an opinion without disrespecting. Artist are humans!!! Our actions as human beings should be to respect each others. In the end this world needs more positive attitude, and not toxic negativity.
    Stop being troll bullies and do something more positive, spread love, give joy to others. This type of attitude pushes racism to exist in the world.
    We all should be working together to get rid of it and not continue.
    And if you still spread hate, than learn to love yourself!!!