Seinfeld Soundtrack Finally Drops 20+ Years After The Show Ends

Seinfeld soundtrack
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Seinfeld soundtrack
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Photo Credit: George Pagan III

The Seinfeld soundtrack finally dropped more than two decades after the final season of the show. 

The unending contributions to pop culture have cemented the phrases of Seinfeld, but never the sound. Composer Jonathan Wolff told Variety that’s because the show wasn’t always a hit. “It struggled for the first few seasons,” Wolff says of the series. 

“We were an accidental hit. We were busy getting episodes out, and nobody was thinking about the music. And that’s okay,” he says. Seinfeld hit its stride in the last half of its nine-season run on NBC from 1989 to 1998. The good news is that despite taking more than 23 years to drop, the soundtrack is loaded with Seinfeld hits. 

The full Seinfeld soundtrack tracklist contains many of the series’ memorable songs. It also includes some never-aired stuff in the mix, for true Seinfeld fans. 

Seinfeld Soundtrack Tracklist

1. Seinfeld Theme

2. Seinfeld Theme (Highlights of 100) – Jonathan Wolff 

3. Seinfeld Theme (The Chronicle) – Jonathan Wolff 

4. The Jerry Show Theme (The Pilot Part 2) – Jonathan Wolff 

5. Kramer’s Pimpwalk (The Wig Master) – Jonathan Wolff 

6. Jerry the Mailman (The Andria Doria) – Jonathan Wolff 

7. Himalayan Walking Shoes (The Hot Tub) – Jonathan Wolff 

8. John Jermaine Jazz #1 (The Rye)- Jonathan Wolff 

9. John Jermaine Jazz #2 (The Rye) – Jonathan Wolff (feat Bob Sheppard)

10. John Jermaine Jazz #3 (The Rye) – Jonathan Wolff (feat Bob Sheppard)

11. Kramer’s Boombox (The Package) – Jonathan Wolff

12. Jerry vs Newman Chase (The Soul Mate) – Jonathan Wolff

13. Cable Guy vs Kramer Chase (The Cadillac Part 2) – Jonathan Wolff

14. Noxin (The Cadillac Part 2) – Jonathan Wolff

15. Jesus is One (feat Jack Diamond) [The Burning] – Jonathan Wolff

16 Kramer’s Crappy Banjo (The Muffin Tops) – Jonathan Wolff

Seinfeld Soundtrack Tracklist (Cont’d)

17. Peterman in Burmese Jungle (The Chicken Roaster) – Jonathan Wolff

18. TV Cartoon / Wheels on the Bus (The Contest) – Jonathan Wolff

19. Finale Suitcase Montage (The Finale) – Jonathan Wolff

20. Waiting For the Verdict Blues (The Finale) – Jonathan Wolff

21. This Night Show (The Trip Part 1) – Jonathan Wolff

22. Rock Music Video (The Trip Part 1) – Jonathan Wolff

23. The Lopper (The Frogger) – Jonathan Wolff

24. 1937 Wedding Cake Waltz (The Frogger) – Jonathan Wolff

25. Kramer Bachelor Auction (The Barber) – Jonathan Wolff

26. Rochelle, Rochelle the Musical (The Understudy) – Jonathan Wolff

27. Pier Contemplation (The Invitations) – Jonathan Wolff

28. Loud Dixieland Band (The Mom & Pop Store) – Jonathan Wolff

29. Scarsdale Surprise (The Summer of George)

30. Checkmate / Chunnel / Death Blow (The Movie, The Pool Guy, The Little Kicks) – Jonathan Wolff

31. Blimp (The Puerto Rican Day) – Jonathan Wolff

32. The Pain & The Yearning (The Comeback) – Jonathan Wolff

33. George’s Answering Machine (Greatest American Hero) [The Susie] – Jonathan Wolff