Saas Live Event Planning Startup OnePlan Raises $3.8 Million

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Photo Credit: OnePlan

Software as a service live event planning startup OnePlan has raised $3.8 million in a Series A funding round.

The two-year-old OnePlan revealed its multimillion-dollar raise today, via a formal release that was shared with Digital Music News. Per this announcement message, Five Guys investor Pembroke VCT and Furmacy backer Eppes Creek Ventures led the Series A, and OnePlan intends to use the corresponding capital to “expand the team, accelerate growth, develop new products and scale internationally.”

Furthermore, north of 2,000 events (across more than 50 countries) have utilized OnePlan to date, the document discloses, with current clients including Arsenal F.C., the Brooklyn Nets, and Edmonton, Alberta, Canada’s Commonwealth Stadium. The latter is the largest open-air stadium in the country, with a seating capacity of nearly 56,000.

Given the ongoing return of non-socially distanced music festivals and concerts – as well as the packed live-entertainment schedule through the remainder of 2021 and into 2022 – it goes without saying that more than a few professionals are planning crowd-based functions. On this front, OnePlan “streamlines the design and production process” by providing “the world’s best selection of 2D, 3D, satellite and aerial maps,” the text indicates.

And in terms of the mentioned three-dimensional renderings, the startup’s Venue Twin option “duplicates every aspect of a stadium or arena in 3D, enabling organizers to fly-through a space and optimize fan experience.” These individuals and companies (besides broadcasters and sponsors) can then “test sightlines and signage” or even “the effects of a sudden rainstorm,” also according to the release.

Everything from crowd control to vendor positioning and security to fencing can likewise be organized through the platform, the text relays, with the “Social Distancing Toolkit” encompassing vaccine-passport checkpoints, crowd-flow management options, seating assignments, and more.

Addressing his company’s raise in a statement, OnePlan founder and CEO Paul Foster said: “We’re excited to start the next leg of our journey with an amazing team of investors who share our vision for OnePlan.

“Above all, we’re passionate about continuing to help our customers create amazing events in a simpler and more efficient way,” finished the longtime Olympics planner.

Earlier this month, livestreaming startup Mandolin closed a Series A of its own, whereas music licensing and distribution platform Songtradr in late June raised $50 million through a Series D. And today, DMN reported that song-investment fund Hipgnosis had generated another $215 million to buy music IP, albeit via a stock issuance as opposed to a funding round.