PETA Protests Upcoming Vanilla Ice, Jesse McCartney Shows at SeaWorld

Vanilla Ice SeaWorld
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Vanilla Ice SeaWorld
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Photo Credit: YoTuT / CC by 3.0

PETA plans to protest two concerts at SeaWorld in San Antonio featuring Vanilla Ice and Jesse McCartney.

SeaWorld San Antonio is celebrating its re-opening with a series of open-air concerts at its Nautilus Amphitheater. The “Electric Ocean” concert series will kick off with Vanilla Ice headlining on June 10. Vanilla Ice was supposed to perform at a concert at Lake Travis Austin in July 2020, but it was postponed due to the pandemic.

SeaWorld Electric Ocean Concert Series Dates

  • Vanilla Ice – July 10
  • Kenny Metcalf as Elton: The Early Years – July 11
  • Jesse McCartney – July 17
  • .38 Special – July 18
  • Matthew West – July 24
  • Shelly Lares – July 25
  • Air Supply – July 31
  • Blue Oyster Cult – August 1

PETA has caught word about the concert series and will make a show of protesting it. The animal rights group says it will show up to those events holding signs that say “Stop, Collaborate, and Listen: Animals Suffer at SeaWorld” and “A Beautiful Soul Doesn’t Support SeaWorld Dolphin Abuse.”

PETA specifically mentions only the July 10 and July 17 concerts that feature Vanilla Ice and Jesse McCartney specifically. “Vanilla Ice and Jesse McCartney can choose to perform at a marine park, but the orcas and other dolphins at SeaWorld can’t choose where to go, what to eat, whom to live with, or anything else that matters to them,” says PETA president Ingrid Newkirk.

“PETA is encouraging would-be ticket buyers to skip all of SeaWorld’s shows, from the sad dolphin displays to the throwback concerts.” You’d think PETA would be calling out the rest of the musical acts that will appear instead of focusing on the two highest-profile artists.

Activists say the protest is about sending a message specific to the artists rather than SeaWorld.

A San Antonio activist says, “we want to send a message to the artist to not support SeaWorld and their practices.” SeaWorld has faced backlash about its animal housing practices since the 2013 documentary Blackfish. Neither SeaWorld nor any of the musical acts taking part have commented on PETA’s statements.

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  1. Shamu

    Ice ice baby. What a terrible show. The fish at the park will probably kill themselves.

    • Willie Dolphin

      They will be jumping out of the tanks trying to run back to the ocean with that lineup of concerts

      • Bobby

        Enjoy denying yourself a life of pleasure. We’ll both end up in the same place.

        • Jenni

          I have a very pleasurable life, actually. Wherever you think we’ll both end up, you’ll get there sooner than I.

          • PETA = Terrorists

            Jenni, your life is miserable and pathetic. You won’t be missed by anyone.

        • Jenni

          If you’re older than I am, it would be even harder for you to justify your stupidity.

          • ROn

            Don’t worry, Jenni. He is older than you and much stupider.

  2. Bobby

    Just had a delicious leftover baconburger with cheddar. Getting ready to smoke a 15lb brisket this weekend.

    Life is good.

    • Jimmy

      You post like its a boast and trying to slap vegans. Nobody cares what you ate. Nobody cares about you.

      • Bobby

        Vegans are insane. PETA is full of anarchists and leeches. I hate them both.

    • Lollie

      Your life may be good, except for your internal conflict that pushes you to post ugly comments under a variety of online names. What a sad little child you are.

  3. Bobby

    Every vegan I know is an angry, preachy, pale and malnourished know-it-all. Thank God I only know a few. Most die young from suicide and drug abuse.

    No thanks. Pass the meat and potatoes, please.