Jessica Reid Quickly Raises $15,000 to Reopen Charlamagne tha God Rape Case

Jessica Reid
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Jessica Reid
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Jessica Reid

Jessica Reid, who claims she was raped by Charlamagne tha God in 2001, is now raising money to reopen her case against the prominent radio personality and other alleged perpetrators.

Prominent hip-hop radio personality Charlamagne tha God was acquitted of rape charges nearly twenty years ago. But his alleged victim, Jessica Reid, says that Charlamagne is guilty and gamed the legal system to walk away clean. She also says that Charlamagne tha God committed the heinous act with other assailants who were never detained.

Now, Reid is raising funds to reopen the matter by identifying co-conspirators, and potentially prove her case to South Carolina state prosecutors.

Despite the serious accusations, Charlamagne tha God, whose real name is Lenard McKelvey, was found not guilty of sexual assault. No traces of Charlamagne’s DNA or semen were found on Reid’s body, though the two were at a party together and Reid was underage at the time. Accordingly, Charlamagne did plead guilty to a lesser charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor by making alcohol available at a party where the incident allegedly occurred. That resulted in three years of probation, though the more serious sexual assault charge was dismissed.

That seemed to end the matter, though Reid’s mother soon accused Charlamagne of buying his innocence with “high class attorneys.” She also revealed that Charlamagne was an acquaintance of the family, and betrayed their trust by taking advantage of the underage Jessica.

“He alluded us to believe and trust in him, and then he turns around and violates my daughter by raping and drugging her, and then… he gets away with it,” Reid’s mother stated.

Others have also accused Charlamagne of gaming the legal system, including rival deejay Funkmaster Flex and former NBA player Kwame Brown. Earlier this year, both openly questioned the Charlamagne verdict.

Despite possible statute of limitations issues and a straightforward verdict, Jessica Reid says that justice simply hasn’t been served. Now, she’s raising money to reopen the matter, and potentially offer additional evidence to prove Charlamagne’s guilt.

At present, Reid has raised nearly $15,000 on GoFundMe to restart the legal action, with more than 250 donors chipping in. “For the record, Charlamagne was NOT exonerated by way of a DNA test,” the GoFundMe declares. “The test was inconclusive because Jessica did not submit to the test. However, the examination conducted by Summerville Medical Center did conclude that Jessica was indeed raped.”

Reid also states that Charlamagne tha God didn’t act alone. Instead, she alleges that two other co-conspirators assisted in the rape by physically restraining her in a bathroom at the party. Accordingly, the funds raised will be used for a private investigator who will help to find the other individuals.

“Please help us pay for a private investigator to find Charlamagne’s friends who held Jessica’s arms in the bathroom when she was first violated,” the GoFundMe continues.

That sounds like an interesting strategy to reopen the case. While Charlamagne tha God is probably insulated by the not guilty verdict, the other individuals were never tried. Whether they can be found and brought to justice twenty years later remains a serious question, though Reid says a team has already been hired.

“We have officially hired a team, working with us and for us,” Reid stated. “They are doing the best they can, they are working very hard to find enough information to bring charges against the other two perpetrators.”

Reid says she endured years of serious trauma following the rape and found her life derailed.

She attempted to move from South Carolina to Virginia to get a fresh start, but says she found it difficult to leave the rape behind. “Truth is I was smiling on the outside, but so broken and hurt on the inside,” Reid relayed. “No matter where I was the pain from that night stuck with me.”

More as this develops.

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  1. Money Hungry Whore

    I was also rapped by this guy many years ago. I can’t prove it, who fucking cares about facts? I want dem moneys and attention!

  2. Moon Frown

    Calling a 15-year-old who was actually raped “Money Hungry” sounds like the typical response from someone who has probably raped a female at some point in his life. Just saying, since the comment was allowed to remain posted.

  3. Burt

    2001? Give me a goddamn break.

    Attention-seeking slut.