New York City’s Indoor Vaccine Mandate Begins – All Indoor Shows, Entertainment Impacted

NYC vaccine mandate
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NYC vaccine mandate
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Photo Credit: Emiliano Bar

New York City’s new indoor vaccine mandate is now in effect. Here’s what it means.

Mayor Bill de Blasio signed an executive order requiring indoor venues to check the vaccination status of everyone entering the venue. The NYC vaccine mandate is now in effect, but enforcement doesn’t start until September 13.

All businesses are required to hang posters describing the vaccine mandate near entrances. Exceptions can be made for customers to use the bathroom, but otherwise, everyone must be checked.

“We know that this is going to reach hundreds of thousands of people; convince them it’s time,” the mayor told the press. “Just buy into this because it’s going to work for all of us. It’s going to make us all safer.”

New York City is working hard to make sure the city knows about the indoor vaccine mandate.

It has hired 570 people to canvass small businesses in the city with information about the vaccine requirement. The city is also launching a $10 million ad campaign to raise awareness about the new mandate.

Starting September 13, the New York Department of Health may issue fines and other penalties to indoor venues that are not checking vaccination status before entry. de Blasio says the sheriff’s office may get involved if fake vaccine cards are detected.

NYC Vaccine Mandate – What to Know

New York City officials are relying on two official apps – NYC COVID Safe and the Excelsior Pass. Showing your CDC-issued paper vaccine card is also accepted.

The Excelsior Pass is the state’s vaccine passport app, and it verifies applications against the city and state vaccination records. The NYC COVID Safe app allows New Yorkers to take a picture of their vaccine card to store it digitally. New Yorkers who were vaccinated out of state can get an Excelsior Pass if they ask their health care provider to upload their vaccination information to the New York vaccine registries.

For anyone vaccinated outside of the United States, paperwork from abroad showing the patron has received one of the eight approved vaccines for emergency use will be accepted. Currently, the only FDA-approved vaccines in the United States are the Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccines.

15 Responses

    • Idiot Detector

      Yeah, because large events with no masks during a pandemic is a good idea.

      You’re a foolish person.

      NYC is one of America’s greatest places.

      • ByM

        Masks do not prevent the transmission of viruses.

        It is not a “pandemic” anymore, and it hasn’t been one for a long time, if ever.

        • Idiot Detector

          Tell that to the millions who have died from the ‘not a pandemic’.

          And you have never been a doctor. So much for your comment.

          Worthless, you are.

          • Dr Benway

            The WHO changed their definition of a “pandemic” in 2009 so they could declare a pandemic without having to demonstrate the intensity of the disease.

            There are absolutely zero randomized or controlled studies, published in worldwide peer-reviewed medical journals, involving human beings, much less medical professionals, indicating that a mask prevents virus transmission. And this is even though scores of studies being published looking into the matter.

            I doubt you’re a doctor, much less anything or than a full-time troll.

      • idiot detector is an idiot

        yo moron idiot detector….microns you putz………..the virus is less than one micron and masks can not protect that at all…if you care about the science of disease transmission and masks particles…you would know….NYC awesome…….your statement not accurate….

        • Idiot Detector

          Yeah, better to not put any safety measures which could help keep people healthy and safeguard our economy.

          Masks actually work. Your brain is a micron.

          • Dr Benway

            If masks work, then you should be able to point to a single peer-reviewed study, randomized or controlled, involving humans, and published in a medical journal prior to March 2020.

            You can’t. Such a study does not exist. Masks don’t work.

            You’ve been lied to, Idiot Detector. You have believed the CDC and WHO’s dogma. Both organizations changed their stance regarding masks in spring 2020 without citing any kind of study like I mentioned previously. Instead, junk studies were published quickly involving “computer models” and other garbage data. One study, published in the disgraceful Lancet in mid-2020, the same publication that brought us the “vaccines cause Autism” nonsense 20 years ago, had to be withdrawn immediately because it was straight up garbage and everybody with half a brain pointed it out.

        • Jenny

          So, name-calling is a solution now? You’ve pointed out, as many people who don’t have a clue, your beliefs on the problem, but fail to present any alternate solutions. Should we just not use masks, go back to normal and see what happens? Provide something other than nothing, please.

          • Dr Benway

            Jenny, maybe you should understand a little bit about antibodies and what a healthy immune system does. Most people who are not super old and without comorbidities or super compromised immune systems will deal with it OK. Many won’t even know they had it. You think a talisman like a mask, or witchcraft like “social distancing”, is the answer. Why is that? You must believe everything the government media actors say. The “vaccine” isn’t even a vaccine. It is experimental and not approved by the FDA and Big Pharma has immunity. That alone should scare everybody more than “positive PCR tests”. But you people are somehow smarter because you believe everything Chris Cuomo or Joe Scarborough say.

  1. Bob

    The Pfizer, Modena and J&J vaccines are not fully FDA approved yet. You should correct your article.

    • Jeremy Sanderson

      Your reading comprehension is poor. The article never said they were fully approved. It said they were approved, which is very different. In fact, the vaccines were approved by the FDA…for emergency use. Details matter.

      • Dr Benway

        Jeremy I guess that makes it OK. It was approved for emergency use. How many people have died from blood clots and other side effects of the “vaccine”? At least in the tens of thousands, but that is surely being under-reported. But I’m sure you want the government to force everybody to get jabbed repeatedly because you’re a Fascist.