Immensity: An Artist Management Platform — Expanding Its AI-Powered Data Analytics Capabilities Following Wyngate Investments Infusion


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Immensity Inc. has secured an investment and partnership with Wyngate Investments.

The following was created in collaboration with Immensity, a proud partner of Digital Music News.

Immensity is an artist management platform designed to allow music industry professionals to consolidate and analyze data, collaborate, and better understand their digital presence. Immensity launched its mobile app in November 2020 and has seen over 2,500 downloads across 50 countries.

The company has built an AI-powered data engine to help artists, managers, labels, publishers, and distribution companies find meaningful relationships across the digital landscape. That’s because the mobile app can integrate social media, streaming, and merch data all into one system, and the algorithm can analyze metrics from all of these various platforms to find hidden patterns and correlations that help optimize revenue streams.

Immensity Co-Founder & CEO Nick Minicucci says, “We’re thrilled about this partnership, it’s been our goal for a long time to help artists and their teams get more out of their data and now we’re going to be able to do just that.”

“Musicians have ways to view and organize metrics from social media and streaming platforms, but there’s really not much to help them figure out what it all means and grow their bottom line. For instance, if you double down on your YouTube strategy or boost an Instagram post – is that actually helping you make more money? Our technology is going to help the industry really start answering these types of questions.”

Thanks to the infusion from Wyngate Investments, Immensity first and foremost plans to deepen its data analysis capabilities.

They are already working with several major publishers and managers, and plan on pursuing additional partnerships with musicians and other music industry companies as well. Beyond that, they will even begin experimenting with how their technology could serve other types of creators.

Immensity is based out of Boston, Massachusetts. The company currently employs 14 people and is working on multiple solutions for artists and their teams. Wyngate Investments is a Boston-based venture capital firm that invests at the pre-seed and seed-stage, focusing on startups that explore new technology in AI/ML, Fintech, IoT, and eSports.

The Immensity ecosystem has 3 different components. Their free mobile app offers artists a dashboard that consolidates data from services like Twitch, Facebook, and Instagram, in one place. It highlights trends in that data over time, and showcases top-performing assets from each platform.

It also features a messages screen to allow users to chat with bandmates and other team members. Immensity Premium is $10.99/month, includes up to 10 accounts, and offers its users insights, which are actionable items that can help improve and maximize an artists’ digital presence. These apps are available on both Apple and Android.

Finally, Immensity Enterprise offers fully customized analytics into every metric and potential relationship, and tailored suggestions centered around the client’s actual goals and interests.