Kauer Guitars Is Building Handmade Guitars to Help Evacuate People from Afghanistan

Kauer Guitars Afghanistan
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Kauer Guitars Afghanistan
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Photo Credit: Kauer Guitars

Kauer Guitars is building handmade instruments to raise funds to help evacuate people from Afghanistan.

The boutique electric guitar company based out of California posted about the effort on its Instagram account. They have raised over $40,000 for the Flyaway: Emergency Rescue Mission Fund. It’s a fund that helps evacuate people who have no chance to survive in Taliban-occupied Afghanistan.

“Show us a $2,000 receipt to the GoFundMe, and I’ll build you a Korona (that you’ll get by the end of 2021),” Kauer Guitars writes on Instagram. “That’s 30% off, and we are entirely out of pocket, but it’s worth it.”

Korona guitar models listed on the Kauer Guitars website usually go for $3,150.

Kauer Guitars received such a huge response to the offer; it is warning donors it may take until 2022 before their delivery is available. “The few of you who had questions that we are talking to right now, go ahead and donate just be aware we may be into early 2022 for delivery,” an update to the post reads.

For people who can’t afford to donate $2,000 to the cause, Kauer Guitars is also running a raffle. Doug Kauer has opened a raffle for his personal Shoreliner six-string, with entries costing $20. You can enter by donating at least $20 to the Flyaway: Emergency Rescue Fund and sending a copy of your receipt to doug@kauerguitars.com.

“Second way to help – I know a $2,000 contribution is a lot, so every $20 you donate to the effort gets you a raffle ticket for my personal Shoreliner,” the second post reads.

“But wait, there’s more! A friend of ours donated for a Korona spot and asked us to donate their build, so TWO of you will end up with a guitar. Let’s make it happen!”

The effort Kauer Guitars is working to support has raised over $6,250,000 to evacuate people from Afghanistan. “Afghan men and women who have worked as human rights lawyers, champions of women’s and LGBTQ rights, journalists, government liaisons, artists, and interpreters are at imminent risk of being executed by the Taliban, along with their families.”