Travis Tritt Calls Venue Vaccination Requirements ‘Discrimination’

Country music singer Travis Tritt wants his thoughts on vaccination requirements known.

The singer issued an official statement, saying he felt compelled to make it due to mask mandates and other policies. “In light of recently announced policies and mandates from some entertainment companies, promoters, and local municipalities which would discriminate against specific concert attendees who are not vaccinated, I feel compelled to make a statement,” the statement begins. 

Live Nation and AEG Presents are both requiring proof of vaccination or negative tests.

Travis Tritt is currently performing on the Brooks & Dunn Reboot Tour through October 9, which is a Live Nation gig. After that, Tritt is performing at a mix of theater and casino dates. It’s worth noting that Tritt doesn’t make his own opinion on vaccines known – just that the unvaccinated shouldn’t be discriminated against. 

Here’s the full statement below.

I have always been a huge defender of basic human rights and liberty for all. No government, employer, or private entity should ever be allowed to infringe on those rights and liberties.

I’m also very much against discrimination of any kind. All forms of discrimination need to be called out and condemned in the strongest terms possible.

For these reasons, let me say that I fully support anyone who is willing to publicly stand against discrimination and the squelching of any specific freedoms and basic human rights around the world. If you agree that any form of discrimination should be condemned and that basic human rights are worth defending, I urge you to stand up with me and let your voices be heard.

The only way these injustices can be defeated is with a unified front against them. Use your voice to stand for what is right and against what is wrong. Long live freedom!

Carrie Underwood has come under fire for liking an anti-mask tweet from a Nashville school board meeting. The country singer came under fire for liking a video that argues mask mandates are akin to muzzling children like rabid dogs. 

The CDC has reported that the current seven-day moving average of new COVID-19 cases has increased 19.9% from the previous seven-day period. Current infection rates are up more than five times from a 12-month low in June 2021. Many cities and states are requiring masks in indoor areas again to help combat the spread.


22 Responses

  1. Urias

    So, getting sick or dying is freedom? People have lost their minds.

    • The Professor

      Quarantine is restricting the movement of sick people.

      Tyranny is restricting the movement of healthy people.

      • Edward J

        There is no restriction to anyone provided they takes proper steps to prevent issues to society, overall. It’s pretty simple. Your belief that something is tyrannical is more a mental state than a reality. If it was said that you would be shot on sight for not wearing a mask, that would be tyranny. Your battle is uphill when it comes to common sense.

        • Rhumbah

          Edward, you must be a fascist because you obviously support tyranny.

  2. Amy Vanderbilt


    Fuk ur masks, fuk ur vaccine, fuk ur tyrannical covid lockdowns.

    • Paul Resnick

      Posting the same sentiment under a different name doesn’t make your belief true.

  3. Leslie Bib Fortuna

    Guess what? These venues, promoters, etc. are tired of not making money. Grow up.

      • Rhumbah

        How many people have died from taking the “vaccine”? How much money has Big Pharma made so far?

        You’re not very smart. You must be a Democrat. Did you vote for that pervert Joe Biden, who eulogized former KKK kleagle Robert Byrd a decade ago?

        • Julia T.

          Typical reply from a psycho.

          How many people have died from the vaccine – very few.
          How many people have been saved from the vaccine – a lot.
          How much money has Big Pharma made – who cares? They are businesses that are in business to make money.

          Trying to compare a company that makes a product to keep people well and alive to a musical artist to provides entertainment is unequal.

          I am actually pretty smart. I am actually a Republican, and have been forever.

          You’ve now proven that you’re a joke – digressing into topics that are intended to diminish me (for your incorrect beliefs/assertions) and to diminish Biden (for something already reviewed early on and disproven). Way to make yourself look even more irrelevant.

          You may be a Republican. You may be an Independent. You may be something else. That doesn’t matter. You’ve proven that you’re a huge loser.

          • Rhumbah

            Julia is obviously a Democrat.

            She isn’t concerned with the number of people who have died from taking the experimental “vaccine”.

            She isn’t concerned with Big Pharma getting a pass from the government, and making billions on their garbage “vaccines” and now boosters.

            How many people have been “saved” the vaccines? You have no clue. I know people who died from taking the vaccine after they had and beat Covid. I know many more people who were hospitalized with complications following taking their 2nd jab. You don’t hear these stories on the evening news.

            Now all we hear about is how vaccinated people are getting Covid and are getting really sick. So we better put a mask back on, even though it’s been scientifically proven for decades that masks don’t help at preventing virus transmission. All of you dumb, liberal arts major dropouts know nothing about how the body fights infection, or all the available actuarial data about what age group Covid mostly affects in a bad way.

            I bet she listens to Fauci, who hasn’t seen a patient in 50 years, and lies repeatedly about everything. Look up his statements on AIDS in the late 1980s.

            I bet she waits around for the CDC or WHO to tell her what to do, even though they’ve been wrong about nearly everything. Who runs these organizations?

            Why is the media bent on feeding everybody these lines? Who funds the evening news, mostly? Drug companies.

  4. Julie

    Rhumbah is obviously an idiot. Lots of assumptions, assertions and unproven statements (with repeated phrases like “i bet”) , but zero facts. Here’s a fact – millions have died from the virus. Tens of millions remain sick with lasting side effects. Exactly how many people got sick or died from experimental vaccines (not sure what he is actually talking about – maybe the bleach that Trump told people to inject.

    As for me, I know I’m a lifelong Republican, so to state anything other than that is an incorrect guess meant to try and diminish me. I also know that I am concerned about every person who has died, regardless of how they died. As for the financial part of it, again he is guessing, but doesn’t understand that these companies are in business to make money. Like he’s never taken an aspirin after getting a headache? Those same companies make that pill and make a big profit on the markup. Idiot.

    • Rhumbah

      Julie, Trump never told people to inject bleach.

      It was Joe Biden who said that. Joe Biden was running around talking about how Trump told people to ingest bleach.

      Julie, you’re a total phony and a liar.

      • NonPartisan


        During a coronavirus press briefing, President Trump floated the idea of using disinfectants and sunlight to treat COVID-19 patients.

        Trump has since walked back those remarks, and several websites and social media posts have taken them out of context.

        The briefing transcript shows that Trump did not say people should inject themselves with bleach or alcohol to treat the coronavirus. He was asking officials on the White House coronavirus task force whether they could be used in potential cures

        But make no mistake. He did bring it up.

    • JAS

      Julie, things were going fine until “maybe the bleach that Trump told people to inject.”

      That statement is a 100% pile of rubbish. Talk about assertions…not a fan of Trump but he absolutely did NOT say that. Repeating nonsense severely weakens your argument.

      Here is a question: Why don’t we have the numbers on death and serious side effects of the vaccine? We have case numbers, death and long term effects of covid numbers, but no numbers on those have been harmed from the vaccine.

      The bigerg question is why are the vaccinated so afraid of the unvaccinated? Probably because there is no real faith in the vaccine. Data shows a rapid drop off in effectiveness after just a few months.

      I am not vaccinated at this point, but also do NOT have the virus, why would anyone fear me at a show? I favour the option of a negative test being as good as vaccinated. Masks at crowded events are OK, although I have little faith they will actually save you if in a highly contagious environment. Masks for shopping at wallyworld or walking your dog in the park wold be a no.

      What else would YOU do if the government said so? Multiple vaccines every year for life? That is where we are currently headed.

      Something is fishy in all of this, and I don’t mean the wet market where the virus DID NOT come from….

      Be cautious not paranoid…that goes for everybody from both sides of the argument…


      • Julia

        Trump did make the statement about injecting disinfectants.

        While you may not have the virus at this point, there is no confirming you are not now, or have not been, a carrier to others.

        You are presenting conspiracy theories and in denial about reality. Millions dead and there isn’t something going on (like a pandemic)?

        Getting vaccinated and wearing masks is called prevention and precaution, not paranoid.

  5. ...

    This is the funniest this I read today.

    The headline should be “Country singer cries about not making money off the sick & dying then calls it Discrimination”